Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Never Out of the Spotlight



Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Never Out of the Spotlight

The paps love them and these celebrities seem to love them back. These 10 celebrities are never out of the spotlight. Whether they're out grocery shopping, going to the gym or taking a walk, it seems like everyone knows their business. Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, Gigi Hadid, Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, Chris Brown, Blac Chyna, Drake and Taylor Swift are all included!

Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Never Out of the Spotlight

Whether they’re trending topics or in between projects, these celebs seemingly never stop making headlines. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrities Who Are Never Out of the Spotlight.

For this list, we’re focusing on celebrities that are always in the public eye for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s work, sometimes it’s their personal life - often it’s a combination of both. Whatever the reason, the media can’t get enough of these public figures.

#10: Miley Cyrus

Once a Disney starlet, this musician has certainly evolved. Today, Miley Cyrus headlines often have little to do with her music: whether she’s twerking, sticking her tongue out or stripping down for controversial photoshoots, the media loves to discuss her image. Maybe’s it all part of the pop star formula, but Miley pushes the boundaries more than her peers, and she seems thoroughly unconcerned with public approval. Despite Miley’s controversial behavior, she was hired to be a judge on NBC’s “The Voice,” allowing the media to talk about her from yet another angle. Miley might not bang out the hits like Rihanna, but she certainly knows how to work the media and maintain her position as a pop culture mainstay.

#9: Gigi Hadid

As one of the most talked-about supermodels of her time, having graced the cover of numerous major fashion magazines, this Los Angeles native is a force to be reckoned with within the fashion industry. However, Gigi Hadid has some major connections too - her mother is one of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and her former stepfather is music producer David Foster. Plus, her younger sister Bella has gone on to become a top model as well. Add to that the fact that she linked up with former One Direction singer Zayn Malik, and it’s little wonder why Gigi has become such a major media target. And so, the cameras never stop flashing.

#8: Lena Dunham

Like Gigi Hadid, Lena Dunham, creator of the HBO series “Girls”, comes from a well-to-do family. Dunham’s reflections on her life – past and present – often take the form of much-discussed tweets and Instagram posts. Artistically, she’s established herself as one of the more innovative comedians of her time, and certainly one of the most outspoken ones, too. And so, she’s become a polarizing pop culture figure, managing to connect with certain demographics while making others roll their eyes. You know what that means? Headlines. From societal issues to trivial topics, Dunham always seems ready with an opinion, fresh perspective or hot take on any given subject.

#7: Chris Brown

Here’s a multi-talented musician that essentially grew up in the public eye as social media evolved. While Chris Brown’s music career has already earned him plenty of attention, he really took center stage with the media when he was charged with felony assault against his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna. Since then, despite the odds, he’s managed to maintain a high level of success, all the while continuing to make headlines in the worst ways. He’s had highly publicized violent confrontations at clubs with the likes of Drake and Frank Ocean, been accused of assaulting fans, and gone on more than his fair share of Kanye-level twitter rants. Does the old saying “all press is good press” always apply?

#6: Blac Chyna

As far back as 2010, Blac Chyna knew how to make an impression, even getting herself a shout out from Drake on the track “Miss Me”. From working at a strip club and modeling, she’s now grown into an established beauty industry entrepreneur. Yet, it’s her celebrity connections and personality that really keep people talking. She dated the rapper Tyga for several years and had a child with him. But it was her subsequent relationship and child with Rob Kardashian ensured that Blac Chyna would always – always – have a presence in pop culture news roundups. As is the case with many in the extended Kardashian family, her Twitter and Instagram antics attract plenty of media attention as well.

#5: Drake

Back in the day, this Toronto MC starred in “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” and he’s laid claim to the spotlight ever since. Musically, Drake is among the elite, and that in itself produces media hype. But it’s his charm and sense of humor that keeps him in the news - month after month, year after year. Drizzy hosts awards shows, collaborates with every big name in the industry, gets turned into memes and GIFs – and does it all with a confident grin, knowing that it’s all part of the game. Drake’s charisma has led him down various roads of pop culture, and both he and the media seem to be enjoying the ride.

#4: Taylor Swift

In terms of music, this pop star is perhaps THE most talked about artist of her time. Both self-aware and self-motivated, Taylor Swift invites the world into her personal life through each and every hit, and she’s unapologetic when hit with criticism. So, given Taylor’s proactive approach with business and pleasure, she’s become a true media mogul of the 21st century. She’s got intellect, musical talent and a commercial look, which means the media follows her every move and brands keep calling her name. While such fame can sometimes push celebrities into seclusion, Taylor seems to have a firm grasp on all the pros and cons that come with media attention, and has learned to navigate them with style.

#3: Justin Bieber

Let’s give credit where credit is due: Justin Bieber has come a long way since his YouTube debut. Sure, he doesn’t always make the best personal decisions, but that’s part of what makes him such a compelling figure, both to fans and the international media. He keeps delivering hit songs and collaborating with notable artists across various genres, ensuring that for every bad word the media has to say about him, there’s a success story to balance the scale. Bieber is a true success story of the early digital age, and has achieved the type of fame that will always keep him in the news, for better or worse.

#2: Kim Kardashian

While it might be a stretch to say that this reality star “has it all”... she does have connections to every facet of pop culture. Going back, the Kardashian family was close with O.J. Simpson before the infamous murder trial. Her sex tape scandal broke just as YouTube, reality TV and social media began turning socialites into stars, and she rode that wave to the top. From there, she has evolved into the undisputed Queen of the selfie generation. Oh, and she’s the wife of Mr. Kanye West. In terms of celebrity culture, there’s nobody with more day-to-day influence than Kim Kardashian…although her hubby and sister Kylie certainly give her a run for her money.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Selena Gomez
- Beyoncé
- Ashley Graham

#1: Donald Trump

For decades, this business mogul was known solely for his wealth. But then Donald Trump crossed over into reality TV with NBC’s “The Apprentice”. The next thing you knew, he was running for and winning the American presidency. Ranging from his look, his strategies and his public image, there are too many layers to the Donald Trump phenomenon to do it justice. His twitter antics alone could guarantee him a headline a day for the foreseeable future, but that’s just a fraction of his media presence. He trolls the world on a daily basis and genuinely doesn’t seem to care what anybody thinks, despite being the most talked about man in the world. And so, he’s never ever out of the spotlight.
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