Top 20 Most Ridiculous Power Rangers Monsters



Top 20 Most Ridiculous Power Rangers Monsters

VOICE OVER: Andrew Tejada WRITTEN BY: David Foster
The "Power Rangers" franchise has seen some wild monster designs, but these are by far the most ridiculous! For this list, we'll be looking at all the strangest and silliest creatures that the morphenomenal teams have ever had to deal with. Our countdown includes Googleheimer the Toy Robot from “Power Rangers Zeo” (1996), Mad Mike the Pizza Chef from "Power Rangers Turbo" (1997), Cavity, from "Power Rangers Dino Charge" (2015-16), See Monster from "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" (1993-96), and more!
Script written by David Foster

The "Power Rangers" franchise has seen some wild monster designs, but these are by far the most ridiculous! For this list, we’ll be looking at all the strangest and silliest creatures that the morphenomenal teams have ever had to deal with. Our countdown includes Googleheimer the Toy Robot from “Power Rangers Zeo” (1996), Mad Mike the Pizza Chef from "Power Rangers Turbo" (1997), Cavity, from "Power Rangers Dino Charge" (2015-16), See Monster from "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" (1993-96), and more! Do you secretly love any of these ridiculous monsters? If so, It’s morphin’ time to sound off in the comments!

#20: Chunky Chicken

“Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers” (1993-96)

In the seventh episode of the series, Chunky Chicken is introduced as the main bad guy. The creature was fittingly sent to steal the legendary…um, Power Eggs! And he had the bizarre set of skills to pull this off. He could summon sharp weapons, transport between dimensions, and unlike any actual chicken in existence, could also fly. If he looks different from shot to shot, you’re not seeing things. Chunky Chicken was brought to the U.S. by combining footage of two separate poultry themed monsters from the Japanese series into one frankenstein cut. But even if the creature was one wholly original monster, its oddly specific goal and random powerset made for a very silly combination.

#19: Numbor

“Power Rangers Turbo” (1997)

When the Rangers came face to face with the giant mathematician-esque Numbor, you could say the heroes were fighting a truly calculating villain! If that pun didn’t make you groan, then maybe the monster’s description will. Dressed as a graduate of the weirdest school in the galaxy, Numbor was able to change the weight of his enemies. He could make enemies too heavy to move or use his subtraction powers to make opponents lighter than air. Although those powers added up, Numbor could also turn his numbered buttons into dangerous weapons. The rangers had to be worried about everything from weaponized ducks to ears! Yeah…Numbor didn’t last long.

#18: Leaky Faucet

“Power Rangers Zeo” (1996)

What's the first thing you think of when you hear "Leaky Faucet?" A minor inconvenience? A small flood? Well, for Power Rangers Zeo designers, “Leaky Faucet” inspired them to create a… creature that somewhat resembles a bipedal donkey. It wore an obnoxious yellow ensemble and had even more annoying water-based abilities to help him. At one point, he turned into mist in order to dodge the Rangers completely. And although we expected him to be able to fire jets of water from his mouth, we weren’t expecting him to shoot a multi-colored water fountain of lasers. Fortunately, the Zeo Ultrazord scrubbed Leaky Faucet out of existence pretty quickly.

#17: Barbed Wire Org

“Power Rangers Wild Force” (2002)

Unlike our previous villain, the Barbed Wire Org looks exactly like what you would expect. He is quite literally an Org made from a pile of barbed wire. But it’s not just his origins that we found ridiculous. While we understand why he’d be able to summon wires to attack enemies in various ways, we’re less clear on why he has a laser eye. The org’s spiky exterior and dangerous beam attack gave the Rangers a little trouble until they got serious. Despite his looks, the Barbed Wire Org is certainly not the sharpest creature the Power Rangers faced.

#16: Boohoo the Clown

“Power Rangers Zeo” (1996)

Over time, the Power Rangers have faced off a number of clown themed villains. During the “Power Rangers Zeo” era, Boohoo stepped up into the big top spotlight. He could fire energy attacks, teleport and could creepily disguise himself as a clown toy. But what made Boohoo truly odd was his master plan. He planned on amplifying the sounds of a crying baby named Joey so much that the sonic waves would destroy Angel Grove. Boo hoo’s absolutely absurd aims made it impossible for anyone to take him seriously for more than a moment. Honestly, he might truly be the biggest clown of the entire franchise.

#15: Radster

“Power Rangers Lost Galaxy” (1999)

Radster of “Power Rangers Lost Galaxy” fame certainly had a unique look. He was part Scorpion, part Lobster, part rocker and all about his style. Despite being a monster that lived on an alien planet, Radster takes a lot of cues from Elvis and can’t tolerate anyone disprecting his ‘do. The head scratching monster’s focus on his aesthetic may be the reason he failed to keep the rangers away from the powerful galactabeasts. Although Radster was unsuccessful in battle, he was great at making us laugh. The Elvis inspired voice and noises he makes when in battle are hilarious to hear every time.

#14: Googleheimer the Toy Robot

“Power Rangers Zeo” (1996)

Another plaything-turned-baddie from the “Power Rangers Zeo” show, Googleheimer the Toy Robot is proof that appearances can be deceptive. Originally, it was the sinister Prince Sprocket’s toy robot. It had ridiculous body proportions and a cheap look when it was fully enlarged. While it looked like it wouldn't survive being played with by a two-year-old, Googleheimer was decently durable. It was ultimately his weak arsenal that let him down. Being able to take a hit doesn’t mean much when your primary weapon is a silly string. At the end of the day, no one except the prince cared that this toy got broken.

#13: Game Face

"Power Rangers Dino Charge" (2015)

If an artist had five minutes to create a monster with the personality of a tough gym teacher that knew how to use sporting equipment, their design would probably be better than “Game Face”s look. His body looks like someone stacked up old sporting equipment without any rhyme or reason. How else can the combination of his ridiculous hoop head, random golf club sticking out of his shoulder and more be explained? Despite his look, Game Face is actually sort of an entertaining villain. He’s got a huge variety of sports tools at his disposal. Additionally, Game Face does enjoy the challenge of facing the rangers. We love hearing him speak and…wait a minute. Does he have a mouth underneath all the sports equipment?

#12: Loafer & Leisure

"Power Rangers Dino Charge" (2015-16)

With Loafer and Leisure, audiences get two silly creations for the price of one. These identical twins both look like they were based on a child’s drawing of a tropical island. They have lobster claws for right arms, ice cream cones for left and both rock sea themed accessories. But don’t worry, they have different abilities to tell them apart. Loafer can redirect energy and is absolutely dangerous with a beach ball. His sister Leisure has a powerful and hypnotizing “vacation beam” that tricks victims into thinking they are on a permanent vacation. We’re going to assume the writers were desperate for a tropical getaway when they thought up these ludicrous twins.

#11: Cavity

"Power Rangers Dino Charge" (2015-16)

“Dino Charge” completes a hat trick of outrageous monsters with an enemy that would send you running for the nearest toothbrush. Cavity is a monster who rocked a dental themed ensemble and had the abilities to make your teeth hurt. Just one bite of any of his sweets could make even a ranger scream for a dentist. But that’s not the only tooth based ability he has up his sleeves. Cavity could shoot beams that could decay anything from teeth to trees! If you see this baker anywhere near a kitchen, please call the health department or a ranger team to have him removed.

#10: Photomare

"Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" (1993-96)

Out of the many Power Rangers’ villains, PhotoMare might be the most dated. Her most distinguishing feature is the giant polaroid camera that she has on her torso. With one flash, Photomare could trap her victims inside of a photograph permanently. This concept was definitely relatable to a 90s audience. However, we’re unsure if younger generations will be confused as to how pictures are being taken without a smartphone. Photomare also has a photocopier on her head that can make evil copies of whatever she aims at. But since the monster’s photos can be dodged or reversed, she’s honestly not much of a threat. Photomare is just another bizarre relic of the 90s.

#9: Smokescreen

"Power Rangers Dino Charge" (2015)

As soon as Smokescreen said his first line, we knew we were in for a really weird experience. While we were willing to overlook his noisy design, his arsenal immediately turned heads. Smokescreen is proud that his main power is the disorientating Fart Fog. He can produce pungent red fog from twin trumpets on his shoulders that can upset anyone within sniffing range. At the same time, it can get so dense that it’s hard to see. These smoky techniques would be more than enough for him to stand out as strange. But he can also bring his legs together and form a snake tail. This nonsensical addition to the creature is one of the many reasons we want to stay far away from Smokescreen.

#8: See Monster

"Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" (1993-96)

Despite how it sounds, ‘See Monster’ has nothing to do with anything nautical. He’s literally all about seeing because he’s covered with eyes from chest to feet. But don’t let the numerous irises make you think he’s a pushover. See Monster can cause migraines and can unleash explosive attacks with his eyes. While that could be intimidating, its cool factor is ruined by the fact that he often opens a trenchcoat to activate his powers. It makes him look like he’s doing something…very inappropriate to the rangers. At the same time, it also let the heroes know they could keep him contained by just keeping the trenchcoat closed. See Monster is one creature you’ll want to avert your gaze from.

#7: Somnibot

"Power Rangers Zeo" (1996)

Voiced by Barbara Goodson, who once provided the voice for Rita Repulsa, Somnibot had the potential to be quite a dangerous villain. Ignore the fact that she showed up sleepy and wearing a nightcap for a second. Instead focus on Somnibot’s ability to sing lullabies that could make people instantly take a nap. It seems like this power would be too powerful to beat. However, the rangers find a simple workaround fairly quickly. And since the robot is ridiculously weak, she’s not a threat at all once they get past her lullabies. Even coming back with a loudspeaker for a face doesn’t really help her case. We guess she was caught…sleeping on the job.

#6: Donkeyvac

"Power Rangers Dino Thunder" (2004)

What do you get if you mix the cells of a vacuum, pomegranate and donkey? The answer is obviously Donkeyvac. The ludicrous origins of this “Dino Thunder” monster make about as much sense as his powerset. For some reason, Donkeyvac had the ability to steal people’s youth with his vacuum attachments. He can also launch explosive pomegranates from his nose. And if those powers weren’t dangerous enough, he was also a pretty strong fighter. If Donkeyvac didn’t weaponize pomegranates and had a design that made logical sense, he could’ve been a great creature. But the combination of so many random characteristics yielded a monster that kind of well…sucks.

#5: Stingerella

“Power Rangers Jungle Fury” (2008)

Stingerella comes off as absurdly terrifying at first. She’s essentially a giant red scorpion covered in stingers who has no problem destroying the city of Ocean Bluff. However, she loses all her sting once she starts fighting. It turns out that she has mastered an elite dance battle style that the heroes can’t initially keep up with. And to make matters worse, she’s taught an entire troupe of foot soldiers how to beat the rangers down to a beat. But after the heroes even the score with their own awkward dance routine, she grows big and decides to use her bizarre ability to shoot scorpions. Maybe Stingerella should’ve led with that before using her silly looking dance moves.

#4: Nojoke

"Power Rangers Megaforce" (2013-14)

This arachnid/winged monster hybrid absolutely hates even the slightest giggle. He’s so dedicated to his mission to erase humor that he can trap people in special pots when they laugh. When Nojoke doesn’t feel like waiting for people to laugh, he can make them by using strong winds that can tickle people. The monster is even willing to use a powerful fart to get enemies to guffaw. So not only does Nojoke make people do the exact thing he hates, but he does so in the weirdest ways. This powerful ability could be taken seriously if not for one fact: the monster isn’t immune to his own abilities. If he laughs, he can get trapped himself. This Megaforce monster is definitely a big joke.

#3: Pursehead

"Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" (1993-96)

After Lord Zedd steals pink ranger Kimberly’s borrowed purse, he turns the accessory into the ferocious “Pursehead.” This absolute eyesore of a monster could reach into its body and pull out weapons like dental floss and a compact mirror that could freeze people’s minds…for some reason. This ridiculous monster had a friend made from Lipstick that could fire musical beams and carried a sword. Pursehead was such a useless monster that Lord Zedd didn’t even bother making it grow after it was defeated by one kick. And despite Lipsycnher’s wide range of techniques, she didn’t stand much of a chance against the rangers either. The producers were really scraping the bottom of their purses when they decided to add these monsters to the show.

#2: Mad Mike the Pizza Chef

"Power Rangers Turbo" (1997)

Shortly after the bad guys order pizza, they decide to turn the mascot on the box into an extremely cheesy monster. Not only was it draped in the colors of the Italian flag, but it also spoke in an offensively bad Italian accent. This walking stereotype could summon pies that could fly and be used as explosive projectiles. When the rangers' cars arrived for reinforcements, Mad Mike was able to control the vehicles with speciality pizza pies on the wheels. But the monster’s biggest crime was his final course for the rangers. Mad Mike infamously threw them all in a cooker, baked them into a pizza and tried to eat the heroes. Is it too late to send this pizza delivery back?

#1: Pumpkin Rapper

"Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" (1993-96)

Has there ever been a more deadly and dangerous monster than the Pumpkin Rapper? The short answer is: yes. Sporting an upside down pumpkin for a head, this rhyming root had the power to distract people with his bad bars. He also wields a special whip, explosive weapons and a shocking attack. The series was so invested in Pumpkin Rapper that he was resurrected to spit more rhymes in a later episode. Unfortunately, his second chance at life didn’t improve his words in the slightest. Even after over 20 iterations of rangers, the Pumpkin Rapper has endured as one of the most bizarre monsters in the series. He is far and away the most ridiculous rhyming vegetable the rangers have ever come across.