Top 10 Most Annoying Dark Souls Enemies

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Script written by Alex Slade

Awww not THESE guys again! Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies in the Dark Souls Series!

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Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies in the Souls Series

Oh great, not these guys again. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies in the Souls Series.
For this list, we’ll only be looking at those enemies that are encountered constantly throughout the player’s journey in Demon’s Souls, DarkSouls and Bloodborne, which do their best to get on your nerves, so spoilers will follow.
Bosses and mini-bosses won’t be included. Yes, that means you, Pursuer, you frustrating SOB.

#10: Great Bow Silver Knight

“Dark Souls” series (2011-)
Arguably one of the most frustrating parts in Anor Londo, let alone the game, the player is tasked with walking up a narrow path while being pelted with Great Arrows which easily send you flying, resulting in you falling to your death. The worst part is when you make it to the end and have both knights on either side of you, as one will continue to fire at you while you deal with the other one. As the ledge you’re on is so narrow, you can’t roll to safety. You have to be quick to get out this situation alive. They make a return in Dark Souls 3, only they’re more plentiful this time around.

#9: Ironclad Soldier aka Turtle Knight

“Dark Souls 2” (2014)
They may have been bearable in the original Dark Souls 2, but Scholar of the First Sin dropped so many of these armored turtles in, that they may just make a new player step away from their console to collect themselves. Found at the beginning of the game, they’re incredibly tough and resilient, with explosive barrels surrounding them in one of the first encounters. If you get caught under their giant clubs, they’re able to keep pummeling you until your dead, or they’re tired, and they don’t get tired easily. Best level up your vigor for these guys.

#8: Brainsucker

“Bloodborne” (2015)
Nothing like working hard to acquire that Insight, only for it to be stolen by one of these monstrosities, am I right? Hideous looking and gross sounding, these creatures can spam Arcane Flares to trap you, allowing it to close the gap and suck your brain for 2 Insight if you don’t break free, as well as inflict massive damage. Just as you recover from it, they do it again. Unfortunately, even if you kill the Brainsucker, you can’t get that Insight back. If you see a hooded figure in the shadows, be sure to run the other way.

#7: Serpent-Men

“Dark Souls 3” (2016)
In the toughest area of the game, these things litter the area. They’re all round agile and strong, with many different attacks, and can even use Pyromancy. The fact that there are so many of them makes traversal through Archdragon Peak such a hassle, especially when you run into their larger counterparts, who have seemingly infinite poise and swing at you repeatedly without ever running out of stamina. What are their axes made out of, plastic? Sure doesn’t feel like it. It gets even more annoying when you’ve got to juggle dealing with these guys when you have a dragon breathing fire down your neck.

#6: Great (Enemy) Crab

“Dark Souls 3” (2016)
The way the Great Crab’s little legs move rapidly sends shivers down our spines. Any unsuspecting player would be sure to think that this thing is a mini-boss, only to die moments after beating it to see it has respawned. With high attack and health, most players simply avoid this creature rather than having to fight it. Maybe it’d be less agitating if it didn’t burrow into the ground, replenishing its health when close to death – specifically when you find a way to cheese it with spells. Seriously, how am I supposed to attack the weak point for massive damage if it’s under ground?

#5: Jailer

“Dark Souls 3” (2016)
These things are genuinely creepy as well as annoying… but mainly annoying. It’s kind of a shock at first, seeing this freaky creature walk hastily towards you holding its lantern ahead as your max health is decreased until your bar is almost non-existent – and there’s no audio cue when this happens so the first time it does, you probably won’t know why you died. Anyway, half a minute and maybe several tantrums later, later you realize it isn’t permanent. Phew.. The Jailers have incredible range, and if they get close, they will brand you with their soldering iron which is unblockable. The fact that your health will probably be low if they close in on you, their soldering attack will most likely kill you. Better to kill them quick before you give them a chance to work their magic.

#4: Poison Statue Cluster

“Dark Souls 2” (2014)
If you thought the Poison Shooting Statues in the Black Gulch were bad, wait til you get a load of these guys. You won’t be able to tell at first, but the cluster is sitting on top of a strange turtle-like enemy that follows you around while the statues shoot poison at you in all directions. It’s immensely frustrating as you try to kill the creature while evading the poison. It’s almost impossible to damage physically, as hitting the actual cluster does absolutely nothing. A well-aimed projectile to the turtle’s face should do the trick.

#3: Bonewheel Skeleton

“Dark Souls” (2011)
There’s a reason this enemy was nerfed in the following games. You won’t know what’s hit you until you’re getting hit in the face repeatedly by a spiked wheel. They’re never alone and once locked on, they’re hard to evade. Even if you do evade one, you can count on another speeding towards you. If they land a successful hit, they’re capable of killing you in one go, unless you’ve leveled up your Vitality. Dodging skills are a must for these battles, so if you’re fat rolling, it’s time to undress.

#2: Basilisk

“Dark Souls” series (2011-)
At first glance, these frog-like creatures seem like pushovers. They’re weak and easy to kill. Soon, though, they become your worst nightmares. If you’re caught in their smog for too long, you get cursed which results in instant death; another unwelcome entry on an already long list of ways to die in this punishing series. Not only are these enemies extremely annoying, they make your subsequent next life a struggle in the first Dark Souls, as your HP is permanently halved until you find a way to cure your curse. The game’s hard enough as is, and then they have to go and halve your HP. Let’s just be glad it only kills you in the following games. That, we’re used to.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions.
Three Little Pigs
“Dark Souls 2” (2014)
Mushroom Parent
“Dark Souls” (2011)
Plague Rats
“Demon’s Souls” (2009)

#1: Mimic

“Dark Souls” series (2011)
Ooo, a treasure chest! Wait, why does it have teeth, and why does it have arms and legs? Okay, now it’s eating me. I seem to have made quite the mistake here, haven’t I. Once you figure out you can see the chests breathing, it’s not hard to identify which are real and which are the Mimics, still if identifying the Mimic was all there was to it, it wouldn’t make this list of annoying enemies, would it? They’re incredibly tough, and their kicks will one hit kill you if you’re not constantly leveling up your health. Their grapples, in and out of chest form, do incredible damage. Lucky for you, they still hold treasure. You’ll just have to kill them first.
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