Top 10 Weirdest Things Caught on Security Footage



Top 10 Weirdest Things Caught on Security Footage

VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio WRITTEN BY: Biswajit Guha
These clips will freak you out! For this list, we'll be combing through CCTV clips for all things strange, whether they're scary or just plain silly. Our countdown includes Dobby in a Driveway, When a Bear Breaks In, The Man Who Didn't Exist, and more!

Top 10 Weirdest Things Caught on Security Footage

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weirdest Things Caught on Security Footage.

For this list, we’ll be combing through CCTV clips for all things strange, whether they’re scary or just plain silly.

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#10: Shopping Center Shortcut

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and been tempted to take a little shortcut? Well, twenty-year-old James Kinsella decided to take one too… through a bustling shopping center! His reckless riding caught the eye of the law as he zipped past pedestrians in Bootle, England. Kinsella carried on with his misguided motoring even after a police helicopter started chasing him. Thankfully, nobody was injured but we’re sure that the shopping center’s security team must’ve been baffled by this spy thriller-like footage. No clean getaways were made either, as the miscreant spent twelve months in jail and was banned from using the roads for three years.

#9: Busting up a Bridge

An unidentified man in the Shanxi province in China managed to break an entire concrete column with a single kick. What’s even stranger is that once the column came clean off and fell from the bridge, so did every other column. This mesmerizing and deplorable domino effect sent 215 columns into the river. Unfortunately, it is not evident if this vandal was arrested, so there’s a chance this masked mischief-maker is still at large and presumably kicking more columns. We’re glad that everyone was fine, um, except for the construction company that probably got more than an earful.

#8: Dobby in a Driveway

What would you do if you saw this in your driveway? Would you call the police? The military? Or maybe Hogwarts? As soon as this clip was uploaded by the homeowner, Vivian Gomez, the internet started buzzing with theories about the creature. Some said that it was of alien origin while others assumed it was everyone’s favorite house-elf, “Dobby.”.Skeptics, however, questioned its legitimacy. They suggested that this creature was none other than Vivian's son, Bobby, with his underpants on his head. Vivian firmly claims that the video was not manipulated and that her son was watching TV beside her when whatever this is, decided to drop by.

#7: Delicious Doorbells

“Home sweet home” is a phrase that this man took too literally. Roberto Arroyo arrived at the Dungan residence at 2:00 in the morning and spent almost three hours licking their intercom system. The owners, who assumed it was their son coming back from a midnight shift, were horrified by what they saw. The Dungans posted the video to social media and soon the search for the #doorbelllicker commenced. After leaving a generous amount of DNA at the crime scene, Roberto was eventually identified and arrested. It might just be us but what’s weirder than the licking is the constant eye contact.

#6: When a Bear Breaks In

A bear is trying to break into your chicken coop. What do you do? If you’re this crafty homeowner, then you’d have something absolutely ‘fur-raising’ in store for it. Hallie was notified that there was some activity in her yard. It turned out to be this bear who was probably looking to grab a late-night snack, and a chicken coop can make for an easy target. Instead of doing nothing or going outside and becoming the bear’s main course, Hallie let out a spine-chilling yell. It sounded so grisly that it confused and intimidated the bear into backing off and scampering away.

#5: A Horse Walked Into a Bar…

Seriously, there’s no punchline, an actual horse walked into an actual bar in France. The people inside of this sports betting bar, sadly, got too close to the action when a racehorse escaped from the famous “Chantilly Racecourse.” The young racehorse bucked its rider off before entering the bar and got captured on their security cameras. It apparently darted towards the betting corner before rushing back, all the while kicking furniture and scaring the other customers. Luckily, the horse didn’t hurt anyone and also didn’t sustain any injuries. We guess no one bet on a horse running amuck in that bar.

#4: Some Unpresidential Practices

Some stranger decided to surprise reality TV star, Danielle Yancey and her husband on New Year’s Eve. Danielle’s husband, Bart, had noticed an obscured figure lurking around their home in Alabama. When Bart confronted the exposed interloper, he turned tail and ran before he could get a good look at him. The Yanceys looked at what their security cameras had filmed and let’s just say they were confused. This peeping tom wasn’t wearing anything except for a Ronald Reagan mask and a sock on his, well, he was barefoot so you can guess where. The police have no leads and the identity of this sub-zero streaker is still unknown.

#3: Doggy Driving

A crime that would even stump Sherlock Holmes had it not been for this family’s security cameras. When the aptly named TikTok user “livingthedriftlife,” found out that his golf cart crashed into his car, he assumed that it had to have been his kids that were responsible. Only after reviewing his security camera footage did he realize that it was his dog “Titan,” whose paws were behind the wheel. You can see the mischievous pooch sniffing the golf cart before he decides to commit ‘grand theft paw-to.’ Don’t worry, this little troublemaker was unscathed and a little unbothered by the incident. We just hope his joyriding days are behind him.

#2: The Man Who Didn’t Exist

The weirdest thing about this footage isn’t the footage itself, but the mystery behind this man. He had checked into the Sligo City Hotel in Ireland under the name “Peter Bergmann,” and had given the hotel his address which was in Austria. A few days later his body washed up on Rosses Point beach and the police were called. Only then did people realize that there was no “Peter Bergmann” from Austria. Most of his clothes had their labels cut off, he had no form of identification, and there was still no definite cause of death. The footage from these CCTV cameras has been analyzed by people all over the world but no one has any clue who “Peter Bergmann” really is.

#1: Cuckoo for Chicken Nuggets

If a lack of nuggets almost unleashed her ‘ultimate form’ then what would a broken ice cream machine do? The crazed customer, “Melodi Dushane,” went ballistic after learning that chicken nuggets could not be served at 10:30 AM at this McDonald’s restaurant. She began bashing employees and blurting out outlandish things that we’d rather not repeat. Dushane even threatened to “go Super Saiyan” before she broke the drive-through window. Unlike in the popular anime, “Dragon Ball Z,” Melodi did not take several episodes to transform. She instead spent sixty days in jail and had to pay for the window.