Top 10 Ridiculous Power Rangers Monsters



Top 10 Ridiculous Power Rangers Monsters

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Fede Barbieri.

If nostalgia's what you seek, then nostalgia you shall have. And, whether it's a monster in the form a many eyeballs, some sort of evil mutant farm animal or a monster made from the contents of a handbag, these creatures are sure to get you longing for the good old days. In this video, counts down our picks for the top 10 ridiculous Power Rangers monsters. For this list, we've chosen the most ridiculous yet funny monsters from the Mighty Morphin Era, so anything from Zeo onwards is a list for another day.

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Script written by Fede Barbieri.

Top 10 Ridiculous Power Rangers Monsters

If nostalgia’s what you seek, then nostalgia you shall have. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 ridiculous Power Rangers monsters.

For this list, we’ve chosen the most ridiculous yet funny monsters from the Mighty Morphin Era, so anything from Zeo onwards is a list for another day.

#10: See Monster

Finster’s creature was not something you could just miss. Ridiculous, funny and unwittingly terrifying, this monster flashed his victims by opening his coat and striking them with thought waves from his many eyes. Oh yeah, did we mention that part about how his coat is just his skin, so he’s basically just showing off his insides? Gross. But if eyes are what you like, wait to see our next monster.

#9: Eye Guy

There’s no clever metaphor in his name. Another Finster creation, this ultimate stalker was one of Rita Repulsa’s preferred creatures to call upon – and the attraction was mutual. She used him to nab a really brainy kid so she could soak up his smarts. Comprised of a bunch of eyeballs, Eye Guy could emit energy beams from his ocular oddities. Blowing this guy apart was not even enough to deter him, since he could reassemble himself piece-by-piece as long as the central eye remained untouched.

#8: Pumpkin Rapper

If dozens of eyes upon you aren’t enough to scare you, this gentleman will do it by throwing down some smooth rhymes. Grown by Squatt and Baboo, this orange humanoid had vine tentacles and pumpkin bombs. And, of course, an upside down Jack-o-lantern head. But his most dangerous weapons may’ve been his rapping and choreography. Unfortunately for him, it was trick or... Power Blaster. We guess Halloween really isn’t for everyone.

#7: Pursehead

Ladies, this is your type of monster. Built out of Kimberly’s purse by Lord Zedd, this creature was pretty fancy. He would drag objects from his head and use them as weapons, like a compact mirror that would freeze his victims or dental floss that would double as a lasso. He also had an ally called Lipsyncher, a monster that originated from a lipstick found in Kimberly’s purse. Please, give that scriptwriter a trophy!

#6: Brick Bully

Accidentally created by Rita Repulsa when she inadvertently blasted a brick wall with her powers, this monster could use his abilities to turn you into a brick. He could also morph into a much more powerful form by ingesting even more bricks and building supplies. Which we imagine would put a dent in Rita’s evil-causing budget. Sure, he hit the Power Rangers like a ton of bricks, but they always come out on top.

#5: Shellshock

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, this tortoise monster shows up. Invented by Squatt and Baboo, Shellshock is far more powerful than it looks. Both the hook and the baseball bat, combined with the large cannon turned it into an exotic creature. But perhaps its most peculiar feature was the traffic light stuck into its shell, which sent off speed and freeze spells. But who knows, maybe he also had a part time job?

#4: Wheel of Misfortune

Rita Repulsa’s known for her creativity, and this creation is no exception. While the kids are practicing for their school play, this evil villainess turns Kimberly’s grandmother’s spinning wheel into a dangerous new weapon called the Wheel of Misfortune, which can annihilate everything in its way – including the Power Rangers. The first monster the group battles that has no humanoid shape, the Wheel of Misfortune is Rita’s attempt at reinventing the wheel – but she’s no match for the Rangers.

#3: Chunky Chicken

Does he lay eggs that later turn into monsters? Nope. This feathered creature handles a giant pair of scissors to rip of hole in the fabric of time so he could move freely through time and space. And while it might not make a whole lotta sense, we love it. Chunky Chicken is truly cruel and evil. Sure, he was destroyed by the Megazord like almost every other monster, but he did give us some good ol’ memories.

#2: Pudgy Pig

Here’s another monster you’d normally see at farms, although this one walks on two legs. Pudgy Pig could eat all the food on Earth in only two-days if left to his own devices. Although Finster claimed this creation wasn’t his strongest, he proved to be a formidable foe to the Power Rangers, as he managed to swallow their weapons and leave them practically defenseless. However, his weakness was spicy food, which he detested and which ended up bringing him down. That’s what you get for being a picky eater.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Robogoat
- Lizzinator
- Terror Toad
- Octophantom

#1: Rhinoblaster

What does it take to be the Power Rangers most ridiculous monster? This guy has the formula. Created by Finster, this rhinoceros monster plays American football and could send his victims to a multidimensional vortex. He was also pretty clever and quick on his feet, and could launch white mist from his nostrils. If that’s not enough, he was able to emit energy bolts from his horn and sword. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

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