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Top 10 Most Memorable Red Carpet Outifts

VO: Lisa Yang
These were some of the most unforgettable red carpet outfits the world has ever seen. Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Irina Shayk, Madonna and more tested the fashion world with their blend of body painted outfits and barely there dresses!

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Top 10 Most Memorable Red Carpet Outfits

There’s nothing more buzz-worthy than a look that thrills! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for another top 10 shocking red carpet outfits.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most shocking, strange and scandalous outfits worn by celebs to significant Hollywood events in recent memory. If there are any other shocking outfits that come to mind, be sure to check out our first video of the Top 10 Shocking Red Carpet Outfits.

#10: Kendall Jenner
2014 Much Music Video Awards

If all you saw were shots of Kendall from the waist up, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’d gone the subdued route for her trip to the 2014 MMVAs. After all, it’s got long sleeves, a high neck and just the right amount of bling. But oh how wrong you’d be. This member of the KarJenner clan turned to designer Fausto Puglisi so she could surprise her legions of fans with a dress slit so high you could see her hip bones. But hey, what better way to shock than to show a little leg? Alright, a lotta leg. Oh admit it: if you were an 18-year-old supermodel, you’d probably do the same.

#9: Beyoncé
2015 Met Gala

Becky with the good hair better step up her game! While Beyoncé tends to keep things relatively demure when it comes to red carpet appearances, the singer took a walk on the wild side at the 2015 Met Gala, stepping out in a bedazzled Givenchy gown that left little to the imagination. The press was taken aback by this revealing look, drawing comparisons to some of the industry’s most notorious exhibitionists, including Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. Queen Bey took a risk with this bolder than usual look and it definitely paid off: Vogue listed her outfit one of the best of the evening. Hey, shocking can be a good thing.

#8: Amber Rose & Blac Chyna
2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Now here’s a look that has “controversy” written all over it - literally! Amber Rose and Blac Chyna made a serious statement at the 2015 VMAs by showing up in matching graffiti-inspired ensembles that showcased derogatory terms like “gold digger” and “slut” in colorful, bold print. The two women arrived on the red carpet with a two-person entourage decked out in similar, black and white designs bearing a whole different set of hurtful words. According to reports, the social media superstars organized the stunt to spread the word about Rose’s Slut Walk LA initiative.

#7: Frankie Grande
2014 American Music Awards

Next up is “Big Brother” star Frankie Grande, aka the only guy making bold enough red carpet choices to be included on this list. Grande made a splash at the 2014 AMAs by wearing, well, close to nothing at all. The reality TV contestant and YouTube personality strolled into the ceremony suited in a crude, body painted dress shirt and bow tie, paired with pastel pink pants and a matching fauxhawk. While all eyes were on Grande pre-ceremony, he appeared completely unfazed; when asked to comment on his next-level tuxedo t-shirt, Grande simply said, “I forgot to wear clothing again!”

#6: Elizabeth Hurley
“Four Weddings and a Funeral” premiere (1994)

While this look may be considered tame by today’s standards, Elizabeth Hurley’s microscopic black dress shook the fashion world at the premiere of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” back in 1994. Although the safety-pinned Versace frock is famous for giving Hurley’s career a boost, the actress recently revealed that she somewhat regrets stepping out in the risqué ensemble. Hurley played the what-if game in an interview with the UK’s Telegraph, explaining that if it weren’t for the dress, she might’ve become “a much more worthy actress.” Guess we’ll never know…

#5: Irina Shayk
2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

It’s a gown! It’s a bodysuit! It’s full coverage fishnets! No… it’s Irina Shayk’s 2015 Oscar after-party dress! The Russian supermodel gave her peers – plus the press and the public – an eyeful at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party in 2015. Shayk’s barely-there black dress was one of the most scandalous of the year, generating more headlines than some of the ceremony’s most surprising success stories – mostly due to the fact that it seemed like she was missing some vital undergarments. Shayk’s Atelier Versace gown sent us flashing back to 2013, the year actress Jaimie Alexander wore that scene-stealing cutout gown to the “Thor: The Dark World” premiere.

#4: Nicki Minaj
2011 MTV Video Music Awards

There’s no denying that Nicki Minaj’s ability to rap using a variety of voices and alter egos is impressive. And Nicki personified that multiple-personality mindset with her red carpet outfit for the 2011 MTV VMAs. With candy-colored hair, animated accessories and an ice cream cone necklace as the perfect touch, Minaj’s outfit was called a “joyously bizarre revelation” by MTV themselves. No matter how you feel about this crazy costume, we can probably all agree on one thing: when it comes to this outfit, traditional fashion adjectives do not apply.

#3: Bai Ling
2015 MTV Movie Awards

At the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, actress Bai Ling opted for ferocious armor. Words like “standout” were used to describe this look – and there’s little wonder why. While the black miniskirt and gold pumps were memorable themselves, and showed off the 48-year-old’s gorgeous figure; what made this outfit truly exceptional was the 3D beast Bai wore as a top. With the dragon’s head peeking over her right shoulder, and its spiky tail making its way down her back, this get-up allowed Ms. Ling to stun and strut her stuff. If she was trying to make a statement with this outfit, she sure succeeded.

#2: Madonna
2016 Met Gala

Madonna is famous for pushing the envelope when it comes to ensembles, and her 2016 Met Gala gown certainly left people talking and gawking. The singer claimed that this bondage-inspired, Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy creation was supposed to serve as a political statement regarding women’s rights, what with its leather and lace motif, pasties and thigh-high boots. Oh, and did you get a look at the back? Pretty impressive, considering the Queen of Pop was 57-years-old at the time! Kinky, risqué and definitely unforgettable, this red carpet ensemble is classic Madonna through-and-through.

#1: Miley Cyrus
2015 MTV Video Music Awards

No huge surprise here: topping our list of shocking red carpet outfits is none other than Miley Cyrus. Though the singer donned a number of scandalous getups during her hosting stint at the 2015 VMAs, this uber-revealing silver suspender outfit was definitely her wildest of the night. Though the press deemed this look a fashion risk, it actually managed to nab Miley a few new fans; for example, designer Donatella Versace took to Instagram to declare her love for the look, saying “Miley I am mesmerized! There are no words to describe, you are above it all!!!” That’s pretty high praise from fashion royalty.

Do you agree with our list? Who do you think rocked the most memorable red carpet outfit of all time? For more star-studded Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo


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