Top 10 Things You Missed in Thor Love and Thunder



Top 10 Things You Missed in Thor Love and Thunder

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Only Heimdall could have spotted all of these epic easter eggs! For this list, we'll be looking at the best callbacks, comic references and cool details from the god of thunder's electrifying fourth film. Our countdown includes The Jean-Claude Van Damme Reference Wasn't Just a Gag, Jane Parodies a Scene from “Interstellar”, “Love and Thunder” Features Tons of Hemsworths, and more!


Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 things you missed in “Thor: Love and Thunder”

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best callbacks, comic references and cool details from the god of thunder’s electrifying fourth film. If you haven’t seen the movie yet beware of massive spoilers ahead.

What was your favorite scene in “Love and Thunder”? And would you eat at the Infinity Conez ice cream shop that just opened in New Asgard? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Thor Repays Heimdall's Sacrifice

When Thanos attacked Thor’s ship, it looked like the mad titan would eliminate every single hero onboard. But Heimdall defied the big bad by using the last of his powers to send Hulk to safety. Unfortunately, Thanos slayed the Asgardian for this noble act. Over five years after Heimdall’s sacrifice, his son Astrid AKA Axel ends up at the mercy of the big bad Gorr. Thor eventually arrives and fittingly lends his powerful Stormbreaker to ensure that the kid gets home safe. And as an added bonus, the god of thunder teaching the kid how to look across the universe is a nice homage to a pivotal Heimdall scene from “Ragnarok”. Both Thor’s save and lesson are heartwarming nods to Idris Elba’s Asgardian.

#9: The Jean-Claude Van Damme Reference Wasn’t Just a Gag

While Thor is single handedly dominating a battle, he stops two ships from reaching him by doing a ridiculous mid-air split. This funny scene was a direct homage to the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme. Not only is the action star famous for his splits, but he also starred in a viral 2013 Volvo commercial where he showed he’s still just as flexible as he was in the 80s. But Thor didn’t just split to honor that epic ad. Before “Age of Ultron”, reports circulated that Chris Hemsworth wanted Van Damme in the second Avengers movie. Unfortunately, that wish never came true. The “Love and thunder” split was a great way to honor Van Damme until the star gets to star in his own Marvel film.

#8: There Are Small References to the Gigantic World Tree

Asgardians like Thor are taught that the nine realms of the universe are all connected by visualizing that each one sits on a different branch of a cosmic tree nicknamed Yggdrsasil. During “Love and Thunder”, images of this humongous plant show up in subtle places. When Thor is fighting alongside the Guardians, he wears a shirt with nine spheres placed on a tree. The added symbol of the bifrost helps confirm it’s meant to represent Yggdrasil. This plant symbolism also comes back in the climactic final battle. When Thor lends his power to children from Asgard and beyond, his lightning spreads like the branches of a tree. This imagery could symbolize how New Asgard has become a home for people from all nine realms.

#7: A Hilarious Callback to “Party Thor”

The “What…If?” episode about an alternate God of Thunder concluded with a comedic race against time. After nearly turning earth into a party planet, Thor and his friends try to put everything back to normal before his mother Frigga catches them. But she sees right through his lies when Thor summons a mjolnir that’s covered in graffiti. This mirrors the fate of the hammer at the end of “Love and Thunder”. Right before Thor goes into battle, he finds that his adopted daughter has decorated Mjolnir with her own artwork. We’re unsure if her additions will come off the hammer as easily as the graffitti did in “What…If?” But getting decorated by a child is definitely not the worst thing to happen to mjolnir.

#6: Sif’s Tragic Ragnarok Fate Catches Up to Her

Although we were happy to see Sif return, it was sad to see that she had lost an arm while battling the big bad Gorr. This turn of events may have happened sooner if Sif had appeared in the third Thor film. When Loki triggered Rangarok in the comics, the noble warrior is caught up in a blast that claims one of her arms. Not only does Sif survive, but she charges right back into battle soon after the incident. It’s unclear if this dark series of events would’ve played out the same if she appeared in the cinematic “Ragnarok”. However, we know for a fact that Sif won’t let the loss of an arm stop her from fighting in future stories.

#5: Jane Parodies a Scene from “Interstellar”

Dr. Jane Foster decides to take her mind off her chemotherapy by explaining some of the science behind how Thor gets around the universe so quickly. She demonstrates the act of traveling from one spot in the universe to another by poking a hole in a page within a fellow patient’s book. While his reaction to Jane’s careless paper destruction is played for laughs, a similar scene was taken more seriously in “Interstellar.” When main character Cooper is about to reach a wormhole, a fellow scientist pokes a hole through paper to break the science down. Jane confirms her scene was a parody by telling the patient to watch “Interstellar”. Her interaction was the latest in a series of great MCU movie references.

#4: The Space Dolphins Reference a Wild Comic Event

Throughout “Love and Thunder”, there are a number of scenes that serve as perfect recreations of the comics. The harrowing opening where Gorr loses a child in a harsh environment comes straight from the page. Additionally, the scene where Mjlonir approaches Jane while she’s in the hospital is also directly inspired by the comics. But one of the most interesting places the movie actually deviates from the page revolves around the space dolphins. In the comics, multiple Thors from across time encounter space sharks instead. A couple of the creatures even help the heroes during their final battle with Gorr. Maybe the space sharks were left out so they wouldn’t overshadow Thor’s new goat friends.

#3: Thor’s Roommate Darryl Returns

Before the heavy events of “Ragnarok”, Thor spent some time living in Australia with an average Joe named Darryl. It was hilarious to see two men from very different worlds interact as they try to coexist together. Since Darryl only appeared in a few short films, we weren’t expecting to see him show up again. But he completely surprised us by popping up as a New Asgard tour guide in “Love and Thunder”. Sadly, “Endgame” made it clear that Thor preferred to live with Korg and Miek. We’re still holding out hope Darryl and the god of thunder will have a proper roommate reunion.

#2: “Love and Thunder” Features Tons of Hemsworths

Seeing Luke Hemsworth reprise his role as a fake Thor in “Love and Thunder” was ridiculously fun. It turns out that he was just one of many members of the family to make an appearance. When Korg is talking about Thor’s past, Tristan Hemsworth plays the young god of thunder. The actor’s sister Sasha also stars as an Asgardian child. To complete the hat trick of Hemsworth kids, his daughter India Rose plays Thor’s adopted child. And if that wasn’t enough for you, the god of thunder’s real life wife Elsa Pataky stars as the wolf woman the Asgardian hooked up with. This heavy family presence could be foreshadowing that Liam Hemsworth will pop up next to Thor next.

#1: A Series of Divine Cameos

Although Zeus hogged the spotlight when Thor arrived in Omnipotence City, there were plenty of other deities and cosmic beings to get excited about. Within the crowd, eagle eyed viewers could see the Wakandan goddess Bast. There’s also a dragon that looks suspiciously similar to the Great Protector. And as Thor is leaving, he streaks right by a couple of celestials. The most exciting divine being that was introduced was Brett Goldstein’s Hercules. Based on the actor’s performance in Ted Lasso, he’ll be perfect as an intimidating tough guy. Overall, many of the gods and deities in Omnipotence City were great nods to MCU history. But we’re thrilled to see where Hercules and other divine beings might pop up next.