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Top 10 Reasons Teen Titans Go! Is Hated

also part of: Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Is Hated
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    1It Is an Insult to Teen Titans
    Dreams makes fun of Trouble in Tokyo. In The Mask, Robin said he revealed his face in the original, but it didn't happen. And The Cape is an insult to the Teen Titans premiere, Divide and Conquer.
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  • 2All the Lies and False Lessons
    Not all girls are better than all boys, TV starts brain rot, not reverses it, and Christmas isn't about gifts.
    Teaching kids that books are evil, obestity and laziness are good, cheating to win in a race is fine, and bullying people for no reason. Yup
  • 3The Characters Were Turned Into Sterotypes
    It really wasn't
  • 4Starfire Has No Interest in Robin
    I agree
    I wouldn't be surprised if he moved on
  • 5Screwing Over Every Other Cartoon Network Show suggested byStrider Xanthos
    Rumors of Regular Show and Adventure Time's ending, Uncle Grandpa's 5 seasons being cut in half and being canceled, Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015 at 6 am in the morning, Pokemon XY leaving for Disney Xd
    Even Mega Man 2017 was gonna be on Cartoon Network, but given the way the network treated Sonic Boom (lots of people don't have Boomerang), its not shocking, Teen Titans Go overshadowing Justice League Action, etc. Need I say more
  • 6It Replaced Young Justice
  • 7It Is Advertised As "Your New Favorite Show"
  • 8Making the Series Like ALL the Other Cartoon Network Shows
    They "destroyed" Adventure Time, i saw many comments claiming that the network will reject Infinity Train due to Teen Titans Go!
  • 9Making fun of Spider-Man suggested byStrider Xanthos
    Huh? When did that happen?
    Two-Parter: Part 2
  • 10Keeping the Original Voice Casting
  • 11Making the Series a Comedy
    It's very not funny actually, laughed more watching the original
  • 12Making Batman Laugh
  • 13Starfire is Dumb suggested byJamie Gibson
    They all are
    She was dumb before
  • 14terrible illustrations suggested bydbskeetdude37@yahoo.
  • 15Heroes that have inspired, now turned into selfish whiny brats suggested byRichard Smith

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