Top 10 Janice & Chandler Moments on Friends



Top 10 Janice & Chandler Moments on Friends

Janice and Chandler may not have been the best couple but they were definitely one of the funniest couples on Friends! For this list, we're looking at the funniest and most memorable moments between these two characters. We've included moments like when Chandler can't break up with her, Joey and Janice's day of fun, when she thinks she's “family”, when they're not “cuddly sleepers” and when she leaves him. What's your favourite Janice and Chanler moment?

Top 10 Janice & Chandler Moments

They may not have been the best couple, but they’re definitely our favorite to laugh at. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for Top 10 Janice & Chandler Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at the funniest and most memorable moments between these two characters on “Friends.”

#10: When Chandler Can't Break Up with Her (The 1st Time)

“The One with the East German Laundry Detergent”

In the first season of “Friends,” we’re introduced to Janice as Chandler’s girlfriend who he just can’t seem to get rid of. Every time he tries to break things off with her, something comes up that prevents him from getting the job done. When he has reached a point of total desperation, he calls in a favor from Phoebe, who is known for ending relationships without them ever getting messy. She manages to do what Chandler couldn’t with total ease. If only we could know what Phoebe said!

#9: Joey & Janice's Day of Fun

“The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy”

Okay, so admittedly this one is less of a Chandler and Janice moment and more of a Joey and Janice moment. In one of the brief periods where Chandler actually wants to be with Janice, he realizes that Joey straight up can’t stand her. In an attempt to rectify the situation, Janice recommends they spend some more time together. She plans a “day of fun” for the two of them, much to Joey’s horror. Despite the fact that their bonding time doesn’t exactly work, Chandler is at least happy that Joey tried. After all, what are friends for?

#8: When She Thinks She's "Family"

"The One with Ross's Library Book"

Even many years after they’ve broken up and Chandler is engaged to Monica, he just can’t seem to shake Janice’s presence in his life. After Monica runs into her at work and tells her about their engagement, Janice presumes that she’ll be invited. When they tell her it will be a small ceremony with just family, she is honored to be considered close enough to attend. In the end, Monica has to find a way to ensure she doesn’t show up at their wedding and is willing to do whatever it takes.

#7: Telling Chandler He's the Father of Her Baby

"The One Where Rachel Has a Baby"

In Season 8 when Rachel is about to have her baby, she has to put up with woman after woman going into labor more quickly than she is. One of these women turns out to be none other than Janice (xref)! When Chandler hears her distinctive laugh from another room, he has to come see what’s going on. The two haven’t seen each other in a while at this point, but Janice still manages to make him think (for at least a moment) that the baby is his. The look in Chandler’s eyes couldn’t be more priceless.

#6: When They're Not "Cuddly Sleepers"

"The One with the Jam"

In Season 3, Chandler goes to Ross and Rachel for advice when he finds that he has a few minor relationship issues with Janice. As one of the show’s veteran couples by this point, they’re happy to oblige. Chandler needs to figure out how he can sleep in bed with Janice when she wants to cuddle and he needs his space. Ross teaches him about the “hug and roll” technique once Rachel leaves the room. Unfortunately, though, it seems like Chandler needed a little more practice because he does not exactly perfect it on the first shot.

#5: When She Leaves Him

"The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel"

For much of their relationship, Chandler is the one trying to get Janice out of his life, but in Season 3 when he goes overboard trying to make his commitment to her known, the situation is reversed. She thinks things are moving too fast when he, in a panic, suggests they move in together. The girls have to pick up the pieces and offer Chandler advice on how to cope... and how to win her back. While his initial attempts don’t go over so well, the episode ends with both Chandler and Janice declaring their love for each other, much to the girls’ chagrin.

#4: Online Dating

"The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding"

Modern viewers may find the computer that Chandler gets in Season 2 to be comically outdated, but it’s still high tech enough to get him into some serious trouble. After joining an online dating service, he begins chatting online with a woman who he feels an instant connection with. As they become closer and closer, they decide it’s finally time to meet in person. You probably know where this one’s going if you’re familiar with the show. Of course, Chandler’s mysterious internet lover is not such a stranger after all!

#3: Yemen

"The One with All the Rugby"

In a callback to the show’s first season, Chandler and Janice are unexpectedly back together in Season 4 after Janice goes through a divorce. Once again, Chandler is scrambling for ways to dump her, and ends up going to extreme measures to make sure she’s out of his life for good. Going as far as actually getting on a plane to Yemen after telling her he’s been transferred there, we know that he’s serious about the break up this time around. We would love to know what happened to him when he got off the plane!

#2: When Chandler Confesses His Love

"The One Where Estelle Dies"

Fun fact: Janice manages to make an appearance in some way or another in every season of “Friends,” including once where just her voice his heard. In the show’s final season, Monica and Chandler are buying a home in the suburbs when they find out that Janice is looking at the house next door. In a fit of desperation to avoid having her as their neighbor for the foreseeable future, the couple has to work together to figure out how to stop her. Chandler takes one for the team and confesses his undying love for her in order to ensure that she stays far, far away.

#1: Being Set Up on a Blind Date

"The One with the Candy Hearts"

After Phoebe helps Chandler break up with Janice in Season 1, it seems like he’s finally free and clear. But when Valentine’s Day is approaching, Joey asks Chandler to do him a favor and accompany him on a double date so he can see the girl he’s into. When Chandler arrives at the restaurant, though, he’s shocked to find that this blind date is awfully familiar. Things may start off rocky considering their recent breakup, but somehow it all ends with Chandler and Janice in bed together. No matter how hard he tried, he just can’t keep her away!