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Top 10 YouTube Shows You Need to Watch

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Sean Harris Hello, and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we’re looking at the crème de la crème, which you may not have caught yet, as we look at the top 10 YouTube shows you need to watch. For this list, we’re looking at series, which showcase scripted material, exclusive to the web. And of course, we’ll be excluding our very own top 10s from this countdown.

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Script written by Sean Harris.

Hello, and welcome to TopX, where we count down the very best that YouTube has to offer! Today we’re looking at the crème de la crème, which you may not have caught yet, as we look at the top 10 YouTube shows you need to watch.

For this list, we’re looking at series, which showcase scripted material, exclusive to the web. And of course, we’ll be excluding our very own top 10s from this countdown.

#10: How It Should Have Ended

Ever watched a movie and been most amazed by its plot holes? Or found endless faults with the final scene? “How It Should Have Ended” picks apart our favorite films and shows us what might’ve been. What if the hobbits didn’t walk to Mordor? Or Katniss and Peta’s relationship turned sour? What if Andy’s toys let loose their sentience upon their unsuspecting owner? These animated shorts offer amazing alternate storylines. You might even prefer them to the actual movies themselves.

#9: The Philip DeFranco Show – Philip DeFranco

An early bird to the YouTube universe, Philip DeFranco first graced the Internet in 2006. His funny, fast-paced satirical style has since earned him an online network with over six million subscribers and two billion views. And the majority of those stats center around The Philip DeFranco show, his primary production. On PDS, PhillyD rattles through current news topics, celeb stories and all things pop culture, all with trademark wit and frantic jump cuts aplenty. But what’s most impressive about this guy is that he really seems to care about his fans. From opening mail to answering Q&As, he’s a man of the people.

#8: Good Mythical Morning – Rhett and Link

Meet Rhett and Link; best friends since grade school, roommates in college, and all conquering ‘Internetainers’. The pair stars in sketches and short films, presents hilarious reviews and countdowns, and compete sagainst each other in a series of outrageous challenges – check out their ‘taste tests’ for a flavor of their style. Good Mythical Morning is the comedic duo’s daily talk show, in which they tackle a whole host of weird and random subjects, giving us a regular reminder of their unique variety of awesomeness. In October 2016, they celebrated their 1,000th show; here’s hoping for at least 1,000 more!

#7: Red vs. Blue – Rooster Teeth

If you’ve ever watched any kind of YouTube entertainment – and by the very fact that you’re watching this, we’re guessing you have – then you’ve probably heard of Rooster Teeth. Founded in 2003, the Texas-based production company has over 27 million subscribers across all its many channels, but Red vs. Blue was there at the very beginning. The first show Rooster Teeth ever put out, and the longest running episodic web series of all time, RvB parodies first-person shooters and sci-fi film in a master class of machinima animation. With 14 seasons and counting, you’ll be hooked very quickly, and you’ll never be able to play Halo in the same way.

#6: DeathBattle – ScrewAttack

Do you ever find yourself asking ‘What would win between a something and a something else?’? Well, ScrewAttack’s DeathBattle provides answers to these most pressing of questions. Wiz and Boomstick call the shots for this show, which sees Sonic fight Mario, Batman versus Spider-Man, and Trump take on Clinton, among many, many others. These are the fights we’d all like to see, with a heap of hilarious pre-match analysis thrown in for our viewing pleasure. On DeathBattle, the tale of the tape is as funny as the fights are brutal – and some of these stand-offs are seriously harsh! Your favorites might be victorious, but they might also die a very grisly death.

#5: Game Theory – The Game Theorists

Internet theorists are a phenomenal thing, and not always in a good way, but Game Theory gets to the crux of console matters like nothing else out there. Sure, this show is primarily designed to entertain, but it also gives us cause to think, or rather rethink, everything we know about our favorite games. Could Mario simply be a selfish animal rights abuser? Or are we all just Pokémon in disguise?? These aren’t just farfetched ideas, but genuine arguments for some often-outrageous possibilities. Channel presenter Matthew ‘MatPat’ Patrick takes gaming to another level – care to join him?

#4: Everything Wrong With… – CinemaSins

Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson, the folks behind CinemaSins, are in many ways two of the toughest critics to ever take on the movie industry. These guys can find fault with literally any film ever made. Big money blockbuster or critically acclaimed indie flick, it matters not on this channel; nothing is sacred, and nothing is safe. The “Everything wrong with…” series does exactly what its title suggests; it lists every error in a movie, keeps a running tally, and passes hilariously harsh judgment at the end. While these clips are mostly in good fun, they will change the way you see your favorite films forevermore.

#3: Epic Rap Battles of History

It’s a war of words on our next show, which dusts down the mic for some of history’s most famous, and infamous, faces. Politicians, inventors, sports stars and fictional characters all take to the stage for Epic Rap Battles of History, as hilarity ensues. These aren’t just amateurish rhymes though – ERB regularly serves up incredibly clever lines, and there are lots of outrageous insults too. This channel doesn’t post as often as some on today’s list – proving that genius really does take time – but it boasts some of the most addictive content on the Internet. Because just one Epic Battle is never enough!

#2: Kids/Teens/Elders/YouTubers React

React is a relatively simple premise, which makes for outstanding online viewing. Essentially, we’re entertained by watching other people be entertained… Or scared, or confused, or grossed out. The series started in 2010, when Fine Brothers Benny and Rafi launched a show based on kids’ reactions to famous viral videos. After early success, the idea was expanded to include teenagers, college students, adults and elders reacting to videos, music and video games. In one of the channel’s most popular shows, you watch people trying not to laugh at clearly funny stuff, sometimes with success. But trying not to laugh at people trying not to laugh? Well, that’s just plain impossible.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

- Your Grammar Sucks – Jacks Films

- Video Games High School – Rocket Jump

- If (Blank) Were Real – Smosh

#1: Honest Trailers – Screen Junkies

Movie trailers are exceptionally big business, racking up millions of views and inflating anticipation for a film to sometimes staggering levels. With Honest Trailers, Screen Junkies sets out to satirize the ever-popular sneak peaks, producing clips that are a whole lot closer to what the movie is actually about. It looks like a trailer, sounds like a trailer, but is usually a whole lot less complimentary, and loads funnier. This channel comes with a massive spoiler alert for any film it covers, but if you’ve seen it and don’t mind it being ruthlessly picked apart in the name of comedy, then press play for our winner! You won’t regret it.

That's it for today's list… Which must-watch YouTube show did we forget? As always, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; vote for upcoming lists on our suggest page, and for more great top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to!


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