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Top 10 Most Disgusting Jobs


Script written by Katia Vaccaro

Are you constantly complaining about your job? Well, maybe after watching this list you’ll change your mind. From animal masturbators, to worm breeders, to carcass butchers, you’d need an iron stomach to show up to these jobs every day. WatchMojo counts down ten most disgusting jobs.

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Script written by Katia Vaccaro

Top 10 Most Disgusting Jobs

Are you constantly complaining about your job? Well, maybe after watching this list you’ll change your mind. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten most disgusting jobs.

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The only requirement for these jobs to make it on our list is to be completely disgusting. And for the record, we have the utmost respect for the people working these jobs.

#10: Animal Masturbators

Caution: this job might shock you. The animal masturbator’s job is an important one, ensuring livestock reproduce. This assisted reproduction is used on all sorts of animals in industrial farms such as: cows, pigs, turkeys and many more. The male’s semen is collected in a small bottle in order to preserve every drop. But just like us humans, the animal’s desires might not come automatically, so some TLC may be needed to, uh, work towards the exciting part. A crucial job in the farming industry, but we wouldn’t be the first to volunteer for it.

#9: Worm Breeders

Some fishermen and famers breed their own worms to cut costs and ensure top quality invertebrates. But behind this idea lies a true business plan. So if you’re interested, here’s what you need to do: find a relatively warm, dark space and a solid container, a litter box or garbage can does the trick. Buy a couple worms and treat them to your daily trash. Over an earthy base, add vegetable waste, newspapers, coffee grounds and voila! However, your family may not appreciate your new domestic pets.

#8: Carcass Butchers

Surely you’ve wondered what happens to all that roadkill laying on the side of the roads. Well that’s when the carcass butcher comes into play! But, this butcher is only interested in those animals weighing over 40 kilos. Anything below that will be taken care of by the good ol’ food chain. On the other hand, if you hit a deer or a wild boar, the carcass butcher is in charge of making it disappear from the roads. What then? The carcasses that have no risk of transmitting diseases are transformed into food for animals. Maybe it’s a little late now, but we hope you’re not eating while watching this video…

#7: Bare Hand Fishing

Why use a fishing rod when you’ve got perfectly good arms for the task? Several fishermen have adopted this astonishing technique, especially when it comes to catfish. According to different sources, this fish can weigh over 100 kilos and measures up to two meters long. In order to attract this huge monster, most fishermen wear rubber gloves, but others prefer using their bare hands. It’s a bonafide battle between man and beast. If you’re looking for a job where you risk losing your arms on a daily basis, this one’s for you!

#6: Hazardous Waste Divers

These extreme divers are often literally swimming in feces. They clean clogged pipes, septic tanks or probe the waters in search of missing bodies, and are constantly in contact with toxic wastes and aggressive bacteria that could potentially kill them. To ensure maximum protection, they wear suits used to protect against radioactive waste and other dangerous chemicals. Before removing the suit, it is completely disinfected and washed down with large water blasts to avoid any risk of contamination. This one’s surely suited for all the thrill seekers out there.

#5: Cat Food Quality Assurance

Admit it, you’ve tried Fou-Fou’s kibbles before… This job doesn’t only involve tasting the cat food, but also ensuring freshness and consistency. Employees tackle a huge container filled with cat pâtés. They must first sniff the food to test if the odor is mouthwatering or not, then they must dig their arms into this mush to remove any bones that were left behind. The vile smell coming from these vats of food must be intoxicating. It’s enough to leave you feeling disgusted by your cat’s palate for a while.

#4: Porn Theatre Janitor

If you’re a huge fan of porn and wanted to get into the business without acting in or producing films, maybe your next career move could be a janitor for a XXX studio? You get free access to all the movies, but in return you must clean up the aftermath after each session. In this place, popcorn, soft drinks and sweets are not very popular. But, there will be plenty of tissue paper to clean up. Armed with a vacuum cleaner and cleaning products, this janitor must get rid of well, you know… bodily fluids. We’ll let you decide if it’s worth it or not.

#3: Gas Smelling Judges

Science covers all areas, and gastric problems is no exception. Gastroenterologist Michael Levitt hired 2 judges to smell the farts of 16 people who ate pinto beans. Using a tube inserted directly in the rear, the subjects’ gases were trapped into a bowl. The two testers then had the task of sniffing 100 samples in order to rate the level of the awful odors. That’s surely one job that’ll make you want to puke.

#2: Sewer Cleaning Officers

In India, people climb down extremely narrow pipes to unclog sewers. Using a steel bar and a small shovel, they pick up fecal matter and bring them back to the surface in a bucket. Without suits, and using their bare hands, they pick up other peoples’ excrements. This thankless profession doesn’t even pay well unfortunately, as these guys are paid approximately $80 per month. So, the next time you or a co-worker complain about their job, just think of these unfortunate souls.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

- Bird Droppings Collector

- Proctologist

- Butcher Workers

#1: Crime Scene Cleaner

Cleaning pools of blood, pieces of brain tissue or even decomposing corpses requires a certain level of emotional detachment. These workers wear masks, suits and high-tech gloves, but sometimes, it’s not always enough. Cleaners must go through rigorous training for this profession, which teaches you, among other things, safety and hygienic procedures that follow the clean up. Given the danger that a cleaner puts both their mental and physical health in, a cleaner can make up to $1,800 per crime scene. No doubt you have to have a strong mental fortitude to take on this job.


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