Top 10 Rick and Morty Villains



Top 10 Rick and Morty Villains

VOICE OVER: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
On adventures THIS crazy, you go up against some seriously odd foes. Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 “Rick and Morty” Villains So Far.

For this list, we'll be looking at the best antagonists from this Adult Swim show, and ranking them based on how threatening and/or entertaining they are, as well as their design and unique quirks. We won't be including Rick himself, since while he's not exactly a hero, he isn't a villain either.

Written by Garrett Alden
On adventures THIS crazy, you go up against some seriously odd foes. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 “Rick and Morty” Villains So Far.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best antagonists from this Adult Swim show, and ranking them based on how threatening and/or entertaining they are, as well as their design and unique quirks. We won’t be including Rick himself, since while he’s not exactly a hero, he isn’t a villain either.

#10: Fart

Sometimes, it takes a villain some time to reveal their true nature. A gaseous entity that Morty saves from assassination, this whimsical singing cloud is dubbed “Fart” by Rick. Fart’s darker nature is first hinted at when he manages to destroy their pursuers by himself; all the while singing inappropriately. It’s eventually revealed that Fart intends to return to his own dimension so he can come back with others of his kind to wipe out all carbon-based life in Rick and Morty’s universe. The contrast between Fart’s personality and his intentions make him one of kind, and his songs are very memorable and catchy, ensuring that he stays with you long after he’s been vaporized.

#9: Snowball

The Smith family’s adorable dog, Snuffles, is rather dumb, and his indoor urination leads Jerry to seek Rick’s help in increasing his intelligence to prevent this from happening. However, that first brain boost leads Snuffles to invent further devices, and things quickly get out of hand. Rechristening himself “Snowball”, and rocking a giant robotic exoskeleton, the once-lovable pup takes over Earth with the help of other canines, albeit only in a dream. In the end, thanks to his love for Morty, Snowball and his canine crew leave for another dimension, but during his time on earth, he nonetheless proved that man’s best friend is a force to be reckoned with.

#8: Shleemypants (the 4th Dimensional Testicle Monster)

When Rick, Morty, and Summer mess with time there are side effects: namely breaking time into multiple pieces as a result of their bickering and uncertainty. This prompts a visit from a 4th dimensional time cop who looks like a red testicle, revealed in supplementary material to be named Shleemypants. While the hideous, immortal, omniscient being is able to normalize time for the trio, he also plans to arrest them; prompting Rick to use the broken time to his advantage, splitting himself further to beat him up, and kill his living gun, Chris. With his amusing fondness for the word “ass,” and his Albert Einstein misunderstanding, Shleemypants is a great, if minor, antagonist.

#7: Beth’s Mytholog

At an unorthodox alien couples therapy retreat, Morty’s parents, Beth and Jerry, are given the opportunity to see exaggerated, physical representations of how they view each other, also called mythologs. The version of Beth that Jerry sees is basically a terrifying cross between her and one of the xenomorph queens from the “Alien” franchise. Devious and ruthless, mytholog Beth manages to escape her confinement and goes on a rampage throughout the retreat, killing numerous people and plotting greater domination. Beth and Jerry are able to stop her by creating alternate mythologs, but Queen Beth’s reign was glorious and terrifying while it lasted.

#6: The Galactic Federation

Despite sharing part of its name with the peaceful “Star Trek” government, the Galactic Federation is anything but harmonious. Seemingly ruled by the insectoid Gromflomites, the Federation is a longtime enemy of Rick and his friends, who are viewed as terrorists by the intergalactic government. After imprisoning Rick for his countless crimes against them and trying to discover how he travels between dimensions, Rick escapes, and manages to destroy their economy for good measure. While they seem to have been removed as a large scale threat, some of their members will probably return – speaking of which…

#5: Tammy Gueterman

One of Summer’s classmates, Tammy initially appears to be a more comedic side-character. She’s seemingly got love on the brain and falls for Rick’s friend Birdperson at a houseparty, eventually going on to marry him. However, during the reception, it’s revealed that she’s actually an undercover agent for the Galactic Federation who used the wedding as a pretext to get Rick and his allies in one place. Not much is known about who she really is, but she has to be pretty cold-hearted, as she shot and possibly murdered her husband - even if she does resurrect him as a cyborg. It’s only a matter of time before she and Phoenixperson person show up again.

#4: The Council of Ricks

Various Episodes
As we’ve seen, Rick hates the government. But he also hates himself. So he really hates a government made up of different versions of himself. The Council of Ricks is made up of Ricks from numerous realities, with various bizarre hairdos, who rule over a citadel of Ricks and Mortys who have banded together for protection against their enemies. Rick’s anti-establishment mentality naturally makes him antagonistic towards the Council, and they towards him, as they suspect him of a string of Rick murders, and even try to assassinate him when he’s captured by the Galactic Federation. Rick retaliates by effectively destroying the Council though; ominously leaving the Citadel of Ricks without a leader.

#3: The Alien Parasites

One of Rick and Morty’s adventures sees them accidentally bring home a telepathic parasite, which can insert itself into their memories to disguise itself and allow it to multiply. This leads to one of the series’ funniest stories, in which the whole family tries to discover who among them and their rapidly increasing cast of wacky friends is truly real; as explored via some rather amusing flashbacks. They eventually discover that the parasites can only create happy memories, leading to the family’s victory. The concept of the parasites is ingenious, and the assorted characters that crop up are hilarious and inventive. Sadly… the purging process is not without its missteps.

#2: Evil Morty

They say the best villains hit close to home, and it doesn’t get much closer than Evil Morty. We’re at first led to believe that he’s the sidekick to an evil version of Rick, but it’s eventually revealed that Evil Morty was pulling the strings all along. He’s next seen running for and winning the presidency of the Citadel, giving him a tremendous amount of power. Evil Morty is subject to a great deal of speculation as to his motives and origins, and we can only hope the truth delivers on our expectations in a satisfying way.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- The Cromulons
- The Zigerions
- Toxic Rick

#1: Drunk Rick

Yeah, okay, so we did say that Rick wouldn’t be on the list, and he isn’t – drunk Rick is. One drunken occasion sees him obliterate a powerful villain with ease and then torment his nominal allies with sadistic, “Saw”-style murder rooms. Another sees him nearly destroy the Earth with a neutrino bomb due to an alcohol-fueled idea of “starting fresh.” Now, we’ll grant you that Rick Sanchez is almost constantly inebriated... but the occasions in which he truly goes on a bender prove that his miniscule level of sobriety is all that’s stopping him from becoming a full-on supervillain.