Top 10 Lady Gaga A Star Is Born Press Looks



Top 10 Lady Gaga A Star Is Born Press Looks

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Lady Gaga has been owning it on the red carpet during her A Star is Born press tour! For this list, we're taking a look at outfits Lady Gaga has rocked in correlation to the press tour for “A Star Is Born.” We've included looks like the One-Strap White Dress by Victoria Beckham at the Toronto International Film Festival (2018), the Classic Screen Star by Armani Privé at the Toronto International Film Festival (2018), Going Red by Ralph & Russo at the Toronto International Film Festival (2018), the Marilyn Monroe by Alana at the Venice International Film Festival (2018) and Bathing Beauty by Jonathan Simkhai at the Venice International Film Festival (2018).

Top 10 Lady Gaga A Star Is Born Press Looks

When it comes to fashion, few stars shine brighter than Gaga. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Lady Gaga A Star Is Born Press Looks.

For this list, we’re taking a look at outfits Lady Gaga has rocked during the press tour for “A Star Is Born.”

#10: One-Strap White Dress by Victoria Beckham

Toronto International Film Festival (2018)

“A Star Is Born” was screened at the 43rd annual Toronto International Film Festival along with several other major award season contenders. Lady Gaga donned a series of striking outfits throughout the event, including this sleek Victoria Beckham dress at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Showcasing a single strap with a button, Gaga’s white dress is complemented by Ana Khouri diamond earrings and a bracelet by Simplicity. Speaking of simplicity, this attire is a subtle change of pace compared to the extravagant wardrobe choices the singer/actress is known for. Of course, she still brings a special flair to the garb that’s 100% Gaga.

#9: Classic Screen Star by Armani Privé

Toronto International Film Festival (2018)

Another ensemble from TIFF, Gaga attended Roy Thomson Hall in this gleaming grey dress. Aside from her glistening jewelry and slick high heels, the most stylish accessory would have to be Gaga’s black hat, which evokes memories of classic Hollywood. This is fitting on multiple levels, as “A Star Is Born” is a timeless story that’s attracted a wide range of immortal actresses throughout multiple generations, from Judy Garland to Barbara Streisand. The most recent interpretation marks Gaga’s official transition from singer to bona fide screen star and this look perfectly matches that sentiment. Gaga steals the spotlight, which is no easy feat when sharing the stage with Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, and Dave Chappelle.

#8: Going Red by Ralph & Russo
Toronto International Film Festival (2018)

Once again entrancing the Canadian paparazzi, Gaga made her way to the TIFF Bell Lightbox wearing a ravishing Ralph & Russo ensemble. Gaga almost entirely draped herself in burgundy velvet, although she left one of her shoulders exposed and free to breathe. The outfit only accentuated Gaga’s hourglass figure, putting an emphasis on curves in all the right places. Between the dress’ fit and color, Gaga resembled a tall bottle of refreshing red wine we can all toast to. This wasn’t the only bold fashion choice Gaga made at the press conference, as she was also given a Queer Network T-shirt following a touching shout out to the gay community.

#7: Pink & Black Blossom by Ralph & Russo

Toronto International Film Festival (2018)

Gaga turned to Ralph & Russo once again for this outfit while also sporting a familiar black hat. Following a screening of her film, Gaga attended Audi Canada and Links of London’s after party in a black velvet garment with bright pink lining. In many respects, this dress encompasses the current status of Gaga’s career. The black exterior signifies her transition into a serious actress. On the inside, though, Gaga is still the colorful pop star we know and love. The dress is also reminiscent of a flower, with the slim skirt resembling a stem and the top portion looking like a series of petals. Gaga was truly blossoming as she arrived at Masonic Temple.

#6: Marilyn Monroe by Alaïa

Venice International Film Festival (2018)

Before making it to Toronto, “A Star Is Born” had its world premiere at the 75th Venice International Film Festival. Once again tying into her breakthrough success as an actress, Gaga channeled screen legend Marilyn Monroe with a white dress that would feel right at home in “The Seven Year Itch.” Gaga’s blonde hairdo also called Marilyn’s golden locks to mind. On top of that, Gaga blew kisses to spectators as she walked down the carpet at Sala Casino, borrowing one of Marilyn’s signature moves. In true Marilyn fashion, Gaga’s ensemble wouldn’t have been complete without her pink engagement ring, which just screamed, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

#5: Bathing Beauty by Jonathan Simkhai

Venice International Film Festival (2018)

Nobody makes an entrance quite like Gaga. Kicking off the press tour for “A Star Is Born,” Gaga made her debut at the Venice Film Festival on a boat. Gaga’s black mini dress couldn’t have been a more appropriate choice for her arrival. Her apparel greatly resembled a bathing suit, as if she was ready to take a dip in the water. At the same time, the dress still felt classy enough for a fancy cocktail party, striking just the right balance of formal and casual. Gaga topped her ensemble off with a red rose, which is poetic seeing how the first song Jackson hears Ally perform in the film is “La Vie en Rose.”

#4: Fit for a Queen by Alexander McQueen
UK Premiere of “A Star Is Born” (2018)

On September 27, 2018, Gaga arrived at Vue West End for the film’s premiere in the United Kingdom. Given the location, she dressed accordingly with an over-the-top yet elegant gown well-worthy of Elizabeth I. Gaga sent out serious royal vibes as she walked the red carpet in a corset embellished with gold and pearls. The Elizabethan look was only highlighted through Gaga’s larger than life skirt and a tousled collar decorated around her neck. Despite the evident historical inspirations, Gaga still brought a modern sensibility to the piece. Considering that Gaga has included numerous Alexander McQueen creations in her music videos, it’s not surprising that she was able to pull this look off with ease.

#3: A Fancy Funeral by Armani Privé

Toronto International Film Festival (2018)

Gaga is no stranger to costume changes, but she totally outdid herself at TIFF. Of all the outfits she wore on September 9, 2018, none sparked as much attention than this all-back ensemble. Gaga practically slipped by unrecognized until she pulled back her veil, which transitioned into shoulder accessories. Gaga not only revealed her face, but also a glittery hat and heart-shaped Chopard earrings. It’s ironic that Gaga would attend the premiere for “A Star Is Born” wearing a color typically associated with funerals. Then again, we guess you could say that Gaga is saying goodbye to one chapter of her career and ushering in a new era, as if a star is being reborn.

#2: Silver Medal by Givenchy Haute Couture

US Premiere of “A Star Is Born” (2018)

After wowing everyone at Venice and Toronto, Gaga had to step up her game for the film’s premiere in Los Angeles. She didn’t disappoint at the Shrine Auditorium where all eyes were on her Bulgari jewelry, Ruthie Davis heels, and shimmering silver gown, which was matched by a silver hairdo. The dress, which was designed by Clare Waight Keller, came complete with a dazzling cape that could seemingly stretch for miles. This ensemble is actually an affectionate nod to Barbara Streisand, who wore a similar dress to the Grammy Awards in her version of “A Star Is Born.” Gaga couldn’t have looked more statuesque, which is fitting considering the award buzz her performance has generated.

#1: Flamingo by Valentino

Venice International Film Festival (2018)

Ever since rising to superstardom, Lady Gaga has promoted the philosophy that behind every monster is something beautiful. In that sense, the gown she wore to the Venice screening for “A Star Is Born” summed up everything Gaga stands for. On one hand, this bombastic concoction from designer Pierpaolo Piccioli is an all-consuming force to be reckoned with. On the other hand, it’s an unusually gorgeous ensemble that embraces Gaga’s fearless nature, lively personality, and unwavering ability to make heads turn. Laced with pink features akin to a flamingo’s, it’s as if Gaga has taken flight and nothing can pull her down. She’s a shooting star flying over a world that’s going gaga for her.