Top 10 Ghost and Undead Comic Book Characters

Script written by Jaime Leslie

The comic book world isn't exempt from characters who go bump in the night. Join as we count down our Top 10 Ghost and Undead Comic Book Characters. For this list, we'll be taking a look at all our favourite characters who've cast off the mortal coil, and now roam the world as eternal spirits, the walking dead, vampires or anything in between.

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Top 10 Ghost and Undead Comic Book Characters

The comic book world isn't exempt from characters who go bump in the night. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our Top 10 Ghost and UndeadComic Book Characters.

For this list, we'll be taking a look at all our favourite characters who've cast off the mortal coil, and now roam the world as eternal spirits, the walking dead, vampires or anything in between.

#10: Grim Ghost

Sometimes being sword to damnation can mean a second change in a twisted sort of way. After leading a life of debauchery as the feared highwayman Grim Ghost, Matthew Dunsinane was finally caught and forced to pay for his crimes by way of execution. In sealing a deal with Satan, Matthew was given the chance to return to the mortal world as a spirit. Readopting the title Grim Ghost, Matthew would serve as Satan's bounty hunter, hunting the evil living souls of the Earth and bringing them to Hell.

#9: Secret

It is often said that a manner in which someone is killed determines if their spirit stays tied to the living world. This proved to be true for young Greta Hayes after she was killed by her own brother. Staying linked to the mortal world has allowed Greta to linger on both planes of existence, giving her the abilities of flight, teleportation, and the duty of escorting souls to the other side. She also doesn't possess a definitive form, rendering her incorporeal.

#8: Gentleman Ghost

Death isn’t the handicap it used to be, and it’s certanly no excuse to abandon your sense of fashion or tasteful etiquette. Being subject to a life of poverty led Englishman Jim Craddock into becoming one of the country's most feared criminals. When things go awry from a crime of passion with gunslinger Nighthawk, Craddock is killed but left to wander the living world as a disembodied soul. Unable to find eternal rest, Craddock decides to continue his unsavoury lifestyle while seeking revenge on the members of the Justice League.

#7: Morbius

This scientist's cruel fate was a product of his own doing. In a desperate attempt to cure his debilitating blood disease, Dr. Michael Morbius enacted an experimental treatment that involved live bats and electroshock therapy. The affects of this treatment largely outweighed the benefits, as Morbius took the form of a vampire that relied on blood for sustenance. Apart from the numerous physical adaptations, Morbius also possessed the ability to pass on his pseudo-vampirism through biting them.

#6: The Spectre

The wicked that inhabit the Earth have this supernatural entity to answer to. Showing no remorse, The Spectre repossesses the dead and bonding himself with their soul in order to bring justice to their killers. This cosmic figure has been identified to be infinitely powerful, as he's impervious to nearly every form of harm. While he's never been seen at his full potential, The Spectre often makes sure his victims know why he is tormenting them. His punishments have ranged from sudden death, to outright physicaland psychological torture.

#5: Solomon Grundy

It might take a bit more than Batarangs and a punch to the head to bring this reanimated corpse down. Likely born on a Mundey, this wealthy merchant Cyrus Gold became a zombie after dying and being buried in Slaughter Swamp. Bonding with the swamp matter, Gold's body regained life, however all notion of his identity and past life was gone. Distraught and now immensely powerful, Gold adopts the name Solomon Grundy and goes rampant. Due to his new form, Grundy is invulnerable to almost all forms of attackand always come back after being seemingly destroyed.

#4: Casper

Most spirits yearn to haunt the souls of the living, and then there are some that would just rather be friends. We understand it could be difficult making this distinction, but this friendly ghost goes to great lengths to differentiate himself from the rest of his ghostly kin. Finding it difficult to relate to other ghosts, Casper has normally befriended human children. It's still unclear if Casper ever held a human form, although if he did we’re pretty sure it was Richie Rick, however it is largely implied that he holds no recollection of life before he became a ghost.

#3: Ghost Rider

The Spirit of Vengeance is a terror to behold, and boy does he ever have a sweet ride. Johnny Blaze's career as a stunt motorcyclist was cut short after relinquishing his soul to the devil in exchange for his father's life. Now bonded with the demon Zarathos, Blaze's whole body becomes engulfed in hellfire, along with his head transforming into a flaming skull at night. Taking up the duty to protect the defenseless from evil, Ghost Rider can be found traversing the night on his signature motorcycle.

#2: The Crow

This man was granted a second chance to fulfill his only desire. Eric and his girlfriend Shelly are brutally murdered by a street gang after their car breaks down on the road. Shot in the head and paralyzed, Eric had no choice but to watch his beloved get beaten and killed. Brought back to life by a mysterious crow, Eric seeks vengeance andstalks the members of the gang responsible for Shelly’s murder. He may look a bit emo, but he has every right to be, just don’t call him that to his face.

Before we unveil our pick for Top Ghost and Undead Comic Book Character, here are a few honourable mentions:

The Marvel Zombies

Kid Eternity

Lenore the Little Dead Girl

Resurrection Man

Dead Girl

#1: Spawn

If there are any lessons to be learned here, it’s that making deals with evil entities usually yields unfavourable repercussions. After being murdered by a fellow CIA agent, Al Simmons' body was sent to Hell in penance for all the innocent lives he took. Desperate to see his wife again, Simmons gave his soul to a demon known Malebolgia however he instead found himself five years into the future with his wife already remarried. In retribution, he has sworn his life to vanquishing the Hellspawn that live on Earth, while also protecting his ex-wife and her new family. What a nice guy! Yikes, never mind.
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