Top 10 Most Violent Superhero Shows Ever



Top 10 Most Violent Superhero Shows Ever

VOICE OVER: Ryan Wild WRITTEN BY: Johnny Reynolds
When it comes to these superhero shows, with incredible power comes incredible violence. For this list, we'll be looking at the goriest, most blood-soaked superhero TV shows in existence. We'll be covering major plot points of these shows, so a spoiler warning is in effect. Our countdown includes "The Boys" (2019-), "Harley Quinn" (2019-), "Daredevil" (2015-18), and more!
Script written by Johnny Reynolds

When it comes to these superhero shows, with incredible power comes incredible violence. For this list, we’ll be looking at the goriest, most blood-soaked superhero TV shows in existence. We’ll be covering major plot points of these shows, so a spoiler warning is in effect. Our countdown includes "The Boys" (2019-), "Harley Quinn" (2019-), "Daredevil" (2015-18), and more! Which superhero series do you think is the most violent? Are there any that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

#10: “The Umbrella Academy” (2019-)

The majority of “The Umbrella Academy” deals with the strained relationships between the Hargreeves children. But in between this, there are plenty of humorously violent murders as they attempt to keep the world spinning. Raised by an emotionally cold billionaire to save humanity at whatever the cost, the team often finds themselves in situations where violence is the only answer. Whether it’s Ben’s tentacles ripping goons to shreds or Five gleefully disposing of enemies as he teleports around them, the series takes a very comical approach to violence. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We just feel bad for those who bring out the wrath of this incredibly dysfunctional family.

#9: “Watchmen” (2019)

Many may have had misgivings about a second adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ ultra-dark world. But this miniseries proved it could similarly tackle political themes in the modern era. And with it came extreme violence. The show’s brutal and harrowing opening set the tone for the rest of the show’s racially charged plot. It exceeded at tense firefights with bullets ripping through good and bad guys alike. But it didn’t shy away from the supernatural either. Dr. Manhattan’s surprise return brought an abundance of head explosions while Adrian Veidt’s use of frozen squids in the finale is absolutely savage. The graphic novel is supremely dark, so it’s only fitting that this sequel be the same.

#8: “Doom Patrol” (2019-)

DC’s TV outings have allowed it to be much grimmer and significantly more violent than most of what’s on the big screen. Of course, focusing on a bizarre and obscure team grants more wiggle room. “Doom Patrol” follows several people struck by tragedy, leading to abilities that are nowhere near as society-friendly as Superman or Wonder Woman’s. The show’s macabre sense of humor shines through in many vicious scenes. Jane’s innumerable personalities with different powers usually leads to hilarious ferocity. Cliff’s robotic body and immense strength lets him rip enemies limb from limb. The show is a strange collection of eccentric characters accompanied by a healthy helping of savagery.

#7: “Titans” (2018-)

Leading up to “Titans’” first season, one thing became abundantly clear: this isn’t the team we all grew up with on Cartoon Network. Not only is the plot more adult, but the heroes have no problem taking off the kids gloves when it comes to dealing with criminals. From Robin stepping out of Batman’s shadow by proving himself a fierce fighter to Starfire literally burning people alive, the series shows these once kid-friendly heroes as anything but. As more characters have been introduced, the story has gotten bolder and the violence has gotten more excessive. It’s been a great deal of fun watching the team come into its own, but the vicious fight scenes are always highlights.

#6: “Daredevil” (2015-18)

Daredevil may not kill, but he makes criminals wish he did. To set its Netflix shows apart from the movies, Marvel surrounded its street level heroes with a lot more blood. The show has been celebrated for its moral quandaries blended with awesome fight choreography. Matt Murdock beats, maims, breaks, and smashes any criminal he feels deserves it. And trust us, they do. It isn’t just the hero who is prone to brutal beat-downs. Wilson Fisk’s car door decapitation, the Punisher’s nasty prison fight, and Bullseye’s Bulletin massacre show the Man Without Fear has some truly horrific antagonists to contend with. “Daredevil” never shied away from ferocious content, and that’s part of the reason why it’s so loved.

#5: “Harley Quinn” (2019-)

Never before has Batman’s rogues gallery been showcased in such a gleefully murderous way. Coming to terms with Joker’s tendency to use her, Harley Quinn sets out on her own with her own team, leaving a path of destruction behind her. But she isn’t the only one who causes blood to spray wildly. The action scenes showcase punctures, explosions, severed limbs, and beatings to a bloody pulp. And every bit of it makes us laugh giddily. The show is also notable for exploring Harley and Ivy’s relationship and building up a female character in a male-dominated world. But we’d be lying if we said the multitude of creative kills weren’t also what kept us watching.

#4: “Peacemaker” (2022-)

James Gunn revitalized the “Suicide Squad” brand with blood, gore, and viscera in the 2021 film. He then took one of its most bloodthirsty characters in new directions, but thankfully kept the ultra violence. “Peacemaker” follows the titular anti-hero as he teams up with Amanda Waller’s cronies to stop an alien invasion. The mission requires a cold-blooded killer. And while Peacemaker struggles with who he should and shouldn’t kill, his pal Vigilante has no such issue. The series has done a great job at transitioning Gunn’s eye for hysterical bloodlust to the smaller screen. Bodies burst like balloons and the manner in which the villainous Butterflies take over humans unnerved us every single time.

#3: “The Punisher” (2017-19)

Everyone knew bringing the Punisher into “Daredevil” would make the violence skyrocket. Fans of the vigilante sang Marvel’s praises when the character received his own series. Fittingly, it was packed to the brim with gnarly fights that constantly made us squirm in our seats. The joy of the character is seeing how much pain he can take and then inflict on others. Backed by Jon Bernthal’s tremendous performance, the show’s action sequences had its sets dripping red whether it be from Frank pummeling foes or through his expertise in a variety of firearms. The Punisher is a character whose nature must always bring violence. Thankfully, this series always excelled at that.

#2: “The Boys” (2019-)

This Amazon Prime series essentially asks, “What if the Justice League was a group of corrupt psychopaths?” “The Boys” goes to extreme lengths to show what it would look like to be on the receiving end of any popular hero’s abilities. And it is NOT pretty. Following a group of non-superpowered people working against the morally bankrupt “heroes,” it makes every fantastical ability much more terrifying. At times shocking and at others downright gross, the gore acts as a central selling point. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. But in most cases, it’s a necessary occurrence to show just how god-like these characters are. Plus, it’s usually shown in such an insane and comical way that we can’t help but laugh.

#1: “Invincible” (2021-)

When his powers finally begin to manifest, Mark Grayson is excited for the next chapter of his life. If only he knew what was coming. Mark goes up against his fair share of supervillains, usually resulting in violent outcomes. Despite its classic art style and animation, “Invincible’s” content would make the most hardened superhero look away. However, the moments that leave our jaws on the floor from the amount of gore on-screen all revolve around Mark’s father, Omni-Man. From invading aliens to his own super-powered teammates to countless humans, Omni-Man turns every opponent into mush. Surpassing its own source material, “Invincible” will leave you stunned with its immense inclination towards carnage.