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Top 10 Movie Gadgets We Wish Were Real

VO: Dan
It's impossible not to watch a movie, especially a sci-fi movie and not wish you could go out and buy the gizmos straight out of pure imagination. From flying cars to dream machines, the fantasies are endless. To keep things legit in this list, we’ll only be including gizmos that are portable and somewhat plausible, meaning time machines, holodecks and anything magical is out. Weapons are also not up for consideration, because we’ve already made that list. Join and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 movie gadgets we wish were real.

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Top 10 Movie Gadgets We Wish Were Real

God that would just be so cool! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 movie gadgets we wish were real.

Just to keep things legit, we’ll only be including gizmos that are portable and somewhat plausible, meaning time machines, holodecks and anything magical is out. Weapons are also not up for consideration, cause we’ve already made that list.

#10- Hypospray “Star Trek Film Series” (1979-)

Kicking off our list is the bloodless syringe of the future. Used as a universal plot device, the Hypospray can deliver anything from inoculations to sedatives… (…and can be used through clothing) and is cartridge based. Back in the 90s we may have wished for tricorders, but now that we have iphones the hypospray takes the first place by default. The only unintended side effect is that it would probably make it easier for junkies, but then again, no more dirty needle sharing.

#9- Neuralyzer “Men In Black Trilogy” (1997- 2012)

Okay, this one has the potential to cause a lot of problems if it ever fell in the wrong hands. Those tantalizingly precarious thoughts aside, how great would it be to forget a great book or movie and then re-experience it again? Medical and psychiatric professionals could also use it to remove traumatic memories. Forget about PTSD, literally.

#8- Pasiv Dream Machine “Inception” (2010)

Okay so Holodecks are off limit and the pods from the Matrix are inherently evil, so that leaves us with this device that allows others to enter a persons dream. A briefcase with wires and sedatives, it was created by the military for training soldiers without risking lives. Mind heists aside, imagine being able to visit an incapacitated family member, explore our inner selves, or literally take that dream vacation you’ve always wanted.

#7- SQUID Recorder “Strange Days” (1995)

Taking that last piece of tech in another direction, imagine being able to record what’s in our heads, from our thoughts to our experiences. Imagine being able to understand a person’s point of view by literally getting in their head or simply have this create a black box for dangerous vehicles. Best of all, it would make education less of a chore. That’s right old man, I know exactly how it was back in the day and now we both know that you had a decent pension plan. Our only question is why anyone would ever commit a crime while wearing one of these, cause that seems to be the only thing people use them for in this movie.

#6- Gestural Interface “Minority Report” (2002)

Okay this one is probably a little more realistic and doesn’t need a doctor’s note. Available in 2054, this computer is simply awesome! No, we’re not hoping for the whole psychic prediction crap, but rather would dig its well-developed 3D, holograms and wireless glove mouse. Would sure as hell make editing these videos easier. We know the modern day Kinect is getting close to this, but Microsoft’s latest offering reminds us more of 1984 than Minority Report.

#5- Auto-Adjusting Clothing “Back to the Future Part II” (1989)

We already said the time machine was out, but wouldn’t it be more useful, safe and consumer friendly to have auto laces on shoes, and clothing that’s one size fits all!? Did we mention that it also features a handy auto dry feature for those hot summer day or the occasional hasty escape through the neighborhood fountain.

#4- Flying Cars - All of Sci-Fi

Everyone’s been stuck in traffic and said to themselves “if I had a flying car I wouldn’t had to deal with this shit”. Granted, licensing would be a nightmare. And the thought of drunk drivers literally falling out of the sky is absolutely terrifying. Add the fact that coupling the fear of auto accidents with the fear of flying might turn off a large number of people, but hey, it would make for some awesome sequels to the fast and the furious franchise.

#3- Universal Translator – All of Sci-Fi

Understanding other languages is super tedious and requires “learning” and “practice”. It would be so much easier if we had a gizmo to do all the work! “Star Trek” has some hidden thing that does this in real time, lip sync and all, while “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” has babel fish. As those are actual fish and not technically gadgets, we’d meet those two halfway with a real life C3P0. That way you get a translator and a butler in one convenient package.

#2 Ironman Suit – Iron Man Trilogy (2008-2013)

You’re right, we said no weapons. However, we’re siding with Tony Stark on this one. [It’s a high-tech prosthetic] The coolest means of personal transportation, it one-ups mister fusion by also running on clean energy, while leaving our precious garbage alone. It even includes an AI butler with GPS, and can be used in safety situations, such as saving lives during an emergency decompression at 10,000 feet. Okay fine, the truth is it gives me a nerdgasm and I really want one. Sue me.

#1 The Hoverboard – “Back to the future Part II” (1989)

Okay, so technically the mister fusion device could end climate change and maybe even war as we know it, but who cares about saving the world if you have a freaking hoverboard! Do I have to sell this at all? It’s a flying skateboard, I think there’s a picture of one in the websters dictionary next to “awesome”. A car or an armored suit would be more efficient, and might work better over water, but you know you spent your entire childhood hoping to get one of these.

Agree with our list? Which movie gadget would make your day? For more wishful top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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