Top 10 Best Tyra Banks Moments



Top 10 Best Tyra Banks Moments

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These are the most Tyra Banks moments! You all know the iconic moment on ANTM when she was rooting for Tiffany but outside the show she is just as hilarious and charismatic! We've included her vaseline giveaway, her time on Hot Ones, whenever she is on stage with her mom, whenever she talks about her baby and more! What's your fave Tyra Banks moment?

Top 10 Tyra Banks Moments

She built herself an empire from the ground up, and she did it with a smile – or at least a smize. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Tyra Banks Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at outrageous, hilarious and inspiring moments from this model and entrepreneur extraordinaire. We won’t be talking about moments from the hit show “America’s Next Top Model”, since that series has enough for its own list.

#10: Whenever She Talks About Her Son and Being a Mom

In January of 2016 Tyra welcomed her son York Banks Asla into the world, and it was a long time coming. Anyone who’s seen America’s Next Top Model knows that Tyra has always been full of maternal energy. She has always wanted kids, but struggled with infertility. After failed IVF attempts, her and her then boyfriend Erik Asla decided on a surrogate. Tyra doesn’t take her baby boy for granted, and constantly gushes about how perfect he is and how happy he makes her. Apparently, Baby York already has his mama’s smize down perfectly.

#9: Whenever She Shares Screen Time with Her Mom

Tyra and her mom Carolyn London are total bff’s; Like real life Gilmore Girls only with less drama. Tyra has always given her mom a lot of credit when it comes to her successful career. Carolyn was a single mom who was always there for her daughter, from the start of her modeling career to Tyra becoming a mom herself. In 2018 they even released a book they wrote together titled “Perfect is Boring,” and it’s a juicy read. Anytime you see them together in interviews or on Tyra’s shows, you can see the strong relationship they have; something all mothers and daughters dream of.

#8: Vaseline Giveaway

Some T.V. hosts give out cars, but Tyra isn’t most T.V. hosts. Instead, on her talk show, she gave the versatile gift of Vaseline and all of her beauty tips that go along with it. Everyone in the audience got a little bottle of Vaseline that was bedazzled with crystals. And of course Tyra had to be extra, well, extra for this episode. She rolled around on the ground and screamed to the Vaseline gods. Seriously, only Tyra Banks could get an entire audience so excited about Vaseline!

#7: When She Shows Us Her Smiles (Or Smizes)

Tyra believes that a smile is the most important thing you can wear, and she definitely knows how to style it. It’s no surprise that a model would know how to make her face look flawless, but with Tyra it comes with something more. She has this energy about her that makes her smile contagious. She is also the master and creator of the ‘smize’. She has taught hundreds of people how to smize, from models in America’s Next Top Model to celebrities like Lil Xan and Matt Smith.

#6: Celebrates Her Flaws and Embraces All Bodies

Tyra has always been a huge advocate for confidence in young girls, and body positivity comes with that territory. Early in her modelling career she decided she wouldn’t starve for the industry, and she has since become a role model for self-love. She’s not afraid to show herself without makeup, make fun of her “five-head”, and show how much she loves her big booty. When a rumor magazine tried fat-shaming her, she even gave an inspiring speech and told them exactly what they could do with their opinion.

#5: When She Interviewed Naomi Campbell

Tyra and Naomi Campbell had a legendary feud that lasted 14 long years. The media started the feud, but the competitive nature of the modeling industry perpetuated it. They were constantly compared to each other, which created animosity between them. To finally get closure, Tyra invited Naomi onto her show without a studio audience so they could talk it out. During the hour-long session they talked about their feelings, their experiences and their perspective of what happened. By the end of the show, they did the cat walk hand-in-hand and put their nasty past behind them.

#4: Her “Hot Ones” Interview

There have been a lot of funny celebrities on this popular YouTube series, but Tyra definitely takes the cake, or in this case the chicken wings. Even people who weren’t fans of Tyra were quickly converted by her dope personality. How can you not fall in love with her after watching this episode? She cries, she stuffs ice cream in her mouth, and she even swaps places with the cameraman. And that’s not even mentioning her sick rhymes, which were even more fiery than the wings. We needed a lot more than ice cream to cool down after this interview.

#3: Owning the Victoria’s Secret Runway

Tyra was an OG Victoria’s Secret Angel and she dominated the runway for 8 fierce years. The signature style of her walk was just being pure electric. She knew how to stomp a runway while getting the crowd pumped. She is extra both off and on the runway and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Over those 8 years she left behind a lot of memorable walks, especially her flamingo walk alongside Naomi Campbell. In 2005 she hung up her wings for good, but her legend will continue to strut on.

#2: “The Tyra Banks Show” Wins an Emmy

In 2008 “The Tyra Banks Show” won the Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Informative. If you’ve ever seen the show you’d know why it had to win! It was just the right combination of informative, hilarious and jaw dropping. It featured celebrities, medical marvels, and don’t forget that Vaseline giveaway! Tyra’s reaction to winning the Emmy was great, as she ran around hugging people before taking the stage to make her speech. Her show went on to win again in the same category the very next year, putting two Emmy’s under Tyra’s belt.

Before we reveal our top pick here are a few fierce honorable mentions.

She Teaches a Class at Stanford University

Her Work with the TZONE Foundation

When She Explained to Oprah How She Came Up with ANTM

#1: First African-American Woman on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover

Our number one spot goes to one of the biggest moments in Tyra’s career. In 1996 she became the first African-American woman to be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. It transformed her from a super model to a role model. In the same year she was also the first African-American woman to be featured on the cover of GQ. Tyra isn’t just a role model; she is a pioneer that has paved the way for models from all walks of life, and she continues to be an inspiration. Seriously, is there anything this woman can’t do?!