Top 10 Teen Titans



Top 10 Teen Titans

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Miller
When there's trouble, you know who to call. Welcome to, and today, we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Teen Titans.

For this list, we're looking at members of the team that have become staples of the Teen Titans roster.
When there’s trouble, you know who to call. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Teen Titans.

For this list, we’re looking at members of the team that have become staples of the Teen Titans roster.

#10: Static

Though initially created outside of the normal DC Universe under the Milestone imprint, Virgil Hawkins was brought into mainstream DC continuity after the timeline-shattering finale of “Final Crisis,” likely due to the positive reception of the cartoon based on the character, “Static Shock.” Static quickly joined up with the Teen Titans, and has become a regular appearance in the team’s shifting lineup. With his masterful manipulation of electricity and magnetism, not to mention his well-above-average intellect, Virgil has proved to be a huge boon to the team over the years, and hopefully through many more.

#9: Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)

Donna Troy’s Wonder Girl was a founding member of the Teen Titans way back in the team’s first incarnation. Originating as the adopted younger sister of Wonder Woman before eventually having her origin retconned a number of times, she often served as a member of the Titans throughout her history in the comics. Despite her complicated and convoluted comic book history, Donna Troy emerged from Wonder Woman’s shadow to become a compelling hero in her own right.

#8: Arsenal (Roy Harper)

Green Arrow’s sidekick Roy Harper is a long-tenured member of the team, first joining up with the heroes in “Teen Titans” #19 in 1969. Harper has a rich history outside of the team, but his work with the Titans was able to elevate him to become more than just a sidekick. Roy has alternated between being known as Red Arrow, Speedy and most recently Arsenal, and famously dealt with a heroin addiction in a controversial 1971 storyline, and has transitioned from a smiling sidekick to a dark anti-hero over the years.

#7: Superboy (Conner Kent)

Conner Kent was a more recent member to the Teen Titans roster, only joining in 2003, but has proven himself to be one of the team’s greatest additions during his tragically short stints with the group. Kon-El is a human clone made to replicate Superman’s powers who often struggles with the nature of his past and his place in the world. He may not be a real Kryptonian, but having someone with Superman-like abilities on your side certainly has loads of benefits.

#6: Kid Flash (Wally West)

As a founding member of the team and one of DC’s most accomplished and beloved heroes, Wally West more than earns his place among the team’s most legendary heroes. Wally’s successful tenure as Kid Flash in the comics even led to his replacing Barry Allen as the Flash after his death in 1985, which he held onto until Barry’s return in 2009. Every superhero team needs a speedster, and the Titans had one of the best among their ranks.

#5: Starfire

Though not a founding member of the Titans, Starfire has long been associated with the team, first joining them upon her arrival on Earth in Marv Wolfman’s “New Teen Titans” run. Starfire has been a core member of the Titans in nearly all incarnations of the team, most notably as one of the main characters of the well-loved Cartoon Network series. Starfire often serves as comic relief due to her lack of understanding about Earth, but she is a fierce fighter and a good friend. Starfire and Dick Grayson have shared an on-again, off-again relationship that’s carried over from the comics into their animated portrayals; something that fans have vocally rooted for.

#4: Beast Boy

Garfield Logan was forced to deal with a seriously dark upbringing; one that shaped him into one of the most steadfast and loyal members of the Titans. Beast Boy has long been a core member of the team, joining the group after the destruction of the original Doom Patrol. The wise-cracking shapeshifter has developed close relationships with each of the other members at different times, especially with his best friend Vic Stone and longtime romantic interest Raven. Gar has proven himself to be invaluable to the Titans as a leader and could be accurately described as the glue that bonds the team together.

#3: Cyborg

Though he’s since found much success in the greater DC universe, the Teen Titans will always be where Cyborg got his start. First joining the team in the same renowned 1980s series that introduced Starfire, Victor Stone emerged as one of the more popular characters in the series as he struggled with his dual identity as part man and part machine. He would eventually become a mentor for younger incarnations of the Titans in later years and would be reimagined as a founding member of the New 52 Justice League.

#2: Raven

Another addition to the team in 1980, Raven has been a virtual constant ever since, with her unique set of powers and captivating backstory raising her popularity and position on the team. The daughter of the demon Trigon, Raven reformed the team in its most popular lineup to fight against her father. In the years since she’s had stints of death and time as a supervillain, but Raven has always returned to the Titans. She’s a core member of the team in both Cartoon Network series, and the upcoming “Titans” series has cast a younger version of the character. We’re interested to see how the series shapes up.

#1: Robin (Dick Grayson)

It may be tough to choose between Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, and Dick Grayson as to which Robin has best led the team, but we have to go with the original. Both as Robin and as Nightwing, Dick Grayson was the charismatic and fearless leader for many of the team’s adventures throughout the years, including its earliest. Batman’s first sidekick became a top-tier superhero in his own right, and his various animated portrayals over the years have always won us over. He can be stubborn, but at the end of the day, he will always do what is right for his friends.