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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Margot Robbie

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Hannah Collins You may know her as Harley Quinn there’s a lot more to Margot Robbie than you may know! Did you know that She’s an amateur tattoo artist? In 2014, Robbie was officially cast as Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad.” Since her character was littered with tattoos, it isn’t surprising that Robbie is something of an amateur tattoo artist. Robbie even brought her own tattoo gun onto the “Suicide Squad” set and decided to show off her skills.

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the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Margot Robbie

Whether she’s on a suicide mission or explaining financial terms, we’d watch this woman in anything. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Margot Robbie.

For this list, we’re taking a look at interesting trivia about this talented, stylish, and beautiful Australian actress.

#10: She Started Out in Australian Soaps

Every star needs to begin somewhere. Before Margot Robbie was a household name, she took her first step towards stardom at age eighteen on the Australian soap opera, “Neighbours.” Robbie initially thought she did poorly at her audition and took off on a vacation to Canada. After hearing she had landed the role of Donna Freedman, though, Robbie rushed back to Australia to start shooting- making her debut in 2008, with a guesting role that quickly expanded to series regular. This was a breakthrough role for Robbie, earning two nominations at the Logie Awards. After departing from “Neighbours” in 2011, Robbie ventured to Hollywood where even bigger and better career opportunities awaited.

#9: She Was Christina Ricci’s Roommate

Arriving in Los Angeles, Robbie auditioned for a remake of “Charlie's Angels.” She didn’t land the gig, but producers liked what they saw and kept her in mind for the period drama series, “Pan Am.” She was ultimately cast as Laura Cameron, a newly trained stewardess, starring alongside Christina Ricci, who she shared an apartment with. Ricci reportedly had to help Robbie into her flight attendant costume, which included a tight girdle. Despite the series receiving solid reviews, no one watched it- bringing this phase of her career to a swift close. Today, Robbie lives in London with her husband and a few roommates, none of whom are Ricci.

#8: She Worked at Subway

Virtually every aspiring performer needs a part-time job to help pay the bills. Before catching her big break, Robbie was an artist of a different kind- a sandwich artist at a Subway. Robbie quit the job in 2007 and went on to land her first high-profile acting role. Shortly after, Subway- ironically- cast Robbie in a commercial, leaving her to claim old job was her “lucky charm.” By starring in this ad, she reportedly got paid 20 times the amount she ever earned working behind the counter. Robbie remains a big fan of Subway, stating that Chicken Teriyaki, Meatball, and BLT have been among her favorite sandwiches. Of course she also firmly believes a poorly constructed Subway sandwich is truly disheartening.

#7: She Mistook Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran

One’s fifth in line to succeed Queen Elizabeth II. The other’s a popular English singer. Despite their many differences, Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran undeniably share a resemblance... kind of. So maybe we can’t exactly blame Margot Robbie for getting these two redheads mixed up. While attending a housewarming party for Suki Waterhouse, Robbie bumped into Prince Henry of Wales and mistook him for Mr. Sheeran. Even after she followed Harry into a photo booth and took a star-studded picture, Robbie was still oblivious. To be fair, it’s not like Harry was wearing a crown. Since the tabloids and social media made such a big deal about their encounter, Robbie will probably recognize Harry the next time they cross paths.

#6: She’s an Amateur Tattoo Artist

In 2014, Robbie was officially cast as Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad.” Since her character was littered with tattoos, maybe it isn’t surprising that Robbie is something of an amateur tattoo artist. Margot even brought her own tattoo gun onto the “Suicide Squad” set and decided to show off her skills. While costar Will Smith declined to offer up his body as a canvas, several other cast and crew members got on board. Robbie inked the word, "SKWAD," onto anyone who was willing, although she didn't have a 100% success rate. She later mentioned that while she’s given over fifty tattoos, her skills are actually getting worse. So she probably shouldn’t quit her day job.

#5: She’s Beaten Out Big Names for Her Roles

On her road to superstardom, Robbie had to go up against numerous actresses for major roles. Several big names were reportedly considered for the role of Naomi in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” including, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Amber Heard, Teresa Palmer, and Blake Lively. Despite being a relatively unknown name at the time, Robbie beat out the stiff competition. Robbie went on to claim the iconic role of Jane in “The Legend of Tarzan,” upstaging the likes of Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone. She also very nearly netted Sue Storm in 2015’s “Fantastic Four” reboot but dodged a bullet when the role instead went to Kate Mara.

#4: She Plays Hockey

Outside of acting and tattoo art, Robbie is also highly passionate about hockey. In a 2014 interview she stated, “We don’t have ice hockey in Australia, but we did have ‘The Mighty Ducks.’” She thus took up field hockey in her home country. Upon arriving in the US, Robbie joined an amateur hockey league, playing right wing. Despite growing up in Australia and currently living in London, she’s a diehard fan of the New York Rangers and even spent less time on an audition tape for “The Wolf of Wall Street,” to catch a playoff game. Mind you, she's also been driven to tears by a series of brutal losses. Nevertheless, she still wears blue with pride.

#3: She Hated Harley Quinn

Say what you will about “Suicide Squad,” but Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was a casting decision made in heaven. She was such a perfect choice that Robbie didn’t even have to audition. Instead she was simply offered the part, having previously starred alongside Will Smith in “Focus.” Even though the role was practically handed to her on a silver platter, Robbie wasn’t so sure about the part- in fact, she hated the depraved, disturbed character after initially reading the script. Despite having nothing in common with the psychopathic Harley, Robbie eventually accepted the role and DC fans agree she hit it out of the park.

#2: She Went to Circus School

When a kid says they’re going to run away and join the circus, they don't usually do it. But when Robbie was a kid, her mother actually did ship her off to a circus school. Enrolled in a trapeze program, and achieving a trapeze certificate at age 8, Robbie's acrobatic experience would prove especially useful while filming “The Legend of Tarzan” and “Suicide Squad,” both of which required a fair deal of flexible stunt work. In 2016 the training paid off again when it was reported that she would take on the role of trapeze artist Lillian Leitzel in the biopic “Queen of The Air.” It sounds like another dream casting choice that could bring Robbie’s career to even greater heights.

#1: She Once Hit Leonardo DiCaprio

When you’re a rising star who’s up for a huge role, you want to leave a lasting impression. That’s exactly what Robbie did during her audition for “The Wolf of Wall Street.” While reading lines with Leonardo DiCaprio, Leo began to improvise. Caught off guard, Robbie decided to do a little ad-libbing herself. When it came time to kiss Leo, she instead decided to hit him in the face. The fact that director Martin Scorsese was present made this all the more shocking but her risky move ultimately paid off. Robbie landed the career-making role and things have never quite been the same since.

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