Questions That Got Answered in Thor Love and Thunder

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These "Thor" questions were driving us crazy! For this list, we'll be looking at questions we had going into the fourth solo “Thor” film that received answers or were at least given more insight. Our countdown includes Why Did Thor & Jane Break Up?, Is Thor Aware of the Other Loki?, Whatever Happened to Lady Sif?, and more!

Questions That Got Answered in Thor: Love and Thunder

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for questions that got answered in “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at questions we had going into the fourth solo “Thor” film that received answers or were at least given more insight. Hope you love spoilers because there’s a lot of them here.

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Why Did Thor & Jane Break Up?

After Jane Foster played a pivotal role in the first two “Thor” movies, it’s briefly mentioned in “Ragnarok” that she dumped Thor. Well, Thor claims it was the other way around. “Love and Thunder” delves deeper into the relationship, revealing that the two dated presumably after the events of “The Dark World.” As each became preoccupied with work, Jane broke up with Thor via a written note. When they reunite, Thor mentions that it’s been eight years while Jane thinks less time has passed. That’s probably due to the five years lost in the Blip. After leaving Thor, Jane seemed to throw herself further into her research. While the power couple begins to rekindle the spark, Jane’s Stage IV cancer diagnosis tragically has other plans.

Is Mjölnir Beyond Repair?

Captain America has a shield. Hawkeye has a bow. Thor had a hammer until Hela destroyed it. Although Thor got to wield an alternative universe Mjölnir in “Endgame,” Steve Rogers eventually returned that hammer to its timeline. In “Love and Thunder,” it’s revealed that the remains of Mjölnir have been moved to New Asgard. Apparently, either Thor or somebody else worthy went back to Norway to pick up the pieces. The hammer seems forever broken, but Mjölnir calls to Jane during her darkest hour. Upon arriving, Jane finds herself able to possess Mjölnir, which can now assemble and disassemble itself. While they were dating, Thor asked Mjölnir to protect Jane. When Jane gets cancer, something in Mjölnir awakens, giving her the strength to keep fighting.

Is Thor Aware of the Other Loki?

After multiple fake-out deaths, Loki met his end in “Infinity War” at the hand of Thanos. Although this Loki isn’t resurrected, a 2012 variant does break free during the Time Heist, paving the way for the God of Mischief’s Disney+ series. While Loki didn’t make contact with his adoptive brother during that show’s first season, we still wondered if word ever reached Thor that another version of his brother got away with the Tesseract. It seemed like something Tony Stark or Scott Lang might’ve mentioned since they were present. Thor remains in the dark in “Love and Thunder,” however. He even got a RIP Loki tattoo on his back. If Thor ever meets the 2012 variant, we wonder how Loki will react to the tat.

Where Did Heimdall Go When He Died?

Although his screen time in “Infinity War” is short-lived, Heimdall leaves a strong impact as he sends the Hulk back to Earth before Thanos slays him. Where does an all-seeing, all-hearing being like Heimdall go when they die, however? Valhalla has been mentioned a couple of times in past MCU movies, but “Love and Thunder” is the first to elaborate on the Asgardian afterlife. At one point, Thor mentions that dying in battle is a main qualification for getting into Valhalla. Dying after the battle doesn’t count. Since Heimdall perished while battling Thanos and the Black Order, he earned his place in Valhalla. Even in death, Heimdall continues to serve as a gatekeeper between worlds, welcoming Jane Foster to Valhalla.

Is Thor a Guardians of the Galaxy Mainstay?

Upon meeting the Guardians in “Infinity War,” Thor became something of an unofficial member. Of course, in Thor’s eyes, he was their new leader. When Thor flew off with the Guardians during the conclusion of “Endgame,” it appeared he may stick around for a while. Thor does fight a few battles with the Guardians, doing most of the heavy lifting and causing the most collateral damage. Alas, it isn’t long until Thor sets off, leaving the Guardians behind for the movie’s remainder. This likely means Thor won’t be a principal player in “Vol. 3.” Although there’s still no word on what happened to 2014 Gamora, Star-Lord mentions his lost love during a heart-to-heart with Thor, suggesting there might be only one Gamora for him.

Did Valkyrie Lose Her Lover in Battle?

Making her MCU debut in “Thor: Ragnarok,” Valkyrie is barely scraping by when Thor meets her on Sakaar. Thor recognizes her as one of the warrior women who fought Hela long ago. In a flashback, Valkyrie screams in agony watching one of her fellow female fighters die in combat. Based on the heartbreak in Valkyrie’s eyes, it’s been theorized that this woman was more than an ally or buddy. During a conversation with Korg in “Love and Thunder,” it’s confirmed that Valkyrie lost her girlfriend during the fight. This solidifies Valkyrie as one of the MCU’s first LGBTQ+ heroes. She’s not the only one in this film, as Korg finds love with a mustached Kronan. Is there anyone else out there for Valkyrie, though?

Is Thor Still Worthy?

Getting to fight with Mjölnir again in “Endgame,” Thor is ecstatic to find that he’s still worthy. Seeing Jane wield the hammer in the “Love and Thunder” trailer, though, we all wondered what this meant. Was Thor no longer worthy? Why did Mjölnir reassemble for Jane but not the God of Thunder? In the film, it’s clarified that Mjölnir was fulfilling a promise that it made to Thor, protecting Jane no matter what. While Mjölnir serves as Jane’s weapon throughout the movie, the hammer still gravitates towards Thor on occasion. Thor confirms his worthiness upon lifting Mjölnir another time, much to his relief. Yet, this makes things more than a little awkward between Thor and Stormbreaker. Enchanted axes have feelings too.

Whatever Happened to Lady Sif?

Like Jane, Lady Sif was a pretty big deal in Thor’s first two solo adventures. She was MIA when “Ragnarok” rolled around, however. Sif would play an integral role in two episodes of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” pursuing Lorelei, fighting a Kree, and hunting an Inhuman. She also popped up on Season One of “Loki,” although that was only a memory. “Love and Thunder” marks Sif’s first big-screen appearance in nearly a decade. With Gorr running amuck, Sif attempts to butcher the God Butcher, but she loses her arm in the process. Sif considers dying on the battlefield, but Thor convinces her to return to New Asgard where she helps train a new generation of warriors. Glad you’re back, Sif!

Will There Be More Adventures with Hemsworth’s Thor?

From Tony Stark, to Steve Rogers, to Natasha Romanova, many of the OG Avengers have either died or retired. Although some suspected that “Love and Thunder” might be Chris Hemsworth’s last outing as the God of Thunder, the film’s finale clarifies that he won’t be hanging up the axe or the hammer anytime soon. A fifth “Thor” film hasn’t received an official announcement yet, but the ending text guarantees that “Thor will return.” Judging from the post-credits, the next film will likely pit Thor against Brett Goldstein’s Hercules. Thor might not have Jane by his side next time around, but another will surely have his back.

The Meaning of Love & Thunder?

Going in, the movie’s title was somewhat ambiguous. The “Thunder” part was self-explanatory enough, but what does the “Love” mean? We figured it referred to the romantic comedy angle. The “Love” in the title has multiple meanings, however. When allowed to wish away all the gods, Gorr chooses to instead bring back his daughter. Love thus triumphs over hate. And as it turns out, the name of Gorr’s daughter is Love. While Gorr is unable to raise Love, Thor offers to take her under his cape. The title alludes to the MCU’s newest duo of Love and the God of Thunder. Love may view Thor as an uncle figure, but actress India Hemsworth is the daughter of the film’s star.