Top 10 Sexiest Anime Witches

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Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

These ladies have cast a spell on us. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten sexiest anime witches.

For this list we’ll be looking at the lewdest, lustiest, and most bewitching magic wielding ladies of anime. Some may not outright be called witches but, hey if the shoe fits.

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Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Sexiest Anime Witches

These ladies have cast a spell on us. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten sexiest anime witches.

For this list we’ll be looking at the lewdest, lustiest, and most bewitching magic wielding ladies of anime. Some may not outright be called witches but, hey if the shoe fits.

#10: Ayaka Kagari

“Witch Craft Works” (2014)
She’s the most popular girl in school, and even given the accolade of “Princess” by her personal fan club, so it’s very easy to see why this lady would be so revered despite her stoic persona. As it turns out she also happens to be one of the most powerful Fire Witches in existence, and is tasked with protecting the rather meek and unpopular Honoka from danger. She may not be one for emotion, but damn she still looks good whether she’s in her uniform or in her lavish spell caster getup.

#9: Yamraiha

“Magi” series (2012-14)
You have to give Aladdin props, he couldn’t ask for a better magical instructor. One of the eight generals of Sindria who excels in the use of water magic, Yamraiha is a sweet and caring individual who would do anything for her homeland - though she’s got no love for swordsmen due to her pride in magic being the superior form of combat. Not to mention she seems to have a soft spot for seashell bras, which might have something to do with why Aladdin keeps on clinging to her.

#8: Blair

“Soul Eater” (2008-09)
Yes, technically she’s a cat with an excessive amount of magical power, but out of all the witches that Maka and company encounter, Blair is by far the most alluring. She’s more than capable of defending herself with her explosive pumpkins, but her most effective assets would be…her assets. Not timid in the slightest, Blair has no problem exposing her voluptuous body to the boys within their group - often causing a phenomenal amount of nosebleeds.

#7: Yuuko Ichihara

“xxxHOLiC” series (2006-08)
While she is certainly capable of appearing mature when the situation calls for it, most of the time this witch is as laidback as it gets. Capable of granting wishes as long as a price of equal magnitude is paid, she ropes poor Kimihiro Watanuki into her service, turning him into her personal errand boy, often with deadly, supernatural consequences. Though to be fair if you’re forced to work for a witch, you could certainly do worse that this enticing trickster.

#6: Ruby Toujou

“Rosario + Vampire” series (2008)
In a school filled with monstrous creatures that more often than not take the form of busty beauties, you have this former antagonist. As a witch who originally wanted nothing more than to kill any human she came across, she ends up joining the newspaper club after her defeat. Surprise, surprise, she also joins the ever increasing harem that want to get into Tsukune’s pants. With a love of the more…taboo forms of affection, -cough- BDSM, she’s all too eager to become a plaything for Tsukune.

#5: Maria

“Maria the Virgin Witch” (2015)
As the 100 Year War rages on, this young but powerful witch seeks to end the conflict. She roams through France in order to bring peace wherever she can with the help of her magic. However, heaven turns out to have a real problem with this, decreeing that if she continues to meddle in human affairs, her magic will be stripped from her…should she lose her virginity. Her sweet naiveté, her endearing hope for peace and the fact that she’s one hell of a looker makes her a step above most traditional witches.

#4: Oriana Thomson

“A Certain Magical Index” series (2008-11)
There’s nothing quite like an English femme fatale. Starting off as something of an antagonist with a moral centre, Oriana is an expert mercenary famous for being able to outrun and outwit any pursuer no matter the situation. Also known as Route Disturb, she’s not above using her feminine wiles seduce her way out of trouble or get information. While she did originally come to blows with the unlucky Touma, she mellowed into a much more sympathetic and caring individual, though she still doesn’t shy away from being a shameless flirt.

#3: Merlin

“The Seven Deadly Sins” (2014-15)
With a name like that, the sin of gluttony’s appearance is certain to catch you off guard. She may be lacking a long white beard, but there’s no doubt she’s the most powerful sorceress in all of Britannia, and an aid to both her fellow sins and King Arthur. She also happens to not be big on clothes either, leaving very little to the imagination. Known for her playful nature and tendency to experiment with her magic on unwilling participants, it’s lucky she’s one of the good guys.

#2: Ultear Milkovich

“Fairy Tail” (2004-16)
A deadly mage in her own right, she’s more than proven her strength both as an enemy and ally of the Fairy Tail Guild. When she was aligned with the villainous Zeref, she showed herself to be a master manipulator and capable of all kinds of atrocities. However, upon finding out the fate of her mother, she turns over a new leaf and works to undo the damage she’s done. While this involves her ultimately sacrificing her youth, it’s pretty hard to forget about the vast appeal she had beforehand. You need look no further than her choice of outfit when she worked for Grimoire Heart.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions.

Kirche von Anhalt Zerbst
“The Familiar of Zero” series (2006-12)

Hamyuts Meseta
“Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra” (2009-10)

“Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works” (2014-15)

#1: Beatrice Ushiromiya

“Umineko When They Cry” (2009)
Beautiful, alluring, and with just that extra hint of crazy, Beatrice is someone you don’t want to mess with. Legends say that should you offer your soul she will grant your every wish, and when her mere existence starts to come into question, she’s more than happy to appear and it make it painfully evident just how real she is; often with rather bloody consequences. While there’s no doubt she’s as enticing as they come, you’d do well to stay in her good graces, her witchy nature runs so deep she’s even got the laugh down!

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