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Top 10 Best Doughnut Flavors And Toppings

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Victoria Toltesi These delicious circular bundles of dough can only get better with extra flavors and toppings! All the lovely flavors of Maple, Chocolate, Boston Cream, Jelly come together on these delightful circles! Which donut flavor or topping is your favorite?

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Top 10 Best Doughnut Flavors And Toppings

With doughnuts, it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of what, flavor you’re going to have. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for top 10 best doughnut flavors and toppings.

For this list, we're pursuing all our favorite doughnut options, because really, what better way to celebrate these treats than by showcasing the best of these fried foods that the Earth has to offer? And even though the Cronut is a marvel in modern pastries, we;ll only be looking at non-hybrid doughnuts.

#10: Sugar Doughnut

Sugar is usually the unseen ingredient in the world of pastries, but with the sugar doughnut it is the star of the dessert. Not only does it give the doughnut a glittering look, but it also gives it an extra kick of sweetness along with a rough yet delectable texture. The best part about this topping is that it’s the easiest to make at home! Honestly, after making homemade doughnuts the last thing anyone wants to worry about is making a multi-ingredient topping. With this, you just sprinkle a little sugar and eat!

#9: Double Chocolate

This decadent doughnut is perfect for those days when a single dose of chocolate just isn’t enough, or if you just happen to be a chocoholic. No matter what the occasion, this winning chocolate-on-chocolate combination has your back. The base is made from a cake-based chocolate batter making it fluffy and moist, which really shows off the rich chocolate flavor. It’s then covered in a thick chocolate icing that will melt away all your woes. Whoever said there is such a thing as too much chocolate clearly has never tasted this beauty!

#8: Cruller

The French cruller is a unique doughnut known for its amazing texture and its twisted appearance. It’s made with deep fried choux pastry dough, which relies on steam to rise, making it moist and giving it its light-airy texture. The cruller actually has a long history of making people happy since it was a dessert enjoyed throughout Europe for decades. The recipe was supposedly brought to the West in the early 1600s thanks to Dutch commissary Sebastian Croll. The cruller is usually matched with light toppings like glazes, but goes well with whatever topping your heart desires.

#7: Chocolate Long John

This doughnut stands out for its distinctive shape, but will stay in your heart for its deliciousness. Long Johns are often confused with éclairs and while they are similar, the Long John is fried, not baked, and made with a yeast dough rather than choux dough. It may be filled with whipped cream. And while many toppings go well on the Long John, we just had to go with chocolate frosting since this nicely balances out the filling. Long Johns are also hugeeeee in doughnut terms, so you get a lot of a very good thing.

#6: Powdered Doughnut

No party is truly complete without a tray of powdered doughnuts, be they big or small! Despite being notoriously messy, this simple doughnut is a staple dessert for large gatherings, meetings, or a quiet night at home. It’s a cake-based doughnut, which explains its fluffiness, and it’s smothered in confectioners’ sugar, which coats your entire mouth, inside and out, with its sweetness! Now pretty much all doughnuts go great with a cup of Joe, but coffee and the powdered doughnut are a match made in heaven.

#5: Maple-Glazed Doughnut

It's a Canadian staple, but you don’t have to be from the Great White North to appreciate the sweet taste of maple. There are two main variations of the glaze: a light glaze with subtle hints of maple, and a thicker glaze that’s basically maple fudge spread on a doughnut. Whatever form the glaze takes, this doughnut can only be made better by the addition of bacon! It might sound crazy, but the saltiness of the bacon with the sweetness of the maple is a beautiful marriage of flavors. Plus it’s perfect for breakfast!

#4: Jelly Doughnut

This is the sweet and glorious doughnut that combines powdered sugar as a topping, and a fruity centre for its filling. It’s by far the messiest doughnut due to the risk of staining your clothes and getting white powder all over you, but sometimes the mess is half the fun. The most common jelly or jam filling is strawberry, but this doughnut can be a little more versatile than that! You can put any jelly you want, such as raspberry, blueberry, lemon, and even a red bean paste, and it will still be awesome.

#3: Boston Cream Doughnut

Oh the Boston Cream doughnut, where to even begin with this masterpiece of a dessert? It has a lot going on and is basically a meal in itself, but all the flavors balance out perfectly. It’s a classic yeast risen dough that’s deep fried, covered in a thick chocolate icing, and injected with a refreshing vanilla filling. In 2003, the State of Massachusetts made the Boston Cream their official state doughnut, which is perfect since their official dessert is the Boson Cream pie.

#2: Chocolate-Glazed Doughnut

Most of us love it when a doughnut is covered in chocolate, but let’s take a moment to really appreciate the glaze itself. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and decadent, thick enough to really sink your teeth into but delicate enough that it melts in your mouth. Combine that glaze with a soft doughnut and you have a combination that’s almost too good for words. If you want to fancy the doughnut up, then chocolate frosting with sprinkles makes the kid in all of us come out.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Apple Fritter Doughnut

Sour Cream-Glazed Apple Doughnut

Cinnamon Doughnut

#1: Glazed Doughnut

It's by far the most popular doughnut, and it’s not hard to taste why. It’s made of a simple yeast risen dough that’s covered in a sugary glaze that dissolves in your mouth. With these doughnuts, the fresher the better since there’s nothing like taking a bite out of a glazed doughnut that’s still warm and dripping. Watching the cooking process is almost as satisfying as eating it, as we get to watch as the doughnuts sizzle in the hot oil and are then put through a waterfall of glaze. It’s truly poetry in motion!

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