Top 10 Female X-Men



Top 10 Female X-Men

Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

They're the mutant maidens you don't want to mess with.
Join MsMojo, as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Female X-Men

For this list we'll be looking at the iconic heroines and villainesses of the X-Men universe that have left the biggest impact on the franchise and remain popular among fans.

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Top 10 Female X-Men

They’re the mutant maidens you don’t want to mess with. Welcome to MsMojo and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten female X-Men. For this list we’ll be looking at the iconic heroines and villainesses of the X-Men universe that have left the biggest impact on the franchise and remain popular among fans.

#10: Hope Summers

Following the results of M-Day, an event in which a distraught Scarlet Witch depowered most of the world’s mutants, the future of the species was thrown into question. That is until the birth of this child, the mutant who would later come to be known as Hope. According to the time-travelling mutants Cable and Bishop, her destiny was to serve as a messiah figure that would unite all races on Earth… or become the mutant antichrist. Considering she’s seems to have the abilities of other mutants and is a vessel for the world-destroying Phoenix Force, it could still go either way. Not going to lie, her teenage years are going to suck…

#9: Jubilee

You’ll most likely remember this yellow-trench wearing mall rat from her time in the animated series, known for blinding her enemies by shooting the most deadly fireworks…sorry, we mean plasmoids, out of her fingers. She may not have been the strongest X-Men but she was definitely one of the sweetest and brought a lot of heart to the X-Men crew. Ironically enough after she was depowered via M-Day, her character ended up going down a much darker path and became a vampire. We’re not joking, Jubliee is now a creature of the night. At least she’s still has her attitude.

#8: Psylocke

Originally a charter pilot and fashion model, Betsy Braddock’s life took a few nasty turns before she ended up as the X-Men’s beautiful and deadly ninja. Sister of Captain Britain, Betsy originally took over her brother’s responsibilities, able to hold her own in a fight due to her developing psychic powers. However, after nearly dying following a scuffle with the villainous Reavers, her mind was unwillingly transferred into the body of a Japanese assassin, turning her into the Psylocke we know and love today. Her combat abilities are a tier above the rest due to maintaining the memories of her new body’s former occupant, not to mention that infamous psychic knife of hers.

#7: Scarlet Witch

The child of Magneto, Wanda Maximoff was originally nothing more than a weapon to be used against the X-Men. Possessing reality-warping abilities, she was almost undefeatable, able to produce hexes that can block or destroy anything that comes her way. While she eventually abandoned her father’s plans and became a prominent member of the X-Men and Avengers, she’s mostly remembered for the events of M-Day, where in her rage and grief she depowered nearly every mutant on the planet. She may be emotionally fragile, but there’s no doubt she left us all under her spell.

#6: Emma Frost

We don’t condone Cyclops for having a telepathic affair with this woman, but we certainly see why he gave into it. As dangerous as she is gorgeous, Ms Frost blurred the line between villain and hero, eventually rising up to become one of the X-Men’s leading figures. Most notable for her dry wit and a very revealing wardrobe, we wouldn’t recommend trying to square off with her, because chances are you’ll receive a diamond coated fist to the face. She may still be standing shoulder to shoulder with her fellow X-Men, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t got a little touch of evil left in her.

#5: Kitty Pryde

Originally the youngest member to join the X-Men roster, the spunky but talented Shadowcat lives up to her namesake with the ability to phase through any obstacle in her way. Over the years she’s expanded her roles to groups such as Excalibur and the New Mutants, while remaining the moral conscious of the X-Men. Much like the group itself, Kitty has grown with it, and while she’s never lost her funny side, she has matured into a capable leader and role model to the younger generation.

#4: Rogue

This Southern belle may be sweeter than cherry pie, but her incredible gifts also serve as a punishing curse. Able to absorb the power, memories and life force from anyone she comes into contact with, touching her for too long can have some serious negative side-effects. As a result, it’s made her love life rather complicated, just ask Gambit. Having got her start as a villain, Rogue has worked hard to make up for her dark past and has become one of the most important members of the X-Men. Don’t get on her bad side though, as she has gotten really creative with her powers and packs quite the punch.

#3: Jean Grey

Balancing her love for Cyclops, Wolverine’s affection and her role as Professor X’s right hand lady, Jean Grey had a lot on her plate. A powerful telepath, she was eventually chosen to be the vessel of the destructive Phoenix Force. Torn between its darker nature and her own sanity, the Phoenix became one of the greatest threats to the X-Men and the Earth, ultimately leading to Jean ending her own life in order to protect those she loved. Even with characters like Emma Frost coming along to fill the gap left in her absence, the legacy that Jean Grey left behind is one that won’t be forgotten by X-Men fans anytime soon.

#2: Mystique

Deep down, it’s possible that this blue-skinned beauty might be capable of love and redemption, but throughout her history has served as one of the X-Men’s most dangerous enemies. Able to shapeshift into any form she wishes, whether it be friend or foe, human or mutant, Mystique is a master of deception, as well as talented combatant. She’s served as one of Magneto’s most trusted soldiers and allies during the battles between the Brotherhood and the X-Men, and just to complicate things further, she’s the mother of the heroic Nightcrawler and adoptive parent of Rogue. That is one dysfunctional family…

Before we reveal out number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions.




Rachel Summers



#1: Storm

Much like the weather she commands, Ororo Munroe can either be as calm as a sunny day or as terrifying as a typhoon. One of the longest running X-Men members, the mistress of the elements has served as a veteran in both championing the social issues that mutant kind face and every super powered foe who comes her way. She’s quite possibly the most well respected member of the X-Men, leading the team in numerous engagements while always being conscious of the devastation her powers can cause.

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