Top 10 Multiplayer Mobile Games



Top 10 Multiplayer Mobile Games

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Looking for some multiplayer on the go? We've got you covered! Welcome to, and today we'll be taking a look at the Top 10 Multiplayer Mobile Games.

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Top 10 Multiplayer Mobile Games

The mobile gaming market is certainly big enough for two players -and a whole lot more. Welcome to, and today we’ll be taking a look at the Top 10 Multiplayer Mobile Games.

For this list, we’re highlighting games that offer a friendly, and/or competitive experience on our mobile devices. The game must have a multiplayer component to qualify, as we are looking not just at the entertainment value, but how well it thrives in a multiplayer environment. Also, as a few these games may include violence, a small Mature Warning, is in effect.

#10: “Mortal Kombat X” (2015)

The ultraviolent fighting game has come to mobile devices… and it ain’t half bad. While fighting game veterans may miss the extensive combo system, fans of the evisceration and the series as a whole will still find a lot to love in this port. Collecting fighters via a card-based system, you go up against other players with a squad of three chosen fighters from your deck, and the last one standing wins. The same fatalities and x-ray bone-crunching action is displayed in full, giving even casual fighting game fans the chance to experience the brutality that series veterans have known for decades.

#9: “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” (2011)

Shortly after “Minecraft’s” initial release, the mobile market was quick to rip-off the mining giant. With all the copycats out there, one question on everyone’s mind was when Minecraft would arrive on their smart devices. Turns out they didn’t have to wait long, as “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” released in 2011 to not so great acclaim. Way behind in features compared to the PC version, it would take another few years for the “Pocket Edition” to be comparable to its original counterpart. Despite this setback, the mobile version has successfully captured the casual survival and building aspects perfectly now, allowing builders the leisure of mobility -provided your friends aren’t griefers.

#8: “Lineage II: Revolution” (2017)

Long before “WoW” took over the MMORPG genre, there existed a plethora of games seeking that attention. One such series made a surprising return in 2017 with a new entry, but this time, in the form of a mobile game. Taking on a more hack and slash approach, the game boasts a surprising number of players and enemies on screen -feats usually only accomplished on PCs and consoles. With both massive PvP and co-op PvE battles strewn throughout the game, this little pocket MMO is full of surprises and plenty of content to keep any MMORPG fan entertained.

#7: “Spaceteam” (2012)

When you think multiplayer, you typically think of ONLINE gaming nowadays. “Couch” multiplayer seems to be a thing of the past, until “Spaceteam” came along. A co-op ship simulation game, each player takes their own controls over a spaceship, and must converse with one another to keep it afloat. The removal of seeing what other people are doing helps to demand more cooperation, while keeping everyone on their toes -as one wrong button press and its game over. The nostalgic feel of you and your friends playing the same game in one room will please older gamers while new comers will find the gameplay fresh and engaging.

#6: “World of Tanks Blitz” (2014)

Back during the boom of Free to play games, “World of Tanks” managed to take its place among the ranks -with their mobile port “Blitz” following shortly after. Like most mobile ports, it is a bit smaller than its PC counterpart - with the team size halved, and map sizes much smaller to compensate. However, reduced size actually allows for faster-paced battles, giving mobile owners a nice quick fix of their favorite tank vs. tank video game. With updates still rolling out -see what we did there?- this port is still a worthy pick-up to play with friends.

#5: “Vainglory” (2014)

Back in the early 2010’s MOBAs (or massive online battle arenas) were the hot new genre steadily on the rise, with several companies throwing themselves into the ring with their own titles. While the mobile market may seem too small to handle the tactics, precision, and timing of MOBAs, “Vainglory” managed to successfully break in. Not only will its gameplay please veteran players, but “Vainglory” is a wholly original game with its own maps and characters built from the ground up, something several copycats lack. Despite lacking the casual qualities of typical mobile games, Vainglory still manages to capture and convert a swath of gamers into the mobile world of MOBA’s.

#4: “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Mobile” (2018)

Arguably the game that created the battle royale boom, “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” was one of the biggest games of 2017 -garnering a massive audience in just months, something which takes most independent games years to accomplish. With the popularity and player base growing rapidly, it wasn’t long before a mobile version was released, which is surprisingly well optimized for handheld devices. The controls are focused and responsive, and the gameplay is just as exciting as on PC and Xbox. “PUBG” has found a new home on phones and tablets, with the same battle royale scheme we all know and love. All this, plus a Free to play model helped to keep “PUBG” relevant, despite the rising competition...

#3: “Pokémon GO” (2016)

The “Pokémon” series is a gaming phenomenon, enthralling players since Pokemon Red and Blue released on the Gameboy in the late 90’s. With Nintendo entering the mobile market, they released “Pokémon GO”. A global explosion soon followed suit, with this AR “Pokémon” game “capturing” the world’s attention. While the gameplay was very basic, its encouragement to explore and travel the real world to find Pokémon was a fantastic mechanic. This combined with gym battles, and in later updates, a new generation of pokemon and the ability to trade, has made the game a must-play for Pokémon fans. A whole new social hemisphere opened up with this game, and very few mobile titles can boast the success of Pokémon GO.

#2: “Hearthstone” (2014)

Trading card games have come a long way, and while physical games are still going strong, “Hearthstone” is one of the reigning kings -and it’s digital. Combining both casual and hardcore styles of gameplay, with a variety of heroes from Blizzards biggest titles, “Hearthstone shines on mobile platforms. It’s the perfect excuse to pull out your phone during a lunch break or your daily commute and vanquish your opponents in one-on-one duels. With a plethora of new cards added every year, this is one addicting card game you won’t need to buy a binder for.

#1: “Fortnite” (2018)

All aboard the mobile party bus! As if “Fortnite’s rise to fame wasn’t enough, Epic Games released the game on Apple devices, garnering an even bigger audience -and more money- in the process. Still managing to hold onto 100 players at a time, the mobile version didn’t skimp on features nor on its art style -preserving both to give anyone with a good enough Apple device one of the biggest games to date. It may lack the controls that allow for greater building precision on its console and PC counterparts, but it still boasts the same last man standing experience the world has gone crazy for.