Top 10 Stars You Forgot Were on Scrubs
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Top 10 Stars You Forgot Were on Scrubs

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A lot of stars dropped by Sacred Heart on "Scrubs." For this list, we'll be looking at some of the biggest names you might not remember visited Sacred Heart over the years. Our countdown includes Colin Farrell, Brendan Fraser, Mandy Moore, and more!

Top 10 Stars You Forgot Were on Scrubs

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Stars You Forgot Were on Scrubs.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the biggest names you might not remember visited Sacred Heart over the years.

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#10: Keri Russell
“My Turf War” & “My Cold Shower”

Russell’s recognizable from a plethora of movies and TV shows, including her Golden Globe Award-winning role in the drama series “Felicity. ” But on “Scrubs,” she played Elliot’s free-spirited former sorority sister Melody O’Harra. Melody swoops into town to surprise Elliot and inadvertently comes between her and J.D. She also happens to be present when Keith proposes. Despite coming across as a maverick unwilling to be tied down, her reaction to the engagement reveals a deep-seated truth. Her two episode-story arc brought a lot of action, entertainment, and even some plot-altering revelations. It’s just a shame we never saw Melody again as she was the perfect Yin to Elliot’s Yang.

#9: Heather Locklear
“My First Step” & “My Fruit Cups”

You’ll know Locklear from her countless notable TV appearances. These include her four-time Golden Globe-winning stint on “Melrose Place” and as Sammy Jo Carrington on “Dynasty.” In “Scrubs’” second season, she played the hot but unscrupulous pharmaceutical rep Julie Keaton. Julie shakes things up around Sacred Heart as she flirts with everyone while peddling her product. Of course, Dr. Cox proves to be a tougher customer, but she tries to convince him to look past her profession and go out with her. Ultimately, the pair embark on a relationship until Perry’s pregnant ex-wife shows up. While Locklear’s time on the show was very engaging, we were rooting for team Jordan.

#8: Brendan Fraser

Speaking of Jordan, remember her brother Ben? He was the happy-go-lucky, life-affirming photographer responsible for one of the saddest moments of the entire series. Anyway, he was played by non-other than “The Mummy,” “Crash,” “Gods and Monsters,” and “Dogfight” actor Brendan Fraser. While featuring on Zach Braff and Donald Faison’s “Fake Doctors, Real Friends” podcast, the actor revealed that “Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence had an interesting way to get him on board, involving a bunch of gym shorts. We’re glad Lawrence’s gesture was so enticing as Ben’s storyline captured the humor and gut-punching emotion that made “Scrubs” so special. And we couldn’t think of a more suitable actor to pull it off either.

#7: Mandy Moore
“My Half-Acre” & “Her Story II”

In Season Five, J.D’s patient Mrs. Nickels is so grateful to him that she offers to set him up with her grand-niece. The beautiful yet incredibly klutzy Julie Quinn’s played by actress and singer Mandy Moore, who incidentally was dating Zach Braff at the time. These days, Moore’s probably best known for playing Rebecca Pearson in “This Is Us” or Jamie Sullivan in “A Walk to Remember,” among other film roles. J.D. and Julie have a lot in common, and naturally, their chemistry’s on fire. But as always, J.D. messes up when he starts to nit-pick at her qualities. Even meeting Julie’s godfather, “Star Wars” actor Billy Dee Williams, couldn’t save this relationship.

#6: Michael J. Fox
“My Catalyst” & “My Porcelain God”

Season Three briefly introduced us to Dr. Kevin Casey, a brilliant doctor, and surgeon who struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Despite his limited time on the series, Dr. Casey leaves a poignant message about how you shouldn't measure yourself up to others because everyone's carrying their own burdens. This was also one of Fox's first roles after his Parkinson's disease diagnosis. His storyline almost mirrored his real-life experiences of trying to make the best of a bad situation and not letting it define him. The "Back to the Future" actor's pivotal to these episodes, bringing plenty of comedy and numerous thought-provoking moments. His appearance is highly underrated and definitely worth a rewatch.

#5: Matthew Perry
“My Unicorn”

J.D. finds himself in an awkward situation when he tracks down a patient’s estranged son, played by “Friends” actor Matthew Perry. Murray, an air traffic controller, is all set to donate a kidney to his father until he discovers that they aren’t biologically related. This is even funnier when you know that the actor who played his father is actually Perry’s dad. Incidentally, Perry also directed this episode. Could his guest spot BE any more awesome? He wasn’t the only “Friends” alum to appear on the show either. In Season Eight, Courteney Cox had a three-episode stint as Sacred Heart’s awful, cruel. and deceitful new Chief of Medicine, Dr. Taylor Maddox.

#4: John Ritter
“My Old Man” & “My Lucky Day”

Some audiences might remember him best as Jack Tripper from “Three’s Company,” whereas to others, he’ll always be the overprotective Paul Hennessy from “8 Simple Rules.” While these barely scratch the surface of his impressive credits, you might’ve forgotten that he also played J.D.’s father and pencil salesman, Sam Dorian. J.D. and his dad didn’t always see eye-to-eye, but it was clear that there was a lot of love there and the makings of a dynamic father-son relationship. Sam was supposed to be a recurring character, but sadly, Ritter suddenly passed away in 2003. A Season Four episode focussing on the Dorian brothers dealing with their grief was written in his memory.

#3: Dick Van Dyke
“My Brother, My Keeper”

“Mary Poppins,” “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,” and “The Dick Van Dyke Show” are just some of the places you’ve seen this icon before. In “Scrubs,” he plays Dr. Doug Townshead, an old friend of Dr. Kelso’s who struggles to keep up with modern medicine. The character highlights the actor’s likeability, comedic prowess, and affable demeanor, making it even more gut-wrenching when Kelso has no choice but to let him go. Plus, his storyline prompted an interesting discourse about aging doctors. In a reddit AMA, Donald Faison divulged that Dick Van Dyke was one of the guest stars he was most excited about, and who could blame him? Van Dyke’s appearance was “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

#2: Colin Farrell
“My Lucky Charm”

This Irish heartthrob’s arguably better known for more dramatic films like “Tigerland,” “Minority Report” and “The Batman.” Not that he hasn’t delved into comedic roles as well. In this Season Four episode, he plays the charming Billy Callahan, who claims to be the brother of an unconscious patient. It’s later revealed that this was a lie, and he actually threw the punch that landed the guy in hospital and he just wanted to make sure he’s alright. Unsurprisingly, in a role that seems tailor-made for the actor, everyone’s enchanted by Billy’s charisma. In his brief time on the show, Billy teaches everyone a little something about living their best lives.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Amy Smart, Various
The “Just Friends” Actress Played Jamie Moyer aka Tasty Coma Wife

Jason Bateman, “My Big Bird”
Did J.D. & Turk Ever Get a Thank You from Mr. Sutton or at Least an Apology from His Birds?

Heather Graham, Various
You Might Remember Her as Ditzy Psychiatrist Dr. Molly Clock

Tara Reid, Various
She Played Jordan’s Fiery Younger Sister, Danni Sullivan

Aziz Ansari, Various
Anzari’s Ed Dhandapani Didn’t Last at Sacred Heart Very Long

#1: Ryan Reynolds
“My Dream Job”

We know what you’re thinking, “Ryan Reynolds was on ‘Scrubs’?” Yes, if you cast your mind back to Season Two, the Hollywood A-Lister played Turk and J.D’s old college buddy, Spence. His appearance came shortly after the finale of his sitcom “Two Guys and a Girl” and his breakthrough movie role in “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder,” long before his “Deadpool” days. Although Spence’s in just the one episode, he makes serious waves among the series regulars, including spilling the tea on Jordan’s baby’s real father. Reynolds was a relatively known actor at this point, but nowhere near the acclaimed superstar he is today. Now excuse us while we go and dig up his episode.