Top 10 Smash Characters Fans Want The Most



Top 10 Smash Characters Fans Want The Most

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released on December 7th, and fans are in a frenzy over the insane amount of characters who will be included! That being said, even with over 65 playable characters, there are more than a handful of fan-favorites who have been shunned in every previous title! For this list, we can down the fans picks for their most wanted characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

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Fans want these characters to join the battle. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 most requested characters fans want to see in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

For this list, we’ll be going over the characters fans most want to see in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” the upcoming fighting game for Nintendo Switch. For the record, these aren’t our picks - for those, check out our discussion on MojoPlays. Rather, they’re what many fans seem to want.

#10: Skull Kid
“The Legend of Zelda” series (1987-)

First appearing in “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” in the lost woods, and later in “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask” wearing the eponymous mask, the Skull Kid is a malevolent and mischievous character whose design, powers, and status as a somewhat tragic villain make him a popular character. Fans have been particularly ardent that he may be destined for the new “Smash Bros.” not only because his abilities could make for an interesting fighter, as seen in “Hyrule Warriors,” but also because of cryptic clues in the latest Nintendo direct, which may point to his inclusion. Whether there’s truth to them or not, it would be great to see Skull Kid in the game.

#9: Isaac
“Golden Sun” series (2001-10)

The young protagonist of the hit RPG series “Golden Sun,” particularly its first installment, Isaac has been a highly requested character for “Smash Bros” ever since he appeared as an assist trophy in “Super Smash Bros. Brawl,” and the game also featured a remix from his game. Fans have pointed to Isaac’s numerous magical abilities, primarily centered on manipulating the earth, as a potentially unique and interesting move set for the series. Some former assist trophies like Little Mac and Dark Samus have become regular fighters, so there’s hope yet for Isaac.

#8: Shantae
“Shantae” series (2002-)

A half-genie hero who lends her name to her game series, Shantae is a character many have wished, upon lamps or not, would appear in “Smash.” Despite being from an indie game series, all of Shantae’s appearances have been on Nintendo platforms, which many feel qualifies her for a spot; especially over 3rd party characters who aren’t even on Nintendo consoles. In addition, Shantae’s interesting moves, which include a hair whip and animal transformations, could prove fun to work with in “Smash.” Plus, “Smash” just needs more female characters.

#7: Crash Bandicoot
“Crash Bandicoot” Franchise (1996-)

Another titular hero, Crash Bandicoot is the goofy star of a series of platform games, and several spin-offs. With his wealth of personality, signature spin move and assorted power ups, Crash seems like he’d be fairly straightforward to create moves for. Although generally associated with Playstation, Crash missed out on that company’s attempt at a crossover fighting game, and given that some of his games have been available on Nintendo platforms, Crash is a character some feel would be a perfect fit for “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

#6: Sora
“Kingdom Hearts” series (2002-)

Sora is the hero of the “Kingdom Hearts” series. No stranger to crossovers, given that his series prominently features both Disney and “Final Fantasy” characters, Sora wields a blade and uses several kinds of magic; similar to some other fighters already in “Smash.” Sora may be a third party character, but he has appeared in a few games on Nintendo consoles, and that’s more than Cloud from “Final Fantasy” can claim, and he got in. Still, “Kingdom Hearts” being partly tied to Disney could make things tricky, since, even if they’re all about crossovers these days, they can be stingy with their properties.

#5: Shadow the Hedgehog
“Sonic the Hedgehog” series (1991-)

Sometimes villain and sometimes ally of Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow is an edgier character of the same species. Since Sonic’s inclusion in “Smash Bros. Brawl,” fans have been clamoring for another Sonic character and Shadow in particular is a popular choice, partly due to his personality and because he was already an assist trophy, but also because of how similar he is to Sonic; meaning he would be relatively easy to make into an echo fighter. Given that third party characters, like Simon Belmont, have been established as being able to have echo fighters, Shadow is looking more and more likely to be “cast” in “Smash Ultimate.”

#4: Banjo & Kazooie
“Banjo-Kazooie” series (1998-2008)

A two-for-one fighter, Banjo and Kazooie are the bear and bird who gave their series its name. Although owned by Rare, and now Microsoft, the characters began their time on the Nintendo 64, and fans have clamored for the duo to appear in “Smash” for years. Banjo and Kazooie also have one of the largest move sets of any characters on our list, which gives plenty of options to choose from when creating a fighter for “Smash.” With their Nintendo roots, varied moves, and fun personalities, Banjo and Kazooie seem like a great choice for “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”…just as long as they stay away from “Nuts and Bolts!”

#3: Son Goku
“Dragon Ball” series (1984-)

“But WatchMojo,” we can hear you asking, “Goku isn’t even a video game character!” Perfectly true – but gamers’ hearts want what gamers’ hearts want. The star of the “Dragon Ball” anime franchise, Goku is no stranger to fighting, fighting games, or even crossover fighting games, as “Dragon Ball” has featured plenty of all three over the years. While an incredibly popular character, we’re a bit doubtful that we’ll be seeing the Saiyan warrior in “Smash Bros Ultimate,” since, besides being an anime character, Goku’s moves might be hard to capture in the engine and he may be busy with another crossover fighting game in the near future.

#2: Geno
“Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars” (1996)

Despite appearing primarily in a single game decades ago, Geno is an incredibly popular character request for “Smash Bros.” games. A living puppet with guns for arms and a party member in “Super Mario RPG,” Geno has some fantastic moves, and a great design that seem perfect for “Smash Bros.” Even “Smash Bros.” director Masahiro Sakurai has gone on record about wanting Geno in the games, while a Geno costume was even included for the Mii Gunners. With several seemingly impossible characters now confirmed for “Smash Bros. Ultimate,” here’s hoping that we get our wish upon a star for Geno in the game.
Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

#1: Waluigi
“Mario Bros.” series (1981-)

Waluigi is a weird character that started as kind of a joke, but who has gradually developed a strangely devoted fan following. So, seeing that Waluigi is once again an assist trophy in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” crushed the dreams of many a fan to the bizarre, memetic character…and they have not shut up about it since then! We get the frustration, since it seems like nearly every secondary Mario character is playable in “Smash” by now and Waluigi still doesn’t even have an official game of his own yet. But even so, we shouldn’t let the lack of “Wah” ruin the game for us.

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