Top 10 Weird Things Everyone Finds Strangely Satisfying

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Whitney Wilson
These experiences are definitely a feast for the senses! For this list, we'll be looking at bizarre and possibly gross things people enjoy watching, feeling or even hearing. Our countdown includes Soap Shaving, Stepping on Icy Puddles, Popping Bubble Wrap, and more!

Top 10 Weird Things Everyone Finds Oddly Satisfying

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weird Things Everyone Finds Oddly Satisfying.

For this list, we’ll be looking at bizarre and possibly gross things people enjoy watching, feeling or even hearing. These experiences are definitely a feast for the senses!

What’s your favorite oddly satisfying thing? Be sure to share with us in the comments below, and remember, the stranger, the better!

#10: Soap Shaving

Soap is incredible in so many ways, from the way it smells to the wonderfully clean feeling it leaves behind. As it turns out, bar soap’s unique texture also makes it the perfect candidate for weirdly satisfying shaving and cutting. Razors, knives and even vegetable peelers make their way through the soap’s solid form and turn it into colorful curls, tiny chunks and thin shavings. Not only is watching soap being shaved beautifully satisfying, but actually doing it feels very nice. And of course, soap releases its incredible scent during the process, leaving everything smelling so fresh and so clean afterward. Shave on!

#9: Opening Jars

From Mason jar centerpieces to being the preferred drinkware of hip restaurants, jars are really having a moment. The satisfying sound they make when you open them, however, is timeless. When you open a new jar of artisan pickles or jam, the wonderful popping noise it makes is full of possibilities. Of course, opening a jar can be more difficult than anticipated, especially if it has a great seal. After all, the better the seal, the more satisfying the sound. Make sure you’re careful as you open your jar, otherwise the only sounds you’ll be hearing are broken glass and the sweeping of a broom.

#8: Paint Mixing

Paint is beautiful in art and on walls, but the process for mixing it can be even prettier than the end product. Sometimes unexpected colors come together to create the ideal shade, creating a colorful whirlwind and swirls as they mix. Some artists even take paint mixing to another level by adding other components such as blueberries or glitter during the process to see how they can change the shade. While paint mixing is satisfying no matter the colors involved, scientists speculate that some shades, including purples and greens, might create a calming effect. No wonder we enjoy watching them so much!

#7: Stepping on Icy Puddles

The incredible crunch and crackle of stepping on icy puddles puts rice cereals to shame, but be sure to proceed with caution before embracing your inner Elsa. If you just cannot resist the satisfying feeling and sound of stepping on a crispy puddle, make sure you have a solid stance before proceeding, lest you might slip and end up hearing the snap of a bone instead of ice. Make sure the puddle isn’t deeper than your shoes so you don’t get frozen feet. Additionally, make sure you’re wearing water-resistant footwear so you don’t have to suffer from the most unsatisfying feeling in the world–wet socks. Once you take these important steps, proceed with the crunch and enjoy!

#6: Hot Knives

The feeling of cutting through anything with a heated knife is extremely satisfying, especially if the knife is hot enough to glow. You can wield a mini lightsaber and slice through a variety of objects ranging from lip balm to thick Styrofoam. The knife’s absurdly high temperature renders even sturdy material pastry-like, cutting through objects with ease and leaving steam, sizzles and sometimes flames in its wake. The sights and sounds of hot knives cutting through objects are captivating, but the smell can be less than pleasing, so you can always opt to watch videos instead of doing it yourself.

#5: Candle Wax

Candles are the gifts that keep on giving. Candle-making, whether you do it in person or simply watch, is captivating, especially when several different colors are involved. Once the candle is complete, the fun continues. As candles burn, they leave behind an inviting puddle of melted wax, and dipping your fingers in the warm substance feels amazing. Some candles are even created specifically with skin-safe ingredients and have moisturizing components. It’s even more fun to peel off the wax after it cools. Just don’t try this if you have a fresh manicure or sensitive skin or you might have a less than satisfying experience.

#4: Peeling PVA Glue off Your Fingers

As adults, many people apply peels to their faces to improve skin texture, but for most of us, our first peels came during craft time as children. As we made beautiful construction paper creations, we might have gotten non-toxic glue on our fingers. The feeling of peeling off the glue after it dried was absolutely amazing. In fact, people of all ages enjoy the feeling of slathering a little bit of PVA glue and then removing it after it dries into a fine film. Please note that this is a very, very different experience than the panic-inducing feeling of getting super glue on your fingers, so make sure you don’t get these mixed up!

#3: Popping Bubble Wrap

Getting packages in the mail is always one of the best parts of any day, but getting bubble wrap in said packages makes them even better. It’s like a bonus gift that helps relieve stress. While bubble wrap was originally designed to protect fragile items in transit, it has become so much more. Experts believe our brains may be specifically wired to enjoy the sensation of popping bubble wrap. The action might relieve muscle tension and release dopamine, which explains why we enjoy it. In fact, people love the feeling so much that some companies have released toys designed to mimic the feel of popping bubble wrap while creating less plastic waste. We can’t think of anything better!

#2: Slime

If you’re of a certain age, slime might bring back memories of prank shows, but the gooey substance has definitely moved past those neon green days of yore. Nowadays, videos of slime-making have gone viral and feature a huge array of colors and mix-ins such as gold leaf and tiny animal figurines. As if the visuals of slime weren’t beautiful enough, the sounds of slime being shaped, stretched, snapped and squished are extremely satisfying. If you want to get in on the slime trend, the substance is thankfully pretty easy to make. Simply mix borax and glue together for your base and add dyes and mix-ins to up your slime game and potentially become a social media star.

#1: Popping Pimples

Every dermatologist, and probably most parents, would advise that you refrain from popping pimples without medical supervision. After all, popping them can cause bacteria to burrow and lead to infections and scarring. These warnings, of course, don’t stop us from getting bizarre satisfaction from the pop and release of pus. Videos of pimple popping, both of the advised-against home variety and more professional procedures, amass millions of views. In fact, some doctors who specialize in relieving patients of particularly difficult pimples, cysts and other conditions have even achieved celebrity status. That’s much more glamorous than picking at your acne in the bathroom mirror, but both are equally satisfying!