Top 10 Mysterious TV Characters



Top 10 Mysterious TV Characters

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Script Written by Zack Tobin.

We may not know a lot about these small screen guys and gals, but that only adds to the mystery. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Mysterious TV Characters. For this list, we're looking at television characters that have had a large impact on their respective shows, but remain, for the most part, an enigma to the audience.

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Script Written by Zack Tobin.

Top 10 Mysterious TV Characters

We may not know a lot about these small screen guys and gals, but that only adds to the mystery. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Mysterious TV Characters.

For this list, we’re looking at television characters that have had a large impact on their respective shows, but remain, for the most part, an enigma to the audience. Also, this is the time for us to issue a SPOILER ALERT, as the identities of some of these mysterious characters may or may not be revealed.

#10: Charlie Townsend
“Charlie’s Angels”(1976-81)

Considering the show is called “Charlie’s Angels,” you would think Charlie would be a fully fleshed-out character. Well, not in this case: Charlie is just the voice heard in the Western Electric Speakerphone that assigns the three beautiful private investigators their latest mission. Throughout the series neither we, nor the Angels, ever see what Charlie looks like. All we know about Charlie is that he’s rich, and he seems to have fondness for attractive women who can fight crime and kick butt. Unfortunately Charlie’s identity and his back-story are never revealed, but that’s probably what also kept us hooked and wanting to know more.

#9: Derrial Book
“Firefly” (2002)

Derrial Book can be described as the wise old man of the Serenity Crew. He also happens to be a badass preacher, which is why he’s often called Shepherd Book, which also makes him all the more intriguing. Not much is known about Book’s past other than the fact that he holds some high priority status within the all-powerful Alliance, and has extensive knowledge in weaponry, space travel and fighting techniques. How he acquired these skills while having the qualities of a Fundamentalist Christian is a question that was never answered, but it’s things like this that helped make “Firefly” so awesome.

#8: Red John
“The Mentalist” (2008-15)

Throughout “The Mentalist,” Red John’s identity hung over protagonist Patrick Jane’s head like a dark cloud. Red John was a serial killer who had murdered Jane’s wife and daughter before the series began, causing Jane to become obsessed with catching him. The antagonist’s identity remained a mystery until season 6 when he comes face to face with Jane, and turns out to be Sheriff Thomas McAllister. Jane ends up strangling the serial killer to death, and it’s oh so satisfying to watch.

#7: Doctor Claw
“Inspector Gadget” (1983-86)

This cartoon baddie was the main villain of the “Inspector Gadget” series. Dr. Claw is the dark and sinister leader of the criminal organization known as M.A.D., which constantly tries to attack Inspector Gadget and his niece Penny. Despite being in many of the episodes, we never see his face. Instead, we’re only permitted to view his arm and clawed-hand, and the evil cat that he’s always petting. However, the greatest mystery surrounding Dr. Claw might not actually be his true identity, but how his plans are always being foiled – and that he thinks the idiotic Inspector Gadget is always behind that!

#6: Walter Bishop
“Fringe” (2008-13)

Almost all the characters on this list can be considered brilliant in their own right, but perhaps none more so than this mad scientist from “Fringe”. Dr. Walter Bishop may possess an IQ of 196, but he is also completely bonkers. During the first season of the sci-fi series, fans speculated as to what really drove the mad scientist insane. It was later revealed that Bishop was locked away in St. Claire’s Mental Institution where his friend William Bell performed brain surgeries on him. Bishop might be crazy, but we still root for him.

#5: Jaqen H’ghar
“Game of Thrones” (2011-)

This mysterious assassin is the man - or at least we think is a man - who is training Arya Stark to be a killer. Unlike a lot of characters on this list, we do get see his face - despite his being a Faceless Man of Braavos - but we’re not entirely sure if this is really what he looks like and that it’s not just another face he picked up because he’s got the ability to change his appearance whenever he wants to. We also aren’t 100% sure if Arya’s even talking to the same person all the time or if she’s talking to different assassins who are wearing the same face. Whoever Jaqen H’ghar is though, he is awesome, and he’s even moremysterious than that priestess Melisandre, so that’s why he gets this spot.

#4: Jacob
“Lost” (2004-2010)

Almost every character on “Lost” is mysterious in some way, notably Richard Alpert and the Man in Black. However, the most mysterious character has to be the island’s guardian, Jacob. For years, fans speculated as to who exactly Jacob was, as it seemed he held the answers to all of the island’s questions. We didn’t get to actually meet Jacob until the season 5 finale, but he was also killed by Ben Linus and The Man in Black in the same episode! Fortunately, Jacob did come back as a ghost to explain some of the answers, but not enough of them to satisfy angry fans.

#3: Castiel
“Supernatural” (2005-)

Castiel might be a “Supernatural” fan favorite, but he definitely isn’t your typical angel. Initially brought onto the show to bring Dean Winchester back from hell, Castiel initially appeared to have little emotion and zero understanding of how humans worked. However, as the drama thriller progressed, Castiel began to prove to be a more complex character and developed stronger relationships with the humans he encountered. Castiel is also unique in that he is willing to kill innocent humans for the greater good, but he also clearly shows remorse, making him a fascinating character as well.

#2: The Smoking Man
“The X-Files” (1993-2002)

The Smoking Man is probably the most evil character on this list. He is the primary antagonist of “The X-Files,” and is an important member of the Syndicate, a government organization that is trying to hide the truth about whether or not aliens are colonizing earth. As such, he’s willing to go to extreme measures in order to keep the alien invasion a secret from the public. And as the Smoking Man’s name and motivations would slowly be revealed later in the series, this would make him a character that “X-Files” fans couldn’t get enough of.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Daniel Linderman
“Heroes” (2006-2010)
- Dr. Helen Magnus
“Sanctuary” (2007; 2008-11)
- Mr. Smith
“Hey Arnold!” (1996-2004)
- Fire Lord Ozai
“Avatar: The Last Airbender” (2005-08)

#1: The Doctor
“Doctor Who” (1963-)

You would think a character that has been on television for over 50 years would have every question there is to have about him answered by now. However, with “The Doctor,” that is far from the case. There are so many questions about this Time Lord, like “Why did he leave Gallifrey?” “What does the sonic screwdriver actually do?” and “What on Earth is his real name?”, that in all likelihood will never get answered. Either way, we still love The Doctor, even if he remains mostly an enigma to us all.

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