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The Incredibles vs. Incredibles 2

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Cassandra Kalley Which is better? The Incredibles or Incredibles 2? We’re basing this list on a few rounds including animation, comedy, story and action! Which one did you like better?

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The Incredibles vs. Incredibles 2

After such a long wait, of course you’ll see it . . . but is it better? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be checking in on everyone’s favorite animated superhero family: The Incredibles. With their new film coming out 14 years after the first, is it worth the wait or will the original win out in the end? We’re looking at varying points of interest to determine which film is better, and we won’t even let nostalgia get in our way. P.S.: Spoiler Alert!

Round 1: Animation

Back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, the animation for all Pixar films was groundbreaking. Animation by way of computers had quickly been pushed into vogue by the new studio. And by the time “The Incredibles” came out in 2004, the public was excited to see what Pixar would come out with next. This movie was the studio’s biggest venture to that date, with tricky animation to pull off, like Violet’s hair and high-action scenes. But with Brad Bird at the helm - a man who had been around the animation block quite a few times - the film came out quite beautiful for its day.

Since then though, animation has obviously improved by leaps and bounds. And that’s not just at Pixar. A quick glance over the past decade and a half of animated films will prove that. But for the 3D “Incredibles 2” in particular, Bob Parr and his family feel more real than ever before. Thanks to advances in rendering and other tech, the textures of every scene - from the nightly dinner at the Parrs’ to a battle against The Underminer - are much more sophisticated in nature. And speaking of those battle sequences, they are much easier to execute as well, giving the animators time to perfect every millisecond.

Both of these films were and still are gems for their animation alone. “The Incredibles” was a challenge that Pixar rose to. But what the original invented, the sequel perfected.

Winner: “The Incredibles”: 0 / “Incredibles 2”: 1

Round 2: Comedy

Many of the laughs in the original film revolved around certain characters: Honey and, of course, Edna Mode. Though both their roles were small, almost everyone knows someone like either of them in real life, and therefore, they tickle our funny bones all the more. The same could said for the humor throughout “The Incredibles.” The relatable way the family interacts with one another is worthy of a giggle or two as the movie holds up a mirror to our own families. Plus, the one-liners and physical humor scattered throughout the film is simply iconic.

In “Incredibles 2”, however, the humor seems to rest largely on Jack-Jack and the progression of his superpowers. He cleary can’t handle them; he’s still just a baby after all. So, the rest of the family - and Lucius - have to do the handling. Sometimes, he’s used as a toy laser cannon. Sometimes, he’s shooting those lasers at a raccoon. Most of the time though, he’s running poor Bob ragged. But, of course, as with the first, Edna and Honey do make their appearances - albeit short ones - and make them memorably funny. We also definitely need more Edna-Jack-Jack pair-ups in our lives.

Though Jack-Jack driving his family a little crazy may make for some great comedic moments in the sequel, it’s tough to beat “The Incredibles” at the humorously relatable game.

Winner: “The Incredibles”: 1 / “Incredibles 2”: 1

Round 3: Story

Throughout “The Incredibles”, the world in which the main characters live is introduced to us, as well as the particulars of the characters themselves. We get to see Bob and Helen as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, respectively. And then, when Supers are outlawed, we get to see them as their “mild-mannered alter-ego[s].” We feel the strain of family and work, but also the love of an accepting home. And of course, via a certain number one fan who we’ll get to later, we learn the dangers of not being kind to the adoring public. For an origins story, “The Incredibles” pretty much has it all.

In “Incredibles 2” though, the family dynamic gets flipped on its head. Bob is now a stay-at-home dad, attempting to learn new math, and we finally get to see Elastigirl really get her time in the spotlight. There is more exploration into the world of Supers versus everyday people, while still trying to get superheros back into the public’s good graces through The Deavors’ company, Devtech. “Incredibles 2” finds a way to do something new with its story and does not fall back on easy superhero tropes.

So, while the plot of the first film was interesting, fun, and funny enough to draw in viewers the world over, the story of the sequel will keep them coming. And with the space and ability to flesh out these lovable characters even more, “Incredibles 2” takes this round.

Winner: “The Incredibles”: 1 / “Incredibles 2”: 2

Round 4: Action

From the opening moments of a simple car chase and the not-so-simple encounter with Bomb Voyage, right up to the end when the Parrs’ house explodes, “The Incredibles” is loaded with action sequences. And each one is more fun and engaging than the last, pulling us deeper and deeper into the world of the Supers. There are huge battles against robots. There are smaller, slier battles against guards. And along the way, there is a plane crash and Jack-Jack’s demon side. All in all, it’s an intense thrill ride.

“Incredibles 2” keeps that action going, picking up right where the previous movie left off. Remember The Underminer? He’s after all of the city’s money. Elastigirl saves a bullet train and even takes on Screenslaver in a one-on-one battle. And as with its predecessor, there is plenty of high-action to keep a viewer engaged and make it easy to fall in love with the Parr family and their super-friends all over again.

Seeing as how both of these films are overflowing with heroics, it’s easy to say that action sequences abound, and in both, they are pretty amazing. However, with fight scenes like the one on the island and even against Bomb Voyage, we have to give this round to “The Incredibles.”

Winner: “The Incredibles”: 2 / “Incredibles 2”: 2

Round 5: Villain

In both movies in the “Incredibles” franchise, there are sub-villains and the main villain. In “The Incredibles,” the sub-villain is Bomb Voyage, a baddie who Mr. Incredible has clearly fought and lost to before. But Buddy Pine, aka Syndrome, is the cautionary tale of mistreating your fans. Vendetta-driving resentment is a pretty hard emotion to shake - as we’ll find in the sequel as well - and it is the motivating force behind all of Syndrome’s misdeeds. He has spent his whole life, his money, and his very resourceful mind, to bring about the end of Mr. Incredible – going so far as to kill other Supers to perfect the killing machine that’ll do it. That and his death scene make us question whether this is a kids movie.

Meanwhile, in the sequel, the previously mentioned Underminer is pretty well forgotten in the first action sequence – but if you stayed past the credits, you may know that he’s far from gone. Throughout much of “Incredibles 2,” another vendetta-ridden supervillain is here to take on the super-family and company: Screenslaver. Screenslaver’s abilities are admittedly pretty awesome, capable of hypnotising anyone to do their bidding. With far more than just a vendetta against one specific Super, Screenslaver’s out to make all Supers pay.

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