Top 10 Cutest One Tree Hill Couples
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Top 10 Cutest One Tree Hill Couples

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There were so many memorable and adorable couples in One Tree Hill! For this list we'll be focusing on the most memorable, dramatic, and life changing couples for the Tree Hill gang. We've included Jamie and Madison, Mouth and Millie, Lucas and Booke, Petyton and Jake, Clay and Quinn, Karen and Keith and more!

Top 10 One Tree Hill Couples

There sure is a lot of romance in this North Carolina town. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 One Tree Hill Couples.

For this list we’ll be focusing on the most memorable, dramatic, and life changing couples for the Tree Hill gang.

#10: Brooke And Chase

Talk about opposites attracting. When these two met, Chase was a “Clean Teen” and Brooke was, well, a little friendly. Brooke's other serious high school boyfriend besides Lucas, Chase was certainly important to her development as a character. They both found each other wounded from broken hearts and together, they helped each other mend. They opened up each other’s eyes as to who they really were, and who they could be. They grew up and... eventually grew apart, but, in adulthood they always looked back on their relationship fondly and cherished their friendship - making it a good relationship from beginning to end.

#9: Jamie And Madison

Ahh young love. Is there anything more precious? Jamie is super cute with his first girlfriend, Madison. Didn’t you just melt when they knew exactly the perfect gifts to give each other for Valentines Day? The pair of pink heart shoelaces they share is certain to make you audibly “aww” - especially when Jamie chooses to wear them even though his friends laugh at him. These two are sweet enough to give you cavities. The first love between these two best friends reminds us all of our first crushes in the best way possible.

#8: Mouth And Millie

In his high school years, Mouth was the lovable loser. He had a handful of love interests, but mostly he was everyone’s little brother, or best friend. After years of heartbreak, fans were desperate to see Mouth find true love. And he found it with Millie. Brooke's shy assistant was his perfect match, and a brilliant new addition to the Tree Hill crew. It can be hard for a new character to join an already well established cast, but Millie fit right in, filling a void we didn’t even realize existed. They made an adorable talk show team, and continued to support each other even when their careers started taking them down different paths.

#7: Lucas And Brooke

Even though they weren't destined to end up together, Lucas and Brooke were one of the most important couples on the show. The first time around might have been a complete disaster (who could forget Lucas cheating on Brooke with Peyton), but their second chance looked promising. It might have been messy during their whole “casual” phase, but once they made it official, they were both all in and fans rejoiced. Sure, they had drama... but they made each other better, and turned each other into the compassionate characters we love. They had good times, made mistakes, forced each other to grow as people, and shared a real love that ultimately resulted in a beautiful friendship.

#6: Peyton And Jake

They didn’t get to live happily ever after, but Jake definitely goes down in history as one of Peyton's greatest loves. They started out as friends, and took the time to really get to know each other before taking it in a romantic direction, which only deepened the intensity and layers of their relationship. They made a beautiful pseudo family as Peyton helped Jake take care of his daughter, Jenny, and it was truly tragic when Jake had to leave. Honestly, these two could have easily been each other’s endgame if fate, life, and ex’s didn’t keep getting in the way.

#5: Clay And Quinn

These characters didn’t appear until later in the series, but when this show that largely revolves around its relationships lost one of its main couples with the departure of Lucas and Peyton, some new, blooming love was a refreshing addition. Though they have some pretty extreme storylines, they are also one of the most realistic couples on the show. Unlike most of the other couples, who have these deep connections from high school, it was interesting to see them meet as adults and have an adult relationship. Of course, with both of them having baggage from past loves, they delivered all the juicy drama that we love from Tree Hill couples.

#4: Karen And Keith

Karen and Keith were #relationshipgoals for the younger characters. Even before they were officially together, they were basically the only representation of a relatively functional adult relationship for the teens. And with their wise advice and big hearts the two pretty much parented the whole lot of them together. Their relationship was like a fantasy. They loved each other since they were teenagers, they were best friends their entire lives, Keith helped raise Lucas, and, though it took them awhile to get there, they finally truly found each other as adults. Unfortunately their life together were tragically cut short, but it was definitely worth the journey.

#3: Brooke And Julian

Brooke and Julian are the ultimate power couple. Though she first denied her feelings for him, he made his intentions perfectly clear and waited until she was ready for him - proving himself to be everything she’s been looking for since she was a teenager. They both already had high powered careers before they met, but they never compromised their dreams for their relationship, and they never compromised their relationship for their dreams. They were always supportive of each other’s professional and personal goals. Together, nothing can stop them. They even made the impossible come true; Brooke was told she could never have a baby, so they had two.

#2: Peyton And Lucas

Lucas Scott once said, “Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott.” From the moment they first met by the lake they were set on a long winding path to reach each other. As one of the main couples on the show, we got the privilege to see them develop from the very beginning. Like any relationship they certainly had their ups and downs. They ran from their intense feelings for each other, they found love with other people, but some part of them always knew they were destined to be together. Like Haley said when she finally married them, these two are a dream come true.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Chase And Mia

Karen And Andy

Skills And Bevin

#1: Nathan And Haley

Who else? A classic good girl/bad boy relationship, these two are basically the dream couple. High school marriages don’t have the best statistics, but did you ever really doubt that Nathan and Haley could beat the odds? They are the personification of one of the show’s main themes: two conflicting social worlds colliding. It wasn't always easy but their love consistently conquered any obstacles - and not in a fairy tale type of way where love is some unconquerable power. They worked on their relationship, always tried to bring out the best in each other, and grew together. Naley always and forever.