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Top 10 Best Electric Pokémon

VO: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
Written by Garrett Alden These Pokémon sparked our interest. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 best Electric Pokémon. For this list, we’ll be looking at the best Pokémon to have the Electric typing in the Pokémon franchise, based on their prominence, power, and overall design.

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Top 10 Best Electric Pokémon

These Pokémon sparked our interest. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 best Electric Pokémon.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best Pokémon to have the Electric typing in the Pokémon franchise, based on their prominence, power, and overall design.

#10: Rotom

There’s a ghost in the machine! Rotom is an Electric/Ghost type Pokémon that usually takes the form of a reddish, blue-eyed creature surrounded by electricity. We say usually, because Rotom can actually possess a variety of machines, including washing machines, fridges, and lawn mowers. Doing so allows Rotom to change its type and increase its strength, making it an incredibly versatile Pokémon for battling. It also acts as a helpful utility Pokémon as well, since it can also possess a Pokédex, allowing it to speak and dispense information about other Pokémon.

#9: Tapu Koko

This Pokémon may look a bit like a rooster, but it ain’t chicken! The legendary guardian of Melemele Island in Alola, Tapu Koko is an important figure in both the anime and Sun and Moon series of games, bestowing things on the hero and/or player, as well as challenging them to battle. Besides sporting an unusual appearance, Tapu Koko also has the intriguing Electric/Fairy typing and, like the other Tapu, is incredibly strong. Brimming with personality, strength, and having a big focus in the plot of Pokémon, this is one native champion we’d love to have on our side.

#8: Ampharos

Sporting red bulbs atop its head and tail, this tall yellow Electric Pokémon is often found in lighthouses, using its built-in lights to guide ships. Though it resembles a giraffe more than the electric sheep it evolves from, Ampharos regains some of its former fluffiness when it mega evolves, in addition to an increase in strength and the acquisition of the Dragon typing. While it may look a bit dopey, Ampharos can pack a wallop, and its signal bulbs are a sure sign of victory to any trainer who uses one.

#7: Luxray

An electrifying king of the Pokémon jungle, Luxray resembles a real world lion with a black, spiky mane and blue and yellow striped fur, while also featuring a star shaped ornament on the end of its tail. Luxray favors moves that utilize its impressive biting strength and even its regal appearance can intimidate its opponents. Despite how threatening it is, Luxray is still rather cute and we wouldn’t mind petting one ourselves – though it might require rubber gloves. Possessing strength and an equally appealing and intimidating look, Luxray is a standout Electric Pokémon.

#6: Magnezone

This Pokemon will make you want to believe the truth is out there. Magnezone resembles a cross between its previous evolutions’ magnetic, screw-adorned bodies and a flying saucer. Like the UFOs it’s based on, Magnezone is equally elusive, as it is usually found near special magnetic fields, which it requires to evolve. Possessing the fantastically defensive Electric and Steel typing that its magnet theme suggests, Magnezone has plenty of “attractive” qualities that make it a beloved Electric type Pokémon for many fans of the franchise.

#5: Jolteon

We’ve heard of cats’ hair standing on end, but a dog’s too? One of several evolutions of the Pokémon Eevee, Jolteon is not only one of the better “Eevee-lutions” but also one of the best Electric Pokémon in general. A spiky, yellow, white-collared dog-like creature, this Pokémon has a cute, but tough, and simple, but memorable design, which is ideal in a Pocket Monster. Jolteon is also blessed with supercharged speed, giving it an edge over its opponents and sparking plenty of affection for it in our hearts.

#4: Raikou

One of a trio of legendary beasts, Raikou is a Pokémon whose name is loosely translated as “thunder emperor,” and it certainly lives up to that label. Like all legendary Pokémon, it’s quite powerful, but its appearance, while a bit unusual, is certainly regal, sporting a purple cape fit for any emperor; if that ruler were a saber-toothed tiger with a lightning bolt tail, that is. If the real life sharp fanged cats had Raikou’s powers, they might not have gone extinct. With its unique look and impressive strength, Raikou is fit to rule over most other Electric Pokémon.

#3: Zapdos

While we’re on the subject of legendary Pokémon, let’s take a look at one of the originals, Zapdos. Although it may look a bit like Big Bird, if he was run through a dryer, Zapdos’ design is still fantastic, with simple contrasting colors, including the spiky yellow look favored by most Electric types; though Zapdos pulls it off better than most. This “thunderbird” is go for whatever you need it to, as it’s a real powerhouse of a Pokémon. Appropriately, it’s also famous for making its “house” in power plants.

#2: Electivire

From a thunderbird we turn to a thunder beast…or gorilla…or monkey…some kind of primate, at any rate. Electivire sports a yellow coat of fur with symmetrical black stripes, as well as a pair of antenna and two tails as well. The latter pair of body features resemble live wires, which probably help gave Electivire its name. Possessing considerable brute strength that befits its impressive physique, Electivire doesn’t monkey around when it comes to battle. With its power and intriguing, distinctive look, Electivire is nearly the best Electric type of them all – save, we believe, one.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:




#1: Pikachu

What a “shocking” selection for our number one. It may be the obvious choice but there’s no denying how great a Pokémon Pikachu is. While not especially strong in the games, its appeal lies elsewhere. Its appearance is instantly recognizable and adorable, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want one for ourselves. As the mascot for the franchise, Pikachu has appeared in many games of its own, as well as nearly every episode of the anime; becoming practically synonymous with Pokémon as a whole.

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