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Top 10 Best Game of Thrones Swordsmen

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Written by Spencer Sher These are the fighters whose skill with a sword is practically unmatched. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best “Game of Thrones” Swordsmen. For this list, we’re actually looking at any and all fighters regardless of whether or not the sword is their weapon of choice; we’re simply searching for the best fighters in the world of Ice and Fire, from the Seven Kingdoms to Slaver’s Bay and beyond. Also, if you aren’t caught up on your “Game of Thrones,” be aware there may be spoilers ahead. Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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These are the fighters whose skill with a sword is practically unmatched. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best “Game of Thrones” Swordsmen.

For this list, we'll be focusing on the best, most gifted sword-fighters in the world of Ice and Fire. While Oberyn and the Mountain are some of the most deadly men in the Seven Kingdoms, Oberyn uses a spear, and the Mountain relies more on brute strength rather than skill with a blade, meaning they won't be eligible for this list. Also, if you aren’t caught up on your “Game of Thrones,” be aware there may be spoilers ahead.

#10: Ned Stark

The first season of “Game of Thrones” is peppered with references to Ned Stark’s impressive resume of battles won and opponents slain. Able to hold his own in a brief fight with Jaime Lannister, Ned proved that a Northernman is as strong as any Southern Sword. However, it wasn’t until season six that we got to see a young Ned Stark in action…and he really did not disappoint. Going up against one of the greatest swordsmen ever, Ser Arthur Dayne, Stark technically won – though not singlehandedly. Young Ned is full of gusto, and fights with unbridled passion. As such, he more than deserves a spot on our list of the greatest fighters from the GoT canon.

#9: Sandor Clegane [aka “The Hound”]

Before he went toe-to-toe with Brienne of Tarth, The Hound was practically invincible. He would regularly cut down swarms of soldiers with ease, often humiliating them with verbal jabs in the process. In season three, he fought Beric Dondarrion and his flaming sword – and again, emerged victorious. The Hound’s reputation often precedes him, giving him a mental advantage before the battle even begins. While his fighting style is far from elegant, there is something beautiful about watching him pulverize his enemies with brute sword strength and the occasional punch to the face. Sandor Clegane is a vicious swordsman whose fearlessness makes him a terrifying opponent and a better fighter than his brother, The Mountain.

#8: Jorah Mormont

A classically trained swordsman, Jorah is a force to be reckoned with once he gets going. For years, viewers watched as he protected Daenerys Targaryen from would-be assassins, disgruntled Dothraki and the Masters of Meereen. After being banished by Dany, Jorah had to battle his way through the fighting pits, ultimately using his superior style of combat to cut down younger yet experienced opponents. While he’s had many moments to showcase his skills, his crowning achievement is definitely the time he saved his Queen from the Sons of the Harpy during the Massacre of Meereen. Atta boy Jorah!

#7: Daario Naharis

Unlike many of the others on this list Daario was not born into a life of privilege. In fact, everything he knows about fighting he picked up on the streets. A down and dirty fighter with some serious skill with a blade, Daario has proven himself time and time again whenever the going gets rough. He was at his best when he took down the champion of Meereen in a matter of seconds, killing the man’s horse before cutting him in two. The thing that makes Daario an exceptional fighter, though, is his confidence: Daario never doubts his abilities, so when he’s facing an opponent, the question isn’t how he’ll kill him, it’s when.

#6: Syrio Forel

Why do the most interesting characters always have to die? In season one, audiences were introduced to Syrio Forel, a master fencer, the First Sword of Braavos and the man tasked with teaching Arya how to wield a sword. While we only got to see him in action once, it was one of the most badass fight scenes in “Game of Thrones” history. The guy was able to fend off a squad of heavily armed soldiers with nothing but a wooden sword and some seriously impressive trash talk. If only he’d been better equipped… We all know he would’ve been able to fight off that loathsome brute Meryn Trant. Alas, it was not to be.

#5: Jon Snow

Is there anything Jon Snow can’t do? As a member of the Night’s Watch, he successfully defended the Wall from a Wildling attack, killed a White Walker and came back from the dead. He then took it upon himself to retake Winterfell and beat the crap out of Ramsay Bolton before being named King in the North. Of course, none of this would’ve been possible were Jon Snow not one of the most badass fighters Westeros has ever seen. It doesn’t matter if he’s fighting one man or ten, Jon Snow can dismantle, disembowel and dismember anyone who gets in his way. But you’d never hear it from him…he’s all class.

#4: Jaime Lannister

For years, Jaime Lannister was considered one of the greatest swordsmen in the Seven Kingdoms. His skill with the blade was the stuff of legend, so much so that he became a member of the Kingsguard at just 15 years of age. Unfortunately, he lost his sword hand during a run-in with some of Roose Bolton’s men. Now that he is… handicapped, Jaime is a shell of his former self. However, his willingness to learn how to fight with his opposite hand and the fact that he’s still a highly intelligent fighter earns him a spot on our list.

#3: Brienne of Tarth

The only female fighter to make the list, Brienne of Tarth is as fearsome as they come. A Knight in every sense of the word, she’s managed to best some of the greatest fighters in Westeros, including Loras Tyrell and The Hound. She also managed to defeat Jaime Lannister back when he still had both his hands. Her imposing size and strength make her a formidable opponent, one who’s capable of cutting down most opponents without batting an eye. And, being a woman, Brienne has had to work twice as hard. As a result, she’s one of the best swords in all of Westeros.

#2: Barristan Selmy

A member of the Kingsguard for 40 years, Barristan Selmy is typically considered one of the greatest swordsmen in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. A highly skilled fighter capable of cutting down multiple men at once, Selmy was both feared and respected by those who would oppose him. In fact, his reputation was such that even though he remained loyal to Rheagar Targaryen during Robert’s Rebellion, the King pardoned him and named him Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Even in his twilight years, Selmy is an almost unstoppable hero.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Ser Bronn of the Blackwater
- Arya Stark
- Stannis Baratheon

#1: Ser Arthur Dayne

As far as legendary “Game of Thrones” fighters are concerned, Ser Arthur Dayne stands alone. In season six, audiences finally got to see just how lethal a swordsman he was, as he took on Ned Stark and his band and – despite being vastly outnumbered – still almost won. Wielding two swords at the same time and cutting through his enemies with ease, Dayne was well on his way to killing Stark before being stabbed in the back at the last second by Howland Reed. But despite that crushing loss, Ser Arthur Dayne is still spoken of as one of the best swordsmen who ever lived years later.

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