Top 10 Billy Kametz Performances



Top 10 Billy Kametz Performances

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
Gone, but certainly not forgotten. Join Ashley as we look over the late, great Billy Kametz's iconic performances in the worlds of anime and video games, as scene in titles such as "Fire Emblem: Three Houses", "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", "86", and more!
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Billy Kametz Performances

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Billy Kametz Performances.

For this list, we’re looking over the exceptional voice-over work by the late and oh so great Billy Kametz in both anime and video games. It’s heart-breaking to know he’s no longer with us, but we can take some comfort that he’s left behind a legacy of larger-than-life characters that will continue to endure.

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Which of Billy’s performances do you feel is the most iconic? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Anai

“Aggretsuko” (2018)

Billy was well known for his comedic chops, always able to inject the most serious of characters with hilarious nuance, but who knew he could also play someone so sinister? Pretty much the textbook example of an anxiety-ridden millennial unprepared for the crunch of office life, Anai slipped into antagonist territory when he began to weaponize social media and emails as a way to prevent his co-workers from pointing out his various mistakes. It’s borderline unsettling. Thankfully, the obnoxious badger eventually found his feet…and also revealed his hidden talent for rap. Yep, Billy’s got bars!

#9: Niccolo

“Attack on Titan” (2013-)

Way more than just a side character, this chef embodied the pain of being caught between the war between Marley and Paradis. Originally finding peace in his new life thanks to his love for Sasha, that all came undone with her assassination, leading Niccolo to act as a saboteur, going as far as to poison the military. The grief, self-loathing and anger at the world for robbing him of the one woman who made him happy is beautifully realized by Billy, whose impassioned speech still resonates as one of the series’ greatest.

#8: Asmodeus Alice

“Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun” (2019-)

On a more light-hearted note – we can’t stress enough how much fun the dub of this not-so-hidden anime gem is. This is in part to Billy bringing to life Iruma’s eternally loyal right-hand demon, who switches between aristocratic and fanboy at the drop of a hat. There’s just something so infectiously adorable about seeing a noble demon like Alice getting into shenanigans with Iruma and Clara, though it wouldn’t be nearly as potent if not for Billy bringing so much flair to the forefront.

#7: Nenji Ogata

“13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim” (2020)

It says a lot that even when amongst a cast of A-list voice actors, each helming complex and tortured characters, Billy was able to bring such life to the heavy-handed, vulgar yet surprisingly sweet Ogata. He may just look like a high school thug rocking the perfect pompadour, but Ogata’s place amongst the vortex of sci-fi madness that is this game’s narrative is nonetheless essential. We can’t decide what’s more impressive; how Billy continually humanized the overly gruff Ogata all throughout his time-jumping antics, or how he nailed that love confession at the end of the playthrough. Still gets us every time.

#6: Shinei Nouzen

“86” (2021-)

The lives of the Spearhead Squadron are beyond tumultuous, dismissed as being less than human and used as tools on the battlefield against the autonomous threat of the Legion. As the tip of the spear, Shin aka Undertaker is an exceedingly gifted soldier but beyond broken, with way too many ghosts to count. That’s a tall order for any actor to pull off, but Billy once again came in clutch and captured the simmering pain beneath the surface, portraying Shin as reserved, yet not without compassion. There’s a lot of brutal layers to the character’s journey and Billy flawlessly brought them to the light every step of the way.

#5: Galo Thymos

“Promare” (2019)

When you go Trigger, there’s no room for subtlety! A burning bonanza of fun, this flick dared to ask the question – what if firefighters used mecha to battle against pyrokinetic anarchists? And right at the forefront with his glorious hair is Galo. Or as we like to call him, the second coming of Kamina. Billy’s portrayal of the hot-headed, eternally optimistic and occasionally shirtless lead is a joy to watch run rampant. Capturing Galo’s machismo and boyhood naivete to a tee, it’s clear just how much Billy’s having with the role, and who can blame him?

#4: Takuto Maruki

“Persona 5 Royal” (2019)

The re-release of this acclaimed RPG has a lot going for it, but one of its most celebrated aspects was the introduction and exploration of its new villain. As a councilor, Maruki built a strong bond with the Phantom Thieves as he tried to help ease their unique traumas…only for him to make a power play in the last act, wherein he creates an alternative reality and traps everyone in their ideal life. From start to finish, Billy maintains that sympathetic string, really bringing home the fact this is a good man doing terrible things for a just reason. Naturally, Mr Kametz rose to the occasion, giving us one of the franchise’s most relatable villains in the process!

#3: Josuke Higashikata

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable” (2016)

Everyone has their favorite JoJo, but we dare you to find one person out there who doesn’t love Josuke. In spite of his beloved and bizarre pedigree, the Stand wielding high schooler with the perfect hair stole the show upon arrival, mixing together the signature Joestar badassery with a mischievous streak that only further endeared him over time. Billy’s time as the titular JoJo gave us some of the franchise’s best moments, whether it was dealing with Araki’s abject weirdness or the epic battle against Kira, he never once let a vocal hair fall out of place. Shine on, you Crazy Diamond.

#2: Ferdinand von Aegir

“Fire Emblem: Three Houses” (2019)

The man, the myth, the meme. You know his name, you love him, and damn if we aren’t going to miss hearing this impossibly smug noble declaring his own name as he charges into battle. Much like his fellow Black Eagles, Ferdinand’s journey is one of growth, going from a pompous elitist with delusions of grandeur to a…much more sensible elitist, with a lot more weight to his words. Whether it was tackling his own insecurities or letting loose that silver tongue of his, Ferdinand was endlessly entertaining across every viable route. Which is why we have zero doubts Billy absolutely nailed the character’s hyped return in Three Hopes!

#1: Naofumi Iwatani

“The Rising of the Shield Hero” (2019-)

The breakout star of the isekai apocalypse, and the role that truly showcased just how much of an incredible voice actor Billy truly was; Naofumi’s bitter beginning and triumphant rise was exceptional. Blindsighted with false charges upon arriving in a fantasy world, the Shield Hero is met with hostility at every turn, nearly tipping him over the edge, only to find connection with his newfound inner circle. Naofumi’s slow acceptance of his new life is a painfully realized series of personality shifts, each handled expertly, each a showcase of Billy’s talent and dedication to the part. RIP Billy, you’ll always be our Shield Bro.