Top 10 Times Game of Thrones Characters Went BEAST MODE



Top 10 Times Game of Thrones Characters Went BEAST MODE

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
Dragons weren't always the only beasts in this show! For this list, we'll be going over the moments of extreme savagery, skill and determination demonstrated by characters from “Game of Thrones.” Oh, and spoilers throughout, obviously. Our countdown includes Jon Snow, Jorah Mormont, Grey Worm and more!
Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times “Game of Thrones” Characters Went Beast Mode. For this list, we’ll be going over the moments of extreme savagery, skill and determination demonstrated by characters from “Game of Thrones.” To be clear, we won’t be including moments from “House of the Dragon,” as it’s still too early – no matter how beastly Daemon Targaryen is. Oh, and spoilers throughout, obviously. If there’s a hype character feat from “Game of Thrones” you’re disappointed we didn’t include, “be a dragon” for your favorites down in the comments!

#10: Jon Snow at Hardhome

Jon Snow goes to the wildlings at Hardhome beyond the Wall, hoping that they’ll join the fight against the White Walkers. However, his pleas are rendered moot when the army of the dead attacks. While Jon’s leadership in getting everyone evacuated is admirable, he goes true beast mode when going after a cache of dragonglass left behind in the meeting hut. Cutting a swath through the attacking wights, he’s unfortunately ambushed by a White Walker. The ghostly ice man proves overwhelming, shattering ordinary swords, and leaving Jon breathless after a hard fall. But once he takes up his Valyrian steel sword, it lets him not only block the White Walker’s blows, but shatter his icy foe. He knows something, alright – how to kick butt.

#9: Jorah Fights in the Arena

“The Dance of Dragons”
Jorah Mormont is forever devoted to Daenerys Targaryen, even if he once betrayed her. After becoming afflicted with greyscale, Jorah sees no reason not to risk his life in the arena, despite being banished by Dany. Going up against several fighters of varying styles, Jorah has his work cut out for him. While he manages to take down one fighter, a Braavosi water dancer proves quicker than Jorah and nearly kills him. However, another fighter kills the water dancer, giving Jorah one last chance. And he makes use of it, using a roll to get in close and take down the spear-wielder. He follows it up by saving Dany from an assassination attempt with that same spear. People sleep on how awesome Jorah is.

#8: Daenerys Burns the Khals

“Book of the Stranger”
Daenerys has plenty of incredible moments, but she rarely engages in physical violence herself. Such isn’t the case here. Captured by the Dothraki, Daenerys decides not to join Jorah and Daario when they try to rescue her. Instead, she interrupts the gathering of Dothraki khals and berates them as small men unworthy of leading their people. Even when they make threats, Dany isn’t intimidated. After all, what’s the point in being scared of dead men? Dany proceeds to tip over braziers, which sets the khals and their meeting place on fire. Being “blood of the dragon,” Daenerys “the Unburnt” Targaryen remains… well, you get it. The straight savagery and otherworldly aura she puts out – it’s no wonder the Dothraki all bow to her.

#7: The Hound vs. the Mountain

“The Bells”
Fans had long theorized about Sandor “The Hound” Clegane battling his monstrous brother Gregor, a.k.a. “The Mountain.” Sure, it took until the final season, but “Cleganebowl” lived up to the hype. The Hound confronts the Mountain in the Red Keep as it crumbles and burns. Sandor lands several mortal blows on Gregor, but the Mountain is no longer mortal. His inhumanly durable and powerful body lets the undead knight carry on and even put out one of the Hound’s eyes. Finally, the Hound gives one last howl and carries them both through a crumbling wall and into the flames below. Sandor had to overcome his fear of fire to kill the man who gave his burns to him in the first place.

#6: Khal Drogo’s Final Fight

“The Pointy End”
Daenerys’ husband Khal Drogo is a monumental badass of the highest order. During Drogo’s khalasar’s sack of a village, one of his men, Mago, complains when Dany stops the assault and enslavement of many local women. After Drogo accepts his khaleesi’s actions, Mago challenges Drogo. After an initial cut to Drogo’s shoulder, the khal leans into the blade. Drogo then goes unarmed against his opponent, before cutting Mago’s throat with his own weapon and tearing out the rest. The sheer disrespect and swagger here, as well as the savage way he kills Mago are incredible. We’d rank the moment higher, but Drogo leaning into the sword to look cool ultimately leads to his death. So…

#5: Jon Snow Beats Down Ramsay Bolton

“Battle of the Bastards”
Ramsay Snow - er, Bolton - is one of the most despicable villains in “Game of Thrones.” A bastard in every sense of the word, he gets on Jon Snow’s bad side after mistreating Sansa and murdering Rickon. After surviving the battle, Jon, with help from his men and his giant buddy, barges into Winterfell and takes down Ramsay’s men. Ramsay accepts a one-on-one match, now at a disadvantage. Jon uses a shield to block Ramsay’s arrows and marches up to him. He then proceeds to beat the smirking sadist into a bloody pulp. Jon may not kill Ramsay, but he gets him halfway there.

#4: Arthur Dayne vs. Eddard Stark & Company

A member of the Kingsguard of the Mad King, Arthur Dayne is renowned as one of the greatest swordsmen Westeros has ever seen. And thanks to Bran Stark’s ability to view the past, we get to see him in action. When Ned Stark and his men arrive at a tower Dayne is guarding in search of Ned’s sister Lyanna, conflict soon begins. Or ends, depending on who you ask. Although Dayne’s fellow Kingsguard falls fairly quickly, “the Sword of the Morning” manages to hold off four men at once. Although Dayne ultimately falls to a knife in the back, he more than lives up to his reputation with his skills in this fight.

#3: Brienne vs. the Hound

“The Children”
The Hound is one of the most savage fighters around, but he meets his match when he runs into Brienne of Tarth. Due to both misunderstanding the other’s intentions towards Arya Stark, the pair engages in a duel. But, as Sandor soon reminds Brienne – neither of them are knights. The fight quickly becomes dirty. They even go for incredibly cheap shots. But Brienne manages to out-savage even the Hound, by biting off his ear, beating him repeatedly with a rock, and sending him rolling down a cliff. Both combatants unleash their inner beast here – Brienne just turned out to be fiercer.

#2: Grey Worm & Ser Barristan vs. the Sons of the Harpy

“Sons of the Harpy”
The slavers of Meereen don’t take kindly to Daenerys’ rule. A group called the Sons of the Harpy lures some of her Unsullied into a narrow hallway with the intent of taking them out. Grey Worm leads them, and, despite using a spear in an enclosed space, manages to fight them off and is the last man of his unit standing. Ser Barristan hears the commotion and comes to his aid, tearing through several of the masked attackers before he falls. Sure, they’re both given more than they can handle. But Grey Worm’s perseverance against all odds, and Barristan’s skill, even at his age, are absolutely incredible.

#1: The Mountain vs. the Viper

“The Mountain and the Viper”
To avenge the death of his sister and her children, and to save Tyrion from execution, Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper, fights the Mountain. Oberyn practically toys with the monstrous knight, dancing around him nimbly and eventually cutting him such that he can no longer stand. And he does it all while needling his foe for a confession and information. Unfortunately for Oberyn, he gets too close and the Mountain gets a hold of him, knocking out several teeth and crushing his head with his bare hands. It’s one of the best and most savage duels ever filmed, much less in “Game of Thrones.”