Top 10 Most Powerful Versions of Doctor Strange



Top 10 Most Powerful Versions of Doctor Strange

VOICE OVER: Callum Janes WRITTEN BY: Jordy McKen
Doctor Strange has undergone some serious power transformations over the years. For this list, we'll be looking at different variants of the legendary sorcerer from T.V, comics and beyond Marvel comics to highlight the true powerhouses. Our countdown includes Soldier Supreme, Disciple Of Dormammu, Asgardian God, and more!

Top 10 Most Powerful Versions of Doctor Strange

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Powerful Versions of Doctor Strange.

For this list, we’ll be looking at different variants of the legendary sorcerer from T.V, comics and beyond Marvel comics to highlight the true powerhouses.

Who would win in a fight; Doctor Strange, John Constantine, or Doctor Fate? Let us know your pick in the comments!

#10: Soldier Supreme

If you found a way to fuse the strength of Captain America and magic of Doctor Strange, you’ll end up with Soldier Supreme. He first appeared after the Infinity stones were used to make a bunch of hero hybrids in a reality known as Warp World. In this dimension, the man known as Stephen Rogers unknowingly volunteered to be enhanced by magic instead of science for the army. Eventually, he became a super strong tactician that could also rely on magic trickery when the occasion called for it. This soldier supreme further sharpened his skills after spending decades in the Dark Dimension smacking around demons. Between his strength and experience, this magical soldier was a formidable warrior.

#9: Sir Stephen Strange

In the “Marvel 1602” comic series, Strange was captured and enslaved at a young age. However, he earned his freedom after mastering the mystic arts. He used his magical skills to aid other heroes while his medical knowledge was used to help Queen Elizbeth the First. What made this Stephen Strange particularly notable is who he communed with while he was astral projecting. At one point, he had an extended conversation with the cosmic and vastly knowledgeable Watcher. While This Strange didn’t live to fight in a ton of epic battles, the forbidden secrets he held helped convince watchers to preserve his world in a tiny space after his death. He essentially kept a whole universe alive with words alone.

#8: Sorcerer Extreme

After being bitten by vampires in one reality, the soul of Stephen Strange decided to latch onto The Punisher. In order to pay the body rent, the sorcerer lends his magical power to Frank Castle. This mystical anti-hero could naturally conjure a ton of useful spells. But he also had ferocity and military experience the og Strange never had. He’s able to wipe out corrupted versions of Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, and even The Hulk with little effort. This super team may have become more of a threat if they hadn’t fallen in battle to a fearsome Wolverine. Although Strange would go on to hitch a ride with Logan, we’ll never forget the time where he made the Punisher magical.

#7: Disciple Of Dormammu

A 1979 issue of the imaginative “What…If?” comics showed us what would happen if Doctor Strange turned to the dark side. After a horrible accident, he goes to seek out alternative ways to cure his hands. Instead of finding support from the Ancient One, a Dormammu influenced Baron Mordo takes Strange under his wings. The doctor slays Mordo and becomes Dormammu’s most powerful minion. This version of Strange is formidable enough to brush aside a group of sorcerers and the Ancient One with barely any effort. And after being betrayed by Dormammau and trapped at the center of a cosmic battle, the doctor becomes even more powerful. Fortunately, this newly balanced Strange decides to use his vast abilities to help others.

#6: Strange-Thing

Have you ever wondered what a combination between Strange and Mad-Thing would look like? Well, fear not, we have the answer in the form of Strange-Thing. In 1999’s “Mutant X Annual”, Doctor Strange of Earth-1298 removed the Man-Thing curse from Ted Sallis, only to get it himself. This unfortunate mishap luckily grants him some extra abilities. Man Thing’s incredible strength, resistance to physical attacks, regenerative plant body and more were added to Stephen’s arsenal. But those aren’t the only skills that make him stand out. This swampy Strange was chosen to protect a cross dimensional place known as the nexus of realities. If he ever used it, he could bring his terrifying abilities to other worlds.

#5: Sheriff Strange

This character isn’t just a version of the popular sorcerer who wears a cowboy hat. After Doctor Doom used the mighty Beyonders to conquer and remake the world, he made Strange his right hand. The sorcerer had enough might to help alter the memories of everyone on this new Battleworld Earth. And during a tense battle, he was able to send tremendous characters like Thanos and Black Panther away with ease. Outside of his own abilities, Sheriff Strange also presided over teams of extremely heavy hitters. Even a whole battalion of warriors that each had the power of Thor even followed his lead. Few Stranges can say that they had both magical skills and such an impressive army behind them.

#4: Black Priest Strange

When everyone was trying to prevent multiversal Earths from colliding with each other, Strange reached out to the Black Priests. Although each of these multidimensional beings could typically only speak one word, that solo word could unleash a spell that affects an entire universe. The verbose Strange doesn’t have that restriction. After learning the ways of the Black Priests, the sorcerer could channel his inner-Ice Man with Cryokinesis and unleash dangerous fire powers. In theory, Strange could’ve learned how to use these abilities to destroy entire earths over time. The teachings of the black priests definitely gave him a huge boost in power.

#3: Asgardian God

While Loki was using trickery to become Sorcerer Supreme on earth, a desperate Strange went to Asgard to gain new power. Fortunately, he found the mythical world tree known as Yggdrasil. This large and legendary plant decided to give Stephen a staff made of its wood that granted him godlike power. While holding this Asgardian accessory, the doctor was able to give a hellish dimension a facelift in a matter of seconds. This godly Strange was also able to push back a villain that could easily destroy the earth. The reason the sorcerer doesn't wield this staff all the time like Gandalf is because it can put strain on his body. But it’s safe to bet Strange will win whenever he holds this godly staff.

#2: Strange Supreme

An animated episode of “What…If?” focused on a grieving Strange trying to gain the might to alter the timeline and save his girlfriend Christine. He spent centuries absorbing magical critters to boost his power to an absurd level. Once Strange-Supreme feels formidable enough, he beats and absorbs another version of himself to command even more strength. The sorcerer got to show off how much achieved when he fought a version of Ultron that had all the infinity stones. When the arrogant robot unleashed an energy blast capable of destroying a planet, Strange-Supreme redirects that power into a ball that he wolfs down like it’s nothing. The sorcerer did that while protecting a team of heroes at the same time. Strange-Supreme’s sinister journey clearly paid off.

#1: Doctor Strangefate

The Amalgam Universe was created by letting the Marvel and D.C comic universe collide for an epic event. During this big crossover, fans were introduced to the impossibly strong Doctor Strangefate. This character came into being after the powerful telepathic mutant known as Charles Xavier put on the mystical helmet of fate. Without the helmet, he was a genius that could play mind games with the mightiest of foes. But the golden accessory also grants him the knowledge of a wide range of spells that can bring many opponents to their knees easily. Although Doctor Strangefate claims he might be weak against scientific enemies, it’s a minor weakness for a ridiculously powerful sorcerer.