Top 20 Celebs Who Married Normal People



Top 20 Celebs Who Married Normal People

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Rather than become the next Brangelina or Bennifer, these celebs married normal people. For this list, we'll be looking at famous folks who got hitched with non-famous people of all walks of life. Our countdown includes George Clooney, Chrisian Bale, Meryl Streep, and more!

Top 20 Celebs Who Married Normal People

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 20 celebs who married normal people.

For this list, we’ll be looking at famous folks who got hitched with non-famous people of all walks of life.

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#20: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande wanted a house in a quiet area where she could take refuge from LA's hustle and bustle. But what she found instead was so much more than that. When her team introduced her to her real estate agent Dalton Gomez, Grande wanted to arrange a meeting with him because she thought he was cute. And the rest is history. The two started dating in early 2020 and got married over just a year later. Everything was very hush hush, unlike Grande’s previous relationships. And by the looks of it, she’s happier than she’s ever been before.

#19: Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Kimmel and Nancy Juvonen have been married since 2007. But their story began in 2004, when Drew Barrymore hosted Saturday Night Live. Juvonen, who had founded a production company with Barrymore, snuck backstage and met Fallon. The next year, Juvonen produced “Fever Pitch” starring Fallon and Barrymore. Fallon and Juvonen started dating and soon tied the knot. They now have a family and seem to live happily ever after. Looks like Drew Barrymore’s hidden talent is being a cupid!

#18: Paul Rudd

Many people don’t know that Paul Rudd has actually been off the market since 1995. Upon moving to New York, he went straight to a meeting with his new publicist, with all of his luggage in tow. He was late for an audition, so a woman who worked at the publicist’s office offered to mind his bags. That woman was Julie Yaeger. After eight years of dating, the two married in 2003 and have been living a very private life since. Well, as private as you can get considering you’re married to someone that was named the sexiest man alive in 2021.

#17: America Ferrera

This one sounds like it came straight out of a Hollywood movie. America Ferrera met Ryan Piers Williams when he cast her in his student film during their time at the University of Southern California back in the mid 2000sThe two have been madly in love ever since and Williams continued to work behind the scenes while Ferrera took the center stage. In 2018, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child. Their passion for filmmaking has brought them together on several projects and they’ve even founded an activism organization called Harness.

#16: Ellen Pompeo

It seems like an unlikely story: an actress meets a regular guy at Whole Foods, falls in love, and they get married! That’s exactly what happened to Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery, who met in a grocery store in 2003. Ivery was a music producer while Pompeo was making a name for herself in Hollywood. They kept their love life very quiet. In 2007, they got married at City Hall in New York, without guests. Their wedding was officiated by mayor Mike Bloomberg. They celebrated with waffles for lunch!

#15: Seth Meyers

It was love at first sight. Meyers met criminal prosecutor Alexi Ashe at actor Chris Kattan’s wedding in 2008. He immediately knew that she was the one. Yup, just like that. Meyers ended up proposing by tying the ring to his dog’s collar (begging the doggo not to eat it). Fortunately, it all worked out and Meyers and Ashe got married in 2013. Although Ashe doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, she does accompany Meyers to most public events. Condolences to Jennifer Lawrence who once had a crush on Meyers. Sometimes things just don’t work out.

#14: Eddie Redmayne

Actor Eddie Redmayne and PR executive Hannah Bagshawe were friends since their boarding school days. The two met when Bagshawe and her friends arranged a fashion show and Redmayne volunteered to walk down the runway shirtless. They remained friends until Redmayne filmed “Les Miserables” and decided to take a trip to Florence as a break. When he asked Bagshawe to join him, she thought he was joking. But that joke quickly turned to love. The two got married in 2014. Lesson learned: shoot your shot, it might just all work out in the end.

#13: Anne Hathaway

Speaking of “Les Miserables,” did you know that Anne Hathaway married the love of her life the same year the movie came out? Looks like 2012 truly was the year of love and we have Les Mis to thank for being an unconventional cupid. Anne Hathaway and jewelry designer Adam Shulman met at the Palm Springs Film Festival in 2008. Hathaway knew immediately that she’d marry him. Her prophecy turned out to be true a few years later. Here’s where this love story gets even cuter: Schulman used his jewelry-making talents to craft Hathaway’s engagement ring. Now that’s just adorable, isn’t it?

#12: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson met his lawyer husband Justin Mikita at the gym. They actually got engaged the day before Ferguson’s co-star Sofia Vergara did the same to Joe Manganiello. And both engagements happened in Mexico! Talk about a weird coincidence. Justin Mikita is a lawyer and an activist who actually helped overturn Proposition 8, an amendment to ban same-sex marriage. His activism inspired Ferguson who joined his husband in advocating for LGBT rights. The couple welcomed their first child in 2020 and the whole family looks cute as heck!

#11: Ed Sheeran

Sheeran met Cherry Seaborn when they were just kids. Life took them on different paths but the two reconnected in 2015 thanks to a mutual friend. Seaborn, a financial advisor, began dating Sheeran that same year. They got married in a super secret ceremony in 2019. Sheeran revealed that hardly anyone was at the wedding and it was held at night in the middle of nowhere. Afterwards they had a curry and just went on with their lives like nothing happened. Sounds like being low key is the secret ingredient to a happy love life!

#10: Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep tied the knot with sculptor Don Gummer way back in 1978. The two actually met when Streep was 29. At the time, she was going through the death of her then-boyfriend John Cazale from lung cancer. She ended up getting kicked out of the apartment she’d shared with Cazale. When her brother arrived to help her pack up, he brought Gummer with him. Streep fell in love and married him just six months later. Nowadays, Gummer accompanies Streep to all public events, but he always makes sure the spotlight remains on his talented wife.

#9: "Weird Al" Yankovic

The singer has his friend Bill Mumy to thank for introducing him to marketing executive Suzanne Krajewski. The two met in 2001. Krajewski revealed she wasn’t sure about the relationship at first, but allowed herself to look beyond Yankovic’s persona. They ended up clicking immediately and marrying just a short while later. This love story is also an important reminder that love can happen at any time - Yankovic was 41 when he married Krajewski. He’s said that although he happily lived a single life before that, he found an even greater happiness with his wife and his daughter Nina.

#8: Mark Hamill

A dental hygienist marrying her patient who’s actually Luke Skywalker? It might seem like fanfiction, but it’s actually real life. Mark Hamill revealed that Marilou York looked like a Vargas painting when he first saw her in his dentist's office. He threw a few pickup lines at her and magically they worked - the two soon started dating. But it wasn’t smooth sailing - they ended up breaking up because Hamill wanted to date his groupies. That was enough for him to realize that York was the one and the two married in 1978. They have three children together, who all had a little cameo as resistance soldiers in “The Last Jedi.”

#7: Reese Witherspoon

Elle Woods marrying a talent agent? Now that’s a very different “Legally Blonde” ending than expected, right? Reese Witherspoon married Jim Toth, who is indeed a talent agent. Sure, one could argue that being a talent agent is far from a normal job, but Toth was still not in the Hollywood limelight, so we’re counting this one. The two met at a party in 2010 and got married a year later. Much like other couples on our list, they keep their relationship private and avoid the media frenzy.

#6: Christian Bale

What do Christian Bale and Winona Ryder have in common? Sibi Blazic! Before Blazic became Bale’s wife, she was actually Ryder’s personal assistant and that’s how Bale and Blazic met. At the time, Bale was skeptical about the idea of marriage, but Blazic changed his mind. She showed him what true love is all about. As a couple, they’re quite private, and it’s rare for paparazzi to capture them in public. They’re yet more proof that being low key is the secret to a healthy and long-lasting Hollywood relationship.

#5: Julia Roberts

Sometimes actors stare at the person behind the camera for so long they end up falling in love with them. Just kidding, that’s not how Julia Roberts met her husband Danny Moder. But he is, in fact, a cameraman. The two have been together for two decades, making them one of the longest lasting relationships in Hollywood. Their relationship started out with a bit of a controversy - two years after Moder met Roberts, he finalized his divorce from his ex, and married Roberts that same year. But sometimes that’s just the way things work out.

#4: Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges couldn’t take his eyes off the roadhouse waitress when he was on the set of “Rancho Deluxe.” Although Susan Geston turned him down at first, she later gave him a shot. And that shot paid off and led to over 40 years of marriage, which is a Hollywood rarity. Their love is still really cute - Bridges actually keeps a photo of the first day the two met in his wallet. They now have three daughters. To this day, Bridges and Geston are happily in love, and Geston has even ventured into acting and producing.

#3: George Clooney

Clooney met human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in 2013 through a mutual friend, who was sure she was the one for Clooney. However, the two became email buddies because he wasn’t sure whether she liked him or not. They went on their first date a couple of months later, and when Alamuddin joined him for a vacation in Kenya, Clooney realized she was indeed the one. They tied the knot in 2014 and announced that they were expecting twins three years later. Clooney also casually revealed that the two have double dates with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Yup, sounds pretty extraordinary.

#2: Matt Damon

Dubbed Hollywood’s best couple, Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso met in 2003. Picture this: you’re having a busy night bartending and in walks Matt Damon with his “Stuck On You” movie crewmembers. Little do you know that he’ll become the love of your life and you’ll end up marrying him and having kids. Damon and Barroso are definitely up there when it comes to cute celebrity couples. The two keep their marriage simple and stick to an important rule: they never spend more than two weeks apart. That’s pretty impressive for a popular movie star. But Damon made it clear that family comes first.

#1: Prince William

It doesn’t get any more fairytale-like than marrying a real-life prince. It’s what many of us dreamt of when we were kids, right? Kate Middleton, a regular girl from Berkshire, met Prince William at university way back in 2002. She studied art history, he studied geography. They moved in together as friends during their second year in school and finally revealed their relationship to the public in 2004. A royal wedding and three kids later, Prince William and Kate Middleton are still going strong. Middleton has definitely charmed the hearts of the royal family and is beloved by the British public.