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Top 10 Actors You Forgot Appeared on New Girl

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Miller

Oh yeah! Remember them? For this list, we’re looking at actors and actresses who had guest spots on this American TV sitcom. Our list includes Tiffany Haddish, Stephen Amell, Brooklyn Decker, Kaitlin Olson, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Actors You Forgot Appeared on New Girl.

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Script written by Nick Miller

Top 10 Actors You Forgot Appeared on New Girl

Oh yeah! Remember them? Welcome to Ms. Mojo, and today, we’re counting down the Top 10 Actors You Forgot Appeared on New Girl.

For this list, we’re looking at actors and actresses who had guest spots on this American TV sitcom.

#10: Kaitlin Olson

Best known for playing Sweet Dee on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” Kaitlin Olson appeared in two episodes in season four as Ashley, as an old classmate rival of Jess and Cece who also happens to be engaged to Jess’ father. “Trashley Berkman,” as she’s known by Jess and Cece, is a former promiscuous drug-using bully, and Jess becomes set on breaking up her relationship with Mr. Day before realizing the error of her ways. Olson is hilarious in her appearances as Ashley, and eventually marries Jess’ father with the full support of Jess and her friends.

#9: Alexandra Daddario

Back in seasons three and four, rising actress Alexandra Daddario appeared in two episodes as Michelle, one of two new neighbors that Schmidt, Winston and Coach are all interested in. Initially, the three guys go above and beyond trying to help the ladies with their move, attempting to sleep with them in the most transparent way possible. By season four, Winston is still doing favors for the women in hopes of “scoring,” and the girls are both playing along. In her final scene, Michelle questionably decides to sleep with Winston so he’ll continue to do things around the apartment. Also, she says, because she “kind of wants to.”

#8: Lake Bell

Accomplished actress and director Lake Bell has a good working relationship with “New Girl” creator Elizabeth Meriwether. In fact, Meriwether’s follow up to “New Girl” is currently set to feature Bell in one of the leading roles. It’s no surprise, then, that Bell appeared in “New Girl” all the way back in the fourth episode of season one! Bell plays Amanda, a co-worker of Nick’s with whom he has a couple of awkward dates. After Jess sees Nick naked, it throws him off his game, and it goes without saying that things don’’t work out between Nick and Amanda after that.

#7: Brooklyn Decker

Model and actress Brooklyn Decker appeared in season two of “New Girl” as Holly, a girl the gang meets at a bar, who (of course) becomes a point of competition between Nick and Schmidt. The normally blonde model appears as a brunette in the episode, which may be why many fans forgot she appeared at all! Holly and her friend end up back at the apartment, participating in a memorable and risque game of True American. Though Schmidt, with the help of Cece, eventually wins the admiration of Holly, the episode ends with the first kiss between Nick and Jess, so the night didn’t go too bad for him either.

#6: John Cho

During the filming of season five, Zooey Deschanel went on maternity leave, and the show had Jess stuck in sequestered jury duty to explain her absence. In her final episode before leaving, Jess meets a handsome lawyer played by John Cho. Cho’s character, Daniel Grant, interviews Jess, who at first attempts to get out of jury duty before Grant sets her on the right path. Cho has appeared in a variety of movies and TV shows, ranging from the “Harold & Kumar” franchise to “The Mindy Project.” Cho appeared in only a few short scenes here, so we’ll forgive you if you forgot about this brief cameo.

#5: Fred Armisen

During Jess’ jury duty absence, when the rest of the group needed to figure out a way to pay for her share of rent, Nick decides to turn the apartment into an AirBnB. “Saturday Night Live” alum and “Portlandia” star Fred Armisen appears as Brandon, an aspiring writer and just plain strange dude. In his few scenes, we see Brandon join Schmidt at the urinal, and read to Schmidt the love scene he’s currently working on. At the episode’s end, Brandon appears again, this time in a wig, wearing what are presumably Jess’ clothes. Yeah, on the other hand, we would understand if this one stood out in your memory.

#4: Stephen Amell

Remember some of Cece’s early love interests? Before becoming the leading man on the CW’s “Arrow,” Stephen Amell guest starred in season one of “New Girl” as Kyle, Cece’s hunky but jerk-ish boyfriend for a brief time, who obviously makes Schmidt extremely jealous. Kyle is clearly not the right guy for Cece, but it is fun to see the usually-stern and sharp Amell play a bumbling idiot. Eventually, after a terrible night, Cece breaks up with Kyle on Valentine’s Day, and almost immediately has sex with Schmidt. Believe us, though, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Kyle kinda deserved that one.

#3: Adam Brody

This former “O.C.” star appeared as Berkley, a stay-at-home dad ex-boyfriend of Jess’. The two remained friends after their break-up because, as Nick describes, he wants to “bone her.” When Nick’s ex finds out he and Jess are dating and freaks out, Jess decides to get Berkley involved for advice, and he brings his baby over to the apartment. It’s not long before Berkley tells Jess he wants to leave his wife for her. Brody’s one-episode performance is one of the funniest guest spots in the entire series, and it’s somehow not even the most surprising cameo in the episode...

#2: Tiffany Haddish

In the B-plot of that very same episode, Schmidt finds himself lonely in his new apartment, so he makes keys for Coach and Winston to try to get people over as much as possible. This leads to Schmidt, Coach and Winston all bringing girls home to Schmidt’s apartment at the same time. It’s an over-the-top and cliched storyline, but the woman paired up with Coach is played by none other than Tiffany Haddish. Just a short time before she broke out as an A-lister, Haddish dropped this hilarious cameo as her character Leslie gets freaked out by the strange situation and leaves.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Henry Winkler

Busy Phillips

Billy Eichner

#1: Dylan O’Brien

You may remember the season two episode “Virgins,” where each member of the group has a flashback recounting their experience losing their virginity. What you might not remember is that the mysterious guy that Jess lost her virginity to was played by “Maze Runner” star Dylan O’Brien. O’Brien played the nameless guy who Jess encountered twice; once on her prom night and again a few years after high school, when she slept with him. It wasn’t a great experience, considering they tried having sex in the local park only to get stuck in a miniature castle with a dead body nearby and ended up in front of a crowd. Yeah, that happened.

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