Top 10 Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters of All Time

Script by Jamie Leslie

Style, looks and grace are just some of the choice words we use to define these comic book beauties. Welcome to, and today we're counting down our Top 10 Hottest Female Comic Book Characters. For this list, we'll not only be ranking these ladies based on their aesthetic appeal, but their overall charm, charisma, and risqué demeanour.

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Script written by Jaime Leslie.

Top 10 Hottest Female Comic Book Characters

Style, looks and grace are just some of the choice words we use to define these comic book beauties. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our Top 10 Hottest Female Comic Book Characters.

For this list, we'll not only be ranking these ladies based on their aesthetic appeal, but their overall charm, charisma, and risqué demeanour. While some of these ladies powers or feats might contribute to their allure, we’re not ranking them based on strength or ability.

#10: Psylocke

This character's alteration had fans calling purple the new black. Initially introduced as English woman Betsy Braddock, brother to Captain Britain, Psylocke's page appeal didn't skyrocket until her redesign, when her character's mind was implanted into Japanese assassin Kwannon's body. This procedure allowed the telepathic mutant to not only adopt her replacement's ninja-like abilities, but her purple hair, eyes, and sleek, curvy athletic build. Psylocke also isn't shy to show off these appreciable features, as she's often seen in a revealing blue leotard.

#9: Harley Quinn

It's just something about the crazy ones. This homicidal little bombshell has mirrored the theme of her long time love interest the Joker, by appearing in white face paint and heavy eye shadow. While she was first introduced in Batman: The Animated Series donning a jester costume, she has since evolved more revealing clothing that compliments her slim and petite figure. Her outfits always reflect her ditzy and unhinged demeanour, and while the Joker may not give her a second glance, we can’t take our eyes off the crazy.

#8: Rogue

You may be better off appreciating Rogue’s beauty from a distance. This southern belle is most often seen wearing a full body suit, complete with gloves, to keep her powers from involuntarily hurting others. Still, that body and charm has left her with many an admirer, risk be damned. While Rogue has had a lot of different looks over the years, and while her Savage Land outfit alone is enough to land her on this list, her 90s fashion will never go out of style.

#7: Poison Ivy

Mother nature may have never looked this good. Thanks to a toxicology experiment gone wrong, former botanist Pamela Lillian can now literally use her beauty to kill. Upon inheriting her toxikenisis abilities, Poison Ivy can emit her own pheromones to seduce both men and women; rendering her incredible good looks unnecessary, but greatly apreciated. Pamela was a bombshell before her transformation, yet as Poison Ivy, she has an excise to clad herself in nothing but shrubbery.

6: Storm

Perhaps the only thing more breathtaking than this mutant's limitless powers is her exotic beauty. Ororo Munroe originated from a Kenyan tribe, before becoming Queen Consort of Wakanda through marriage to Black Panther. Storm's most defining physical attributes are her long white hair and blue eyes, both hereditary traits passed down to women in her lineage. Years of hand to hand combat training has also rendered her body incredibly fit and toned, which is part of the reason she has such a youthful appearance.

5: Mary Jane Watson

There's just something about that whole “girl next door” look. Mary Jane may not possess any superhuman abilities or be affiliated with any superhero organizations, yet she's managed to capture the hearts of Spider-Man fans everywhere. As Peter Parker’s legendary love interest, being exceptionally attractive has allowed Mary Jane to pursue a career in both modeling and acting. Redhead fan or not, we're sure you'll sway your opinion after seeing this fiery beauty.

4: Wonder Woman

Revealing costumes and exaggerated “features” does help sell female comic book characters, but the most attractive quality in a woman will always be her confidence. Wonder Woman effortlessly exudes this quality while representing that both strength and femininity are not only be synonymous but fairly appealing. The raven-haired warrior princess is always shown to have a well-muscled body, which not only helps her fill out her leotard remarkably, but kick some serious ass.

3: Vampirella

This blood-sucking heroine rose to critical success in the horror comic book genre, and we’re willing to bet that it wasn’t for her deep character development. Aside from stealing the hearts of all her readers, Vampirella defeats the forces of evil on Earth with her enhanced vampiric abilities. Vampirella's choice of dress includes an extremely revealing red sling-bikini, which along with her insanely proportioned measurements has made her into one of the most sexualized comic book characters ever.

2: Emma Frost

Emma Frost, AKA The White Queen doesn’t even need mutant powers to get what she wants. Her telepathic abilities have made her one of the most formidable mutants in the X-Men universe, she is much more notable for her impossible beauty that is by her own admission, “the best body money can buy”. The blonde ice queen seems to have no problem in making herself the center of attention everywhere she goes with her head-turning figure and tendency to reveal copious amounts skin. Emma's promiscuity has also earned her the title of “home-wrecker,” as there are few men that can resist her charm.

Before we unveil our pick for Top Hottest Female Comic Book Character, here are a few honorable mentions:


Black Widow

Black Cat



Black Canary

1: Catwoman

(‘meow SB from Batman Returns’) “Meow” indeed. This femme fatale has proven to be too much woman for any man to handle. Selina Kyle's seduction skills rival that of any character in the DC universe, or any comic universe for that matter, and she slides easily into our top spot. She's almost always seen clad in a tight black leather bodysuit that not only keeps her mobile, but makes it awfully hard to keep your eyes off of her. Like the Dark Knight, Catwoman works alone and can be incredibly hard to read, adding some mystery to the anti-hero's appeal.

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