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Top 10 Nicest Anime Characters

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Maya Botha Have you ever met someone so nice it's almost insufferable? These anime characters are so pleasant and charming it's impossible to hate them, no matter how much you may want to. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 nicest characters in Anime. Special thanks to our user AXHP for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Maya Botha

Top 10 Nicest Anime Characters

Have you ever met someone so nice it’s almost insufferable? These anime characters are so plesant and charming it’s impossible to hate them, no matter how much you may want to. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 nicest characters in Anime.

For this list, we’re looking at any character known for their friendly and kind personalities. We’re ranking these characters based not only on how nice they are, but how much they have to put up with to stay that way, lemons and all.

#10: Orihime
“Bleach” (2004-12)

Let’s start things off, as most anime does, in high school. Orihime is a classmate of protagonist Ichigo, who loves him from afar and only wants to see him, and those around him happy. Even though she is quite naïve and clueless at first, she is a real sweetheart throughout the series. Her adorable quirks such as an over-active imagination while getting carried away with her daydreams make her all the more endeering. Also Orihime delightfully eats her unusual cuisine and protects her friends from any danger.

#9: Kenshin Himura
“Rurouni Kenshin” (1996-98)

While he may posess the eyes of a killer, Kenshin is the friendliest former assassin you will ever meet. Having made a vow to redeem himself and make up for his bloody past, Kenshin uses his sword for protection rather than manslaughter. Polite almost to a fault, Kenshin talks to strangers wherever he goes and willingly helps out those in need even if it means getting killed in the process. Now that’s a nice and noble quality to admire from a guy.

#8: Gon Freecss
“Hunter X Hunter” franchise (1999-2014)

Gon is a character that everyone can relate to. After finding out that his famous Hunter father is alive some where, young Gon is determined to become a Hunter himself in order to find him. Friendly, simple-minded, helpful and with good-nature written all over him, what makes Gon happy is his sense of adventure and friendship with others. He spends so much of his time making sure that everyone around him is happy that his own needs become very secondary. If only we were as in-tune with nature and could speak to animals like this talented kid.

#7: Canada
“Hetalia: Axis Powers” (2009-15)

In a world where countries are personified as stereotypical characters, possibly the most fitting and accurate of them all is Canada. In a world where superpowers like France, Russia, China and Japan duke it out on the grand stage, Canada is easily forgotten by the other nations, who almost never even notice his contributions. When he is notice, Canada is often mistaken for his brother America, who himself is impossible to miss. Despite his calm and shy personality, Canada really wants to make friends and be accepted, but his politeness makes this almost impossible.

#6: Sazae-san
“Sazae-san” (1969-)

Although she’s well-known for her cheerfulness and feminism, Sazae’s most notable moments are her family dinner moments and her everyday adventures. Getting her start as a newspaper comic strip, Saze-san is now the longest running animated television series in history. While she isn’t afraid to scold her husband from time to time, Sazae loves her familty, and always puts their needs above her own. Considered a very free and spirited woman, she is considered a Japanese femenist icon, balancing a liberated lifestyle with her married life and household.

#5: Alphonse Elric
“Fullmetal Alchemist” franchise (2003-10)

Don’t let this tough-looking steel armour fool you, there is actually a soul of a gentle and kind-hearted boy inside it. After his whole body is consumed during a failed alchemy experiment, Al’s soul is transferred into a suit of metal armour by his brother Edward. A stark contrast to his older and more hot-tempered sibling, Alphonse just wants everyone to get along, and is always tries to de-escelate potentially violent situations. Al always sees the best in people, and it has won the brothers quite a few allies over the years.

#4: Nagisa Furukawa
“Clannad” franchise (2007-09)

This sweet, introverted high school girl had to repeat what should have been her graduating year due to an old illness. As the series’ female lead, Nagisa meets Tomoya, a young boy who many see as a delinquent. As with our previous entry, Nagisa sees the good in everyone, and she teaches him the value of familty and friends. Without wanting to spoil too much, Nagisa’s illness lets her value and cherish life in a way that few others do, something she seeks to share with everyone she meets.

#3: Shizuka Minamoto
“Doraemon” franchise (1973-)

Everyone loves the kind and smart neighbourhood girl stereotype. As the main love interest and best friend of Nobita,Shizuka is the main target of his schemes in which he uses Doraemon’s gadgets to either impress or help her. She always has a fresh batch of cookies and cake for Doraemon and Nobi, and always wants to take part in their adventures. With a love for taking baths, studying hard and always on the lookout for Nobita, Shizuka gladly ensures that everyone is well cared for and that she never leaves Nobi’s side.

#2: Miyuki Takara
“Lucky Star” (2007)

Miyuki Takara is easily beloved for her clumsy but kind nature. As adorable as she is sweet, Miyuki is the super smart bookworm of the group, but that doesn’t make her any less sociable. Being one of the smartest people in the school, she is always willing to help her fellow classmates with their studies, and even if it makes her look like a bit of a show-off sometimes, it’s definitley unintentional. Her brains earned her the nickname Mi-wiki, a play on her name and the online encyclopedia ‘Wikipedia’. She is also very open minded except of course when it comes to going to the dentist.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honourable mentions:
“Akamega Kill!” (2014-)
Haruhi Fujioka
“Ouran High School Host Club” (2006)
“Please Save My Earth”(1993-94)
Yashiro Isana
“K aka K Project” (2012)
Chōtarō Ōtori
“The Prince of Tennis” (2001-05)

#1: Tohru Honda
“Fruits Basket” (2001)

Was there ever any doubt that this unbearably nice teenager would top the list? After her mother is killed in an accident, optimistic Tohru Honda lives in a tent for awhile, before she is invited to move in with the Sohma family. She soon learns that this mysterious family has a supernatural secret. Not only is Tohru the nicest, but also possibly the sweetest character on this list, Tohru is extremely kind and gentle to everyone around her. The lengths she goes to to brighten the day of those around her is amazing, and she never gives up on anyone. With a personality that’s full of smiles, Tohru is the epitome of kindness.

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