Top 10 Celebrities That Are Big Sports Fans



Top 10 Celebrities That Are Big Sports Fans

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Sports bring people together, and sometimes celebrities are in that select group! And not just your bandwagon-jumping, no-team-loyalty celebrities; there are some die hard celebrity sports fans out there as well! From Jerry Seinfeld and his beloved Mets, to Jack Nicholson's courtside antics at the LA Lakers games, to Bill Murray crashing the White House during the MLB World Series, we're fans of these celebrity, uh, fans!

Top 10 Celebrities That Are Big Sports Fans

In celebrity culture, there are plenty of bandwagon sports fans, but there’s also a select group of die-hards, too. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrities That Are Big Sports Fans.

For this list, we’re focusing on relevant pop culture figures that have stayed loyal to their favorite teams over the years.

#10: Jerry Seinfeld

Born and raised in New York, this iconic comedian never actually played organized baseball as a kid, but he can certainly relate to the strategy. Back in 1986, Jerry Seinfeld earned World Series cred by attending the New York Mets’ infamous Game 6 – the Buckner game – and once his professional career evolved on stage, he discovered that both comedians and baseball players thrive on consistency. While many people don’t appreciate the sport’s slow-paced style, Jerry embraces the day-to-day grind and technique; an old-school ideal in the age of bat flips and personal promotion. Of course, sports were an integral part of the “Seinfeld” TV series, and Jerry’s love most definitely extends beyond the small screen.

#9: Vince Vaughn

Back in 1993, this Illinois native appeared in the football classic “Rudy,” and he later broke down the specifics of Sega Genesis hockey in “Swingers.” With that being said, Vince Vaughn’s real-life relationship with sports is no act, as he’s loyal to Chicago sports, most notably the Chicago Blackhawks. No, he’s not one of those annoying, egotistical celebrity sports fans, as he’s keen on good old-fashioned respect and once even picked up a dinner tab for Tampa Bay’s visiting coach, Jon Cooper. In other words, Vince is the kind of guy that keeps it classy while still maintaining a competitive spirit at Chi-Town sporting events.

#8: Billy Crystal

For decades, this American humorist has been on record about his love for sports. In fact, Billy Crystal was a guest speaker at Muhammad Ali’s funeral in 2016. He’s a traditional kind of guy; a New York native with fond memories of the great Mickey Mantle, and he even directed a feature film about the slugger’s 1961 home run chase with Roger Maris. Furthermore, Crystal signed a one-day contract with the Yankees in 2008, and his thorough understanding of the franchise’s culture has led to some hilarious sports impressions. Whereas some Hollywood actors attend events for the publicity, Billy has always been loyal to the game.

#7: Ben Affleck

Believe it or not, Boston natives have a unique relationship with sports. And if you don’t believe that, you should learn more about Ben Affleck’s strong feelings for the New England Patriots and check out his 2016 appearance on Bill Simmons’ “Any Given Wednesday.” While promoting his film, “The Accountant,” that same year, Ben hilariously reacted to a Patriots loss – further proof that he’s actively engaged with his favorite gridiron gang. So, Ben’s not the kind of celebrity sports fanatic that occasionally makes reference to his teams. He’s fully invested in daily developments and realizes how social media trolls can tarnish the image of his beloved Pats.

#6: Margot Robbie

While the National Hockey League consists of mostly American teams, it’s certainly full of international players. With that being said, Australian actress Margot Robbie is most definitely one of the most passionate of international celebrity fans. Before she was cast in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Margot reportedly put her on audition tape on hold to make a New York Rangers game, and she even plays amateur hockey in Hollywood. In 2017, the entire Internet learned of Margot’s hockey passion, as her fandom evolved into a trending meme – surely, an instant classic. Margot doesn’t mess around, and her true squad is first and foremost the New York Rangers.

#5: Drake

Born and raised in Toronto, this hip-hop star supports his city and certainly the local NBA team. In fact, Drake is such a huge Raptors fan that “Drake Night” has actually become a thing. And why not? After all, the MC has been a long-time fan, and his fame has given much-deserved attention to one of the Eastern Conference’s most hyped teams, at least during the Kyle Lowry/DeMar DeRozan years. In 2013, Drake earned the title of “Global ambassador” for his franchise loyalty, and just as he’s become an elite pop culture celeb, he’s managed to help transform Toronto into an elite NBA destination.

#4: Ashley Judd

If you’ve watched a Kentucky Wildcats home basketball game, chances are you’ve seen this American actress keeping it 100. Having attended the University of Kentucky, Ashley Judd has long been vocal about her support, and she’s one of those die-hard celebrity fans that even younger basketball fans can probably identify, even if they can’t necessarily name one of her films. Judd’s an established Hollywood actress, and her collegiate fandom has created a deep bond with Kentucky alumni and staff. Ashley’s also a controversial Tweeter, and she’s sparked controversial reactions from Internet trolls and fellow die-hards. Even so, she’s not one to back down when it comes to UK.

#3: Jack Nicholson

Since 1970, this Oscar winner has paid for Los Angeles Lakers season tickets. Jack Nicholson has also been courtside at countless NBA classics, all the while trolling opponents and even the referees. He’s not a nasty Hollywood sports celebrity; just a guy that appreciates good basketball, a cinema icon that people fully expect to see during good times and bad. Like fellow celebrity sports fan, Billy Crystal, Jack grew up on the east coast and also roots for the Yankees, but the Lakers have become his adopted team. In terms of La La Land, Jack’s established a legacy beyond movies, and he’s invited a variety of A-listers and family members to join him over the years.

#2: Bill Murray

Like so many great American comedy actors, this man was born and raised in the Chicago region. Throughout his lifetime, Bill Murray has supported the city’s sports franchises, and he became a trending social media topic in 2016 thanks to his love for the Chicago Cubs. By taking down the Cleveland Indians, the Cubbies won their first World Series since 1908, which prompted Murray, and so many other Chi-Town celebrities, to celebrate the experience. Bill Murray’s clearly a passionate sports fan, and social media has offered us a glimpse into his special relationship with the Windy City.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Jessica Alba
- Mark Wahlberg
- Will Ferrell

#1: Spike Lee

In 2010, ESPN aired a documentary entitled “Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks,” featuring the supreme fandom of this American filmmaker. As one of the more outspoken celebrity sports fans, Spike Lee stays true to his east coast bravado when attending Knicks games, and NBA players can expect plenty of trash talk when he’s courtside. In Los Angeles, there’s more of a relaxed feel in celebrity sports culture, but at Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden, Lee doesn’t let anybody off the hook and makes his presence known. And so, not only is Spike Lee an iconic New York City filmmaker, he’s also one of the more notable names in basketball culture too, as everybody knows what team he supports.

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