Top 10 Blumhouse Horror Films



Top 10 Blumhouse Horror Films

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This film production house has created some of the most important horror flicks in recent memory. For this list, we're taking a look at the best horror films to come out of Blumhouse Productions, including co-productions as well as those produced by Jason Blum. Our countdown includes "Hush", “Paranormal Activity”, "Get Out", and more!

Top 10 Blumhouse Horror Movies

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Blumhouse Horror Movies.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the best horror films to come out of Blumhouse Productions, including co-productions as well as those produced by Jason Blum.

Have you seen any of these frightening flicks? Which one was your favorite? Share your thoughts with us down in the comments!

#10: “Hush” (2016)

How does one survive being hunted when they cannot hear or call for help? That’s a key component of the terror in “Hush”. A young woman, who lost her hearing and voice from bacterial meningitis, finds herself trapped in her home in the woods as a killer lurks around outside. Very few words are spoken throughout this film, making every moment more tense than the last. It’ll constantly keep you guessing how Kate Siegel’s character will escape, if at all, while coming up with unique scenarios under its already strict ruleset. Clever and cunning in every way possible, “Hush” is a must-watch for those who love slashers, thrillers, and home invasion horror.

#9: “Cam” (2018)

During one of her shows, a camgirl fakes her own death in an effort to become one of the top stars on her platform. Things take a turn for the worse when someone starts using her account and likeness for their own devious agenda. On top of providing a glimpse into the dangers that camgirls and sex workers can face in the modern age, “Cam” also sheds light on a vicious cycle present these days: the desperate clamor for fame. Madeline Brewer delivers a fantastic performance as protagonist Alice Ackerman and will make your heart break as you witness her downward spiral.

#8: “Paranormal Activity” (2007)

While the found footage subgenre has arguably become increasingly tiring over the years, the “Paranormal Activity” film series still remains one of the few that does it best. In an effort to prove that their house is haunted, Katie and Micah set up cameras all around their home to capture the demon they believe torments them in the first flick. “Paranormal Activity” forces viewers to sit through extremely long pauses between uncomfortable scenarios, and it’s remarkable how creative it gets with its insanely low budget. Basically, if you’re someone who believes in the paranormal (or already has an occasionally weird-acting partner), this movie might hit too close to home for you. …Still worth a viewing, in our opinion!

#7: “Halloween” (2018)

Admittedly, the “Halloween” franchise has seen more whiffs than hits. But when something like the 2018 sequel comes our way, it hits HARD! This iteration of “Halloween” retcons everything that came after the original movie and explores how those events impacted Laurie Strode in her later years. As for Michael Myers himself, this is probably the most haunting depiction of the iconic killer we’ve seen since the first movie in 1978, adding to his enigmatic motives and shaping him (no pun intended) more to be the embodiment of evil. Few franchises get this amount of love and care, and it was this film that made people flock to see “Halloween Kills” in 2021, which was equally thrilling, if not more.

#6: “The Vigil” (2021)

If you’re looking for a more traditionally shot supernatural horror, well, “The Vigil” might keep you awake at night. When a member of his former Orthodox Jewish community passes away, Yakov Ronen is tasked to keep watch over the deceased’s remains. It isn’t long until he encounters the Mazzik, an invisible demon that is believed to be a punishment from God in Jewish mythology. While “The Vigil” does have some flaws in its scare tactics, it still manages to tell a haunting story with its fantastic lighting, writing, and cast. And it all wraps up in a distressing bow.

#5: “Creep 2” (2017)

The first “Creep” movie from 2014 was already a wild and terrifying ride. “Creep 2”, on the other hand, somehow found a way to make its story even more intense. Our mysterious killer from the first movie returns with a new name and lures in a new victim, telling her that he will let her live for twenty-four hours so long as she agrees to make a documentary about him. What follows is a different dynamic between killer and victim than we’ve seen in other horror movies, and it’s one that remains grisly and gruesome to this day. Even if you aren’t big on found footage horror, this is definitely a flick you have to see.

#4: “The Black Phone” (2021)

Slasher and supernatural fans, come forth because this one is a REAL home run! Based on the 2004 short story written by Joe Hill (the son of legendary horror author Stephen King), “The Black Phone” centers ona boy who is kidnapped by a notorious serial killer known as “The Grabber”. While captive, he comes across an enigmatic telephone that emits the voices of those who have succumbed to the Grabber.With Ethan Hawke’s impeccable performance as the deranged killer and director Scott Derrickson’s imaginative approach to the source material, “The Black Phone” will most likely go down as one of the best horror movies of the 2020’s.

#3: “Us” (2019)

Before “Us” (and one other film), Jordan Peele was primarily known for his comedy work. So, who would have guessed he could deliver something so disturbing? “Us” centers on a young woman and her family who find themselves being stalked by doppelgangers. Written and directed by Peele, “Us” is a powerful film until the very end, commentating on several subjects from ‘80s culture, classism, and American privilege all while borrowing cues from various other horror films. Just give it one watch, and “Us” will stick with you for a long, long time.

#2: “The Invisible Man” (2020)

Having escaped a toxic relationship, Cecilia Kass has finally found a way to slowly rebuild her life…until she gets the feeling that someone might be following her. From start to finish, “The Invisible Man” constantly toys with your emotions about as much as its antagonist toys with Cecilia. Is she seeing things? Is this all in her head? Has the trauma caused her to conjure delusions? It all weaves into a brilliant story that gives us a look at the struggles victims of mistreatment face when trying to escape and move on.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:

“Sinister” (2012)
Though It Becomes Tropey, It’s Still a Fantastic Flick In Its Own Way

“Ouija: Origin of Evil” (2016)
Manages to Right the Wrongs of its Predecessor as Well as Go Above & Beyond

“Happy Death Day” (2017)
A Unique & Goofy Concept Makes This a Compelling Horror Comedy

“Sweetheart” (2019)
You’ll Have a New Reason to Fear the Ocean After This

“Freaky” (2020)
Think “Freaky Friday”, But With a Serial Killer & Teenager Instead of a Mom & Daughter

#1: “Get Out” (2017)

Well, of course we weren’t going to leave out Jordan Peele’s directorial debut. “Get Out” tells the story of a Black man who goes with his white girlfriend to meet her parents, whom he soon finds out harbor a dark agenda. Not only does “Get Out” blend a light amount of comedy within its horror, but it also provides a ton of commentary on racism and discrimination in the modern world. The film went on to receive several awards across various outlets, Peele himself becoming the first black winner for Best Original Screenplay at the 90th Academy Awards. Today, the actor and comedian has gone on to direct, write and produce in even more movies, including “Us”, “Candyman”, and “BlacKkKlansman”.