Top 10 Funniest Chloe Fineman Moments



Top 10 Funniest Chloe Fineman Moments

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Chloe Fineman is one of the funniest performers around now. For this list, we'll be looking at the best instances where this comedian made us laugh out loud, both on “Saturday Night Live” and off. Our countdown includes "Inventing Chloe," "The Ooli Show," Oscar 2020 breakdown, and more!

Top 10 Funniest Chloe Fineman Moments

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Chloe Fineman Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best instances where this comedian made us laugh out loud, both on “Saturday Night Live” and off.

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#10: “Inventing Chloe”
“Saturday Night Live” (1975-)

Spoofing the Netflix drama “Inventing Anna,” Fineman dons an impressive wardrobe and questionable accent in this SNL sketch. Embodying the spirit of corrupt socialite Anna Sorokin, the sketch performer schemes her way through a series of hollow grifts. Confusing and unsettling in the best way, the new persona takes over the comedian as she finds herself unable to stop. Running up massive bills and reorganizing the show, Fineman provides an entirely accurate and hilarious look at the real life case with a comedic twist. Even if you didn’t follow the trial or watch the Netflix show, this skit is still sure to provide you with plenty of laughs.

#9: “Real Housewives” Quotes Game
“Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” (2009-)

Having a strong background in improv comedy, Chloe Fineman is always ready to dish out amazing impressions. This “Watch What Happens Live” game required her to perform an impression while reading a quote from “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.” And hilarity ensues while guest Lisa Barlow guesses which of her co-stars Fineman is quoting. The voices just keep getting better and better. It's hard not to laugh when hearing increasingly wild lines convincingly said in the style of stars like Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. It's clear that host Andy Cohen is really glad he has Fineman on. With this display of her comedic talents, she shows up and proves herself once again.

#8: “'Twas the Night Before Christmas” Reading
“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (2014-)

Appearing as a guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Fineman took on the “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Of course, she reads the story while frequently changing voices to imitate various famous folks like only she can. Who knew that this timeless tale could receive such a funny treatment? Channeling a series of diverse celeb narrators, the performer truly delivers. She brings out her best Margaret Thatcher, painting the former Prime Minister in a comic light. She even gives Meryl Streep a clever portrayal that's hard not to laugh at and admire in equal measure. Now that’s what we call putting a unique and amusing spin on a Christmas classic.

#7: “The Ooli Show”
“Saturday Night Live” (1975-)

One of the ways in which Chloe Fineman has established herself is with her lovably strange character Ooli, who slays it as an Icelandic talk show host in this segment. The skit, which also features Elon Musk as her producer, is among the oddest we’ve ever seen. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for plenty of laughs, especially when Kate McKinnon’s Frances McDormand arrives as a guest. By the end of the segment, Ooli’s antics have brought the funny to appearances from Pete Davidson’s Steve Buscemi and Melissa Villaseñor’s Björk, too. Steering a host of enjoyable impressions and delivering strange punchlines, Fineman manages to lead a strangely fun comedy piece.

#6: Airbnb Commercial
“Saturday Night Live” (1975-)

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, “Saturday Night Live” kept going. So cast members like Chloe Fineman had to come up with original ideas to perform in their homes. One of her sketches was a fake advertisement for Airbnb, where her character must live through the height of quarantine with her character Ooli. In this comedy of opposites, Ooli’s plate smashing and aerobic dancing nearly drive her host insane. With the reliable comedic premise of opposite roommates, this sketch relies on two performances from the comedian. Excelling as both characters, this one-woman show allows Fineman to stretch her legs and experiment. And she truly squeezes out every laugh despite the incredibly complex circumstances.

#5: Elmo on “Weekend Update”
“Saturday Night Live” (1975-)

“Saturday Night Live”’s “Weekend Update” feature is definitely a place for strange and eccentric characters. In an unexpected but iconic choice, Fineman made an appearance as one of Sesame Street’s biggest icons, Elmo. Dressed in a red suit, the actress embodies the puppet in both voice and wardrobe. Referencing his feud with his friend Zoe’s pet rock Rocco, she pulls out all the stops. When host Michael Che reveals that Rocco will host and perform on “SNL”, her Elmo goes insane. And don’t even get us started on the cookie fiasco! This hilarious take on such a viral rivalry is a huge showcase for Fineman. In the end, watching the comedian go full blast as the red puppet is nothing short of amazing.

#4: Channeling Marianne Williamson
“Saturday Night Live” (1975-)

During the race to the 2020 election, “Saturday Night Live” had a field day with the ever-increasing number of Democratic challengers. One of the outsider candidates, writer Marianne Williamson, gained attention for her lack of political experience and spiritual beliefs. Embracing the author’s outspoken nature, Fineman captures her distinct essence in this sketch. Answering questions "via astral projection," Fineman's hysterical characterization is brief, but steals the show. Her crazy opening statement makes the unique candidate seem even funnier. With her ability to find the hilarity in current events, the performer once again shows everyone just how funny and versatile she can be.

#3: Interview of Impressions
“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (2014-)
Why do a traditional interview when you can shake things up a bit? Instead of answering the questions as she usually would, Jimmy Fallon asked if Fineman could conduct the segment while cycling through her impressions. The comedian was up to the challenge, and she treated us to many of her best voices. It’s hard not to burst out laughing as the performer stuns Fallon and the crowd with her exacting impressions of celebs like Jennifer Coolidge. It’s especially fun to see her take on Keira Knightley, as she nails the actress’ accent and facial expressions. Even when Fineman’s put on the spot, she has the improvisational chops to garner some well-earned laughs.

#2: Oscar 2020 Breakdown
“Saturday Night Live” (1975-)

One of Chloe Fineman’s breakout appearances on “Saturday Night Live” involved this segment from “Weekend Update.” When asked about her thoughts on the Academy Awards, the comedian takes the audience on an amazing ride. Saying that she’s been studying the nominated performances, she lets her unique impersonations shine with a bit of playful overacting. From her take on crying to riding in cars, Fineman’s brilliant observations draw huge laughs, and for good reason. One particularly hilarious moment comes from her take on "Little Women," as she embodies multiple roles from the film with ease. By the end of the segment, everybody could tell she was destined to become an elite cast member.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“Murder Show”, “Saturday Night Live” (1975-)
Fineman & Her “SNL” Co-stars Describe Their Complex Love for True Crime

“The Drew Barrymore Show” Skit, “Saturday Night Live” (1975-)
The Comedian Becomes Barrymore in a Shockingly Accurate Impression

House Tour Parody, “Inside Dylan Jones’ Eccentric Beach Home” (2020)
Poking Fun at Self-Serious Celebrity House Tours

MasterClass Parody, “Saturday Night Live” (1975-)
She Channels Timothée Chalamet & Others in a Brilliant Sendup of Masterclass

#1: Impersonating Julianne Moore in Front of Julianne Moore
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (2003-22)

Performing an impression on TV is hard enough, but what about impersonating a celebrity in front of them? That’s exactly what Chloe Fineman did during an interview on the “Ellen” show. Wanting to see Fineman’s Julianne Moore impression, the host also calls the actress out to witness it for herself. What makes this extra funny is Moore’s priceless reaction to the performance, as she’s clearly impressed by the specificity. The actress enjoys the impression so much that she joins in on the fun. It’s clear that Fineman has a true gift for mimicry. This moment is by far her funniest and most daring, especially because her target is sitting right next to her.