Top 10 Women Warriors in Anime



Top 10 Women Warriors in Anime

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Briana Lawrence
Written by Briana Lawrence

Welcome to, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Women Warriors in Anime.

Is Japan in trouble again? Or maybe a fantasy world? Fear not, because this list is all about the sword swinging, magic using, badass warrior ladies who hold it down in each of their respective series.
Top 10 Women Warriors in Anime
Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Women Warriors in Anime.

Is Japan in trouble again? Or maybe a fantasy world? Fear not, because this list is all about the sword swinging, magic using, badass warrior ladies who hold it down in each of their respective series.

#10: Katalina Alize

“Granblue Fantasy: The Animation” (2017)

When you’re a cute, energetic girl on the run from an evil Empire, it’s a good idea to have a bodyguard at your side. Enter Katalina, a former Lieutenant of said Empire, who has now made it her mission to protect Lyria and give her the life she deserves. Facing an entire Empire is certainly a daunting task, but the way Katalina moves in battle you’d think it was as easy as breathing. Her skills with a sword are unprecedented, and the ice abilities are a nice, added bonus. However, she could use a bit more practice when it comes to flying aircrafts.

#9: Yoko Nakajima

“The Twelve Kingdoms” (2002-03)

Yoko Nakajima was an ordinary high school girl -- which is never a good start for an anime protagonist. It doesn’t take long for her and two of her classmates to be transported into a strange, new world, where she has to figure out how the heck to survive... and why her appearance has changed. Oh, and it turns out she’s the heir to throne in the Kei Kingdom, one of the, wait for it: Twelve Kingdoms. What makes Yoko stand out isn’t just her growth as a warrior, but as a political figure who has to learn how to lead, and inspire, a nation.

#8: Rebecca

“One Piece” (1999-)

Being a warrior is one thing, but being a warrior with an entire country against you? That a whole new level of perseverance. Rebecca’s lineage has a nasty reputation, one that is completely unjustified. Rebecca fights to seek vengeance against the man who is truly deserving of the people’s hatred: Donquixote Doflamingo. Now a trained gladiator, Rebecca is known as “the undefeated woman” -- much to the dismay of the entire kingdom and the opponents she bests in combat. Not only is she skilled without having eaten any kind of devil fruit, she often wins the day without hurting her opponents. It’s only a matter of time, Doflamingo.

#7: Clare

“Claymore” (2007)

You can’t have a female warrior anime list without mentioning Claymore. While we could’ve easily given this to Teresa, it’s Clare’s growth throughout her journey that puts her on this list. So traumatized that she was rendered mute, her encounter with Teresa would change her life for the better. Even her untimely demise would make Clare a stronger woman -- literally. We’re pretty sure none of us would be in the mental state to take a friend’s head and demand that their flesh and blood be infused with ours, but that’s exactly what Clare did, leading her to become an extremely fierce Claymore.

#6: Erza Scarlet

“Fairy Tail” (2009-)

Where do we even begin with this one? It’d be easier to talk about what she can’t do, because Erza is the very definition of OP. The magic. The swordsmanship. The armor -- dear god, the armor. You name a battle skill and Erza has either already mastered it, or will master it with ease. Like any good warrior, there’s more to her than that cool demeanor that strikes fear in the hearts of, well... everyone. She cares deeply for her comrades, to the point of blaming herself if she fails to protect them, or being willing to sacrifice herself for their well-being -- not that Team Natsu would ever let that happen.

#5: San

“Princess Mononoke” (1997)

What, did you think Studio Ghibli was only about giant cats and No Faces? Meet San, the most ferocious symbol of nature you’ll ever come across. Raised by the wolf goddess, Moro, she’s got all the cunning agility of a wolf, and trust us, her bark is on par with her bite. She’s come to hate humanity due to mankind’s crimes against nature, particularly the actions of Lady Eboshi, which is to be expected since she clearcut the forests where San and the other wolves live. However, after meeting Ashitaka, she slowly begins to come around. Still, it would be best to stay on her good side.

#4: Sango

“Inuyasha” (2000-04; 2009-10)

How can you not love a girl who rides into battle on a giant, creature like Kirara? There’s also the fact that she’s armed herself with a giant friggin’ boomerang. Trained to be a demon slayer at a young age, her skills in battle are vital to Team Inuyasha as they face off against Naraku -- after she stops trying to kill them, curse that foul Naraku and his lies. She’s on a quest to rescue her brother from his evil clutches, and no one’s gonna stand in her way... except for Miroku’s perversion, she’ll set aside just enough time to smack him in the face.

#3: Diane

“The Seven Deadly Sins” (2014-)

Our number three entry is definitely larger than life. As a member of the Giant Clan, she’s, well, a giant who, in all honesty, only wanted to be accepted. This... went about as well as you’d expect. Fortunately, she finds companionship among the Seven Deadly Sins, especially Meliodas. While she does have the power to manipulate the earth and is equipped with a war hammer, her great size and strength makes her a valuable member of the team. A well-placed temper tantrum can level a mountain, and well... she can pick up a foe and fling them across the sky, so... don’t piss her off.

#2: Casca

“Berserk” (1997-98)

Being in the Band of Hawk ain’t no joke -- all right, let’s be honest, being in an anime series like Berserk automatically shortens your lifespan... unless you’re Casca, who has managed to survive each and every turmoil that has come her way. Not only was Casca the only female member in the Band of the Hawk, but she played an important role as the forefront unit commander. Her skills are up there with Griffith and Guts, so much so that she took charge of the group when Guts leaves and Griffith is imprisoned. She’s one of anime’s greatest female combatants and Guts is bloody lucky to have her.

#1: Saber

“Fate/Stay” franchise (2006-)

The iconic armor. The larger-than-life sword. The unwavering badassery. Let’s just say that she’s the main face of the franchise for a reason. This new take on King Arthur has seen their fair share of battles, whether it’s from the days of ruling as king, or taking on a slew of crazy strong servants. When it comes to competing in the chaotic Holy Grail War, you’re pretty much set if you manage to summon this Saber-class Servant. Don’t let the ero-game origins fool you, Saber came to win the battle and will, most definitely, be winning the war.
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