Top 10 Creepiest Things Found Inside Walls
Trivia Top 10 Creepiest Things Found Inside Walls



Top 10 Creepiest Things Found Inside Walls

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Who's in the mood for some nightmare fuel! For this list, we'll be looking at the most unsettling items that people have found hidden behind walls. Our countdown includes A Magic 300-Year-Old Shoe, A Killer Doll, Hidden Cameras, and more!

Top 10 Creepiest Things Found Inside Walls

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Creepiest Things Found Inside Walls.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most unsettling items that people have found hidden behind walls.

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#10: Ouija Board

If you find a Ouija board in your house, it’s probably best to just burn the place down. We’ve seen “The Exorcist.” A Reddit user was working construction in an old house when they knocked down a wall and got the surprise of their life. Snuggled nicely in the old heating vent was an upside down Ouija board. The construction worker snapped a photo and posted it online. The board was quite old judging by its design, and it certainly makes us wonder - why was it in the heating vent? This is one of those things that raises far more questions than it answers, and it left a lot of Reddit users understandably creeped out.

#9: A Magic 300-Year-Old Shoe

Poor construction and maintenance crews must be used to seeing creepy things. Back in August of 2016, a maintenance crew working at the University of Cambridge was installing cables when they stumbled across a really old shoe. The shoe was nestled next to the window and seemed to be in surprisingly good shape. Experts dated the shoe from the late-17th to mid-18th century and discovered its true origin - to ward off evil. Back in the day, people would place shoes next to windows to prevent evil spirits from entering the residence. According to the Archeological Unit of Cambridge, the shoe was likely placed there to help protect the Master of the College.

#8: A Live Missile

You never know what your house is harboring. Could be an old Ouija board, could be a live missile from the Korean War. In 2011, William Wittman was remodeling his Wisconsin home and tearing out some insulation in his bathroom. It was there that he discovered…a missile. He grabbed the twenty-inch projectile and took it outside before calling the police. The bomb squad was then sent out to safely detonate the missile. According to Wittman, the previous owner was a man whose sons served in the Korean War, and they would bring their father keepsakes from overseas. So, they decided to bring him a…live missile? That’s an odd one.

#7: A Killer Doll

Finding a doll behind your wall is creepy enough. Never mind a killer doll! Jonathan Lewis of the UK tore away a piece of wall underneath the staircase and was met with a creepy sight. Inside the small hole was a crumpled rag doll with blonde hair and a handwritten note. The note proclaimed that the doll had killed its previous owners in the early ‘60s and would also kill the new inhabitant of the house. Intense creepiness aside, Lewis was not perturbed. He told reporters that the paper didn’t seem that old and that that area of the house was renovated just a few years earlier. In his opinion, the doll was placed there by a construction worker as a prank.

#6: Thousands of Venomous Spiders

There are fun, supposedly supernatural things like killer dolls, and then there are very real problems. Like thousands of venomous spiders oozing from the walls. Brian and Susan Trost bought a home in St. Louis back in 2007 but immediately regretted the decision. According to Susan, toxic brown recluse spiders “started bleeding out of the walls,” and the problem significantly impacted their quality of life. The couple launched a lawsuit against the previous owners, and a biology professor from the University of Kansas was sent to investigate the home. He estimated that there were upwards of 6,000 spiders inside the house. The couple was awarded over $470,000 in damages.

#5: A Child

Acting on a tip, police of Illinois’s Franklin County entered a home and peeled away a piece of wall. Inside were a young boy and his mother. Certainly a creepy sight, but also a sad one. Let’s rewind. Shannon Wilfong was going through a bitter custody battle, and the father, Michael Chekevdia, was recently given sole custody of their child. So Wilfong took the child to her mother’s house and hid there for the next two years. He was declared missing and eventually found inside a hidden room the size of a washing machine. Wilfong was charged with felony child abduction. Custody was given to Chekevdia, and Wilfong was given a $1,500 fine and two years’ probation.

#4: Hidden Cameras

If there’s one thing that all humans inherently fear, it’s being watched. A landlord named Masaaki Imaeda rented out a six-bedroom house in Sydney, Australia. He also equipped the place with numerous hidden cameras so he could watch his tenants be intimate with each other. The cameras were fed to his personal shed, which was located in the backyard. Inside the shed was a recliner and a TV, not to mention various pieces of recording equipment and storage devices. The camera was discovered after one of the tenants researched her landlord and found that he had been busted for using hidden cameras before. She and her husband searched the house, and sure enough, found a camera in the ceiling light.

#3: A Mummified Cat

In December of 2011, engineers working in England’s Pendle Hill found proof of some objects underneath a grassy mound. A team of archeologists were brought in to assess the sight, and they subsequently unearthed an entire cottage. Inside one of its walls was a mummified cat. The area of Pendle Hill is well known for its witch trials of 1612, which saw ten people executed for supposedly practicing witchcraft. The cottage was dated to around this time, and it’s believed that the inhabitants put the cat in the wall alive to protect the home from evil spirits. It’s a pretty sad story, but a startling archeological discovery.

#2: Witch Bottle

If there’s one thing we learned from this list, it’s that putting items in walls was a very common practice in 17th century England. Archeologists were performing work in London when they uncovered a witch’s bottle. These were created back in the 17th century to, you guessed it, ward off witches. In this case, a man believed that his wife was a witch and was ordered by a local apothecary to create a witch’s bottle. Inside the bottle he placed some of her urine, hair, and fingernail clippings. Also included were the likes of pins, brimstone, and leather. These bottles were then buried upside down and were said to cause great pain to the witch. Oh, the weird things we did back then.

#1: Human Bones

The walls of universities are just teeming with old objects, even human bones. Back in 1999, a construction team working on Harvard’s Holden Chapel discovered human bones within the basement walls. Holden Chapel was completed in 1744 and held morning and evening prayers for the student body in the mid-18th century. But don’t start thinking this is some weird cult thing. Research was undertaken following the discovery of the bones, and it revealed a rather mundane - if still interesting - explanation. From 1782 to 1850, the Chapel was used as an anatomy and dissection hall. The discovery of glassware and test tubes further proved that these bones were used in anatomical studies undertaken by the Medical School.