Top 10 Best Multiplayer RPGs



Top 10 Best Multiplayer RPGs

VOICE OVER: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
If you're going to Role Play, why not do it together? Today, we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Multiplayer RPGs! For this list, we're looking at some of the best RPGs you can play with your friends! Note that we're not including MMOs; they have an entire list of their own!

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Top 10 Multiplayer RPGs

If you’re going to Role Play, why not do it together? Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Multiplayer RPGs!

For this list, we’re looking at some of the best RPGs you can play with your friends! Note that we’re not including MMOs; they have an entire list of their own!

#10: “Torchlight II” (2012)

Sometimes, you don’t need a super complicated narrative or combat system to have a good time. That’s where “Torchlight II” comes in. In addition to randomly generated dungeons to keep the gameplay fresh, “Torchlight II” took time to smooth out some rough edges that its predecessor left behind, such as the lack of multiplayer and weak story. On top of that, it never feels like missions are cheating you out of rewards. “Torchlight II” doesn’t break new ground or innovate all that much, but it’s a ton of fun and chock-full of content, which makes it worth WAY more than its twenty-dollar price tag!

#9: “Dragon’s Crown” (2013)

“Dragon's Crown” is a blast to play with friends! You and up to three other players can choose from a small handful of characters to play as throughout your campaign. There's the mighty Dwarf, the fierce Fighter, the well-balanced Elf, the powerful Wizard, the awesome Amazon, and the insanely bouncy Sorceress, who may or may not get this video demonetized. Each character gets their own special moves and skill trees, which makes the combat exciting and invigorating. So, if you’re wanting an RPG with some beat ‘em up arcade elements, you can’t go wrong with “Dragon’s Crown”!

#8: “Tales of Vesperia” (2008)

While it lacks an online multiplayer mode, “Tales of Vesperia” still deserves a spot on this list for how it pulls off local multiplayer. You and up to three of your friends can control different members of your party, and as standard as this may sound, this is actually where the game truly shines. Pulling off combos with friends is immensely satisfying, and the online leaderboards incentivize us to keep improving and finding new ways to increase our damage chains. With a deep combat system and beautiful cel-shaded graphics, “Tales of Vesperia” is a great title to jump into with friends, and it may cause you to start seeking out the other “Tales” games.

#7: “Salt & Sanctuary” (2016)

Like so many modern RPGs, “Salt & Sanctuary” is often described as Souls-like. However, it’s one of the few Souls-like games that manages to stand out on its own thanks to its unique art style and hand-drawn animations. One of the coolest aspects of “Salt & Sanctuary” is the massive skill tree, which provides players hundreds of combinations. This has the potential to make every playthrough feel unique, and the sizeable selection of classes isn’t to scoff at either. For a game that’s less than twenty bucks, “Salt & Sanctuary” may keep you and a friend playing for quite a while.

#6: “Dark Souls” series (2011-16)

It’s the “Dark Souls” of-- Wait a minute...this is “Dark Souls”. FromSoftware’s flagship franchise has resonated with fans because of its intense combat and epic boss battles. Oh, and the games can get maddeningly difficult, at times. Of course, one of the most special moments come from those rare occasions where we can summon a friend to help us in battle, which lessened our chances of tossing a controller. However, all of that frustration pays off when we all start praising the sun together.

#5: “Divinity: Original Sin” series (2014-)

At a glance, the “Divinity: Original Sin” series looks like any other overly-serious fantasy RPG, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The “Divinity: Original Sin” games boast a real sense of humor, compelling stories, and a creative combat system, making every playthrough just as entertaining as the last. Throw in some friends and let the madness run wild! The games support playing co-operatively both locally and online, and the second game even includes “Game Master Mode” which allows one player to control the story, environment, and enemies in a “Dungeons & Dragons” style adventure!

#4: “Neverwinter Nights” series (2002-)

We wanted to give this spot to the “Baldur’s Gate” series so badly, but what put “Neverwinter Nights” on top was, actually, the multiplayer itself. The way “Neverwinter Nights” integrated multiplayer made the experience a lot more enjoyable, as you could tackle both the main story and the custom, player-generated campaigns with your friends. “Neverwinter Nights” also included a “Dungeon Master” feature, where players wanting some DM experience could spawn objects, enemies, control NPCs, and more. Essentially, “Neverwinter Nights” was the definitive version “Dungeons & Dragons” in video game format. If you’ve never played through these fantastic RPGs, grab a few friends and the Enhanced Editions and jump in!

#3: “Borderlands” series (2009-)

This is a series that’s only cared about three things - guns, big guns, and even bigger guns! Fans of first-person shooters and RPGs have found immense solace in the “Borderlands” series. Characters are often hilarious and over-the-top while various weapon and enemy types will force you to constantly adjust your loadouts. On top of that, character classes offer a wide range of buffs for your team as well as offensive and defensive abilities. With in-depth character classes and combat, any one of the “Borderlands” games make for an entertaining experience with friends.

#2: “Monster Hunter World” (2018)

It’s one of the best games to come out of 2018! “Monster Hunter World” isn’t just one of Capcom’s best games made - it’s their best-selling game ever, and we can see why! It improves upon the series formula by making menu navigation less daunting and adding more beasts for us to take down. While the steep learning curve is still present (as it has been in past installments), “Monster Hunter World” is enjoyable enough for you to want to learn how to play better while exploring its vast environments. Add in the hundreds of hours of content, and you and your friends will have your next few weekends filled!

#1: “Diablo” series (1996-)

Over twenty years later, and we still can’t get enough of Blizzard’s dungeon-crawler series! There are many reasons why we and our friends keep coming back to the “Diablo” games. For starters, the franchise has boasted an insane amount of replay value. Dungeons are randomly generated, and the difficulty forces you to come up with new ways to play as your favorite classes. Since 1996, “Diablo” has been the epicenter of many late nights raiding dungeons and collecting loot with friends, and we don’t see that changing any time soon.