Top 10 Best Teen Titans Episodes



Top 10 Best Teen Titans Episodes

Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Titans go! Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Teen Titans Episodes.

For this list, we're looking at the most iconic episodes from this hit animated series. As you might expect, a super-spoiler alert is now in effect!
Titans go! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Teen Titans Episodes.

For this list, we’re looking at the most iconic episodes from this hit animated series. As you might expect, a super-spoiler alert is now in effect!

#10: “Apprentice”

While there have been a fair few contenders for the title, by far the greatest foe the Titans have ever faced is Slade. Shrouded in mystery, his intention for the most part of the first season seemed to be hiring supervillains, masterminding crimes, and generally causing wanton destruction. As it happens, what he wanted all along was for Robin to join him as a successor. Unfortunately, the Boy Wonder doesn’t have much choice in the matter when Slade reveals he has infected the rest of the team with nanoscopic probes. As a result, Robin is forced to turn to the dark side in order to protect his friends, making for a dramatic two-parter.

#9: “Birthmark”

We all knew that Raven’s powers were mired in darkness, and that she certainly had some demon in her heritage. What we didn’t expect is that it would be her destiny to end the world. We get our first little taste of this as she starts to experience hellish visions on the eve of her birthday. If that wasn’t creepy enough, Slade makes a return from the dead. Only this time he comes equipped with some satanic superpowers while acting as an envoy for Raven’s dear old dad. With its bleak tone and apocalyptic foreshadowing, this was the episode that had both Raven and us by the throat.

#8: “Betrothed”

Starfire is a sweet, strong, and compassionate individual who would go to the ends of the earth for those she loves. Even it means getting married. In a rather unexpected twist, the Titans discover that Star is to enter an arranged marriage for the sake of her home planet of Tamaran. As you might have guessed, Robin is none too thrilled that the girl of his dreams is about to get hitched, especially when it turns out that her groom-to-be is a massive slime monster. No surprise that the whole marriage was arranged by Star’s insidious sister, Blackfire. Heck, the episode even pays homage to “The Graduate” at one point!

#7: “Nevermore”

Given the nature of her powers and the need to constantly suppress her emotions, one can imagine that Raven’s head would not be the happiest place to visit. Well, Beast Boy and Cyborg get a first-hand experience when they accidentally find themselves traveling into her mind by means of a magic mirror. While inside, they discover the physical manifestations of her closed off emotions, not to mention a glimpse of what would we later discover to be her demon father Trigon. A crazy adventure in and of itself, it certainly succeeds at bringing the three closer together as friends.

#6: “Don’t Touch That Dial”

Ah Control Freak, out of all the villains on this show, no one brings us more entertainment than you. Unleashing his most nefarious of schemes, this super-powered couch potato traps the Titans inside of television itself. What follows is a hilarious dash across channels where the team finds themselves encountering kid’s shows, soap operas, straight-to-TV monster movies, commercials, and every other kind of satire you could expect. Bonus points if you manage to catch all the film references they manage to fit in, including “Gremlins,” “Star Wars,” and even “The Matrix.”

#5: “Aftershock”

Here is a tale of great complexity and tragedy. While Terra seemed like the ideal candidate to join the Teen Titans, what with her rough-and-tumble personality and the chemistry she has with Beast Boy, she also held a shocking secret: she was Slade’s second apprentice. Following her betrayal, Terra manages to seemingly take out each Titan and lead the way for Slade to take over the city. As you might have expected, the Titans aren’t done yet, leading a full counter-attack against her. What follows in Part 2 is Terra’s most defining moment as Beast Boy tries to convince her of the good still inside her, leading to her sacrificing herself to defeat Slade. Terra, you won’t be forgotten.

#4: “How Long Is Forever?”

Many agree that Starfire is the emotional core of the Titans, though who would have expected she was also the glue that held them together? During an encounter with the time-travelling villain, Warp, she finds herself projected into the future, discovering that in her absence the Teen Titans have disbanded. Heartbroken by the dismal fates that have befallen her now aged friends, Star does her best to make things right and alter time itself. All we can say is prepare to be hit in the feels in all the right ways.

#3: “X”

What was once a guise used by Robin to try and get closer to Slade comes back to bite him when an unknown thief ends up stealing the high-tech suit for his own affairs. Now forced to literally fight his past failings, Robin ends up questioning the line between hero and villain. This line is further blurred by Red X himself, who, for all his selfish actions, proves that whoever is under that mask has some measure of honor left. With awesome actions sequences, a provocative message, as well as the introduction of a badass new anti-hero, X truly did mark the spot on this one.

#2: “The End”

It may have been prophesized, but who would have guessed that Raven would have ended up fulfilling her destiny by summoning her demonic father? With the world set ablaze, the Titans are forced to team up with Slade to take down Trigon and restore what has been lost. Throw in a cataclysmic backdrop, evil duplicates, an adorable child-Raven, and a fight with a literal devil, and we get the Teen Titans at their best over the course of this 3-episode story arc. Goes to show that not even the forces of hell can beat good old-fashioned teamwork.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- “The Quest”
- “Fear Itself”
- “Things Change”

#1: “Haunted”

Robin’s obsession with Slade has been a running trait throughout the series, as it’s a toxicity that has caused no end of friction between him and his teammates. But what happens when that obsession turns to paranoia? In what has to be one of the most mature and genuinely unsettling episodes, Robin finds himself being hunted by his most hated enemy. There’s only one problem: the other Titans can’t see Slade and think their friend has finally gone off the deep end. As the attacks get worse and worse, we’re all left wondering if the Boy Wonder has truly lost it, or if there is something far more sinister afoot.