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Top 10 Best Grey’s Anatomy Characters



Top 10 Best Grey's Anatomy Characters

VOICE OVER: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut
Time for an appointment at Seattle Grace. For this list, we're looking at the most memorable from "Grey's Anatomy's" expansive line-up of characters. Hospitals would not exist without patients, but this list will focus exclusively on the staff - so you won't see characters like Denny Duquette. Our list includes Izzie Stevens, Callie Torres, Mark Sloan, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Best Grey's Anatomy Characters.

Top 10 Best Grey’s Anatomy Characters

Time for an appointment at Seattle Grace. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Grey's Anatomy Characters.
For this list, we’re looking at the most memorable from "Grey's Anatomy's" expansive line-up of characters. Hospitals would not exist without patients, but this list will focus exclusively on the staff - so you won’t see characters like Denny Duquette.

#10: Lexie Grey

When working in a place filled with death and suffering, a positive attitude goes a long way. Meredith's adorably naive half-sister, Lexie Grey joined Seattle Grace Hospital as an intern at the end of season three. Armed with a photographic memory and enough spunk to tempt Mark Sloan away from one-night stands and meaningless flings, Lexie's optimism and youthful zest for life contrasted well with the more seasoned doctors' jadedness. Whether making audiences laugh or cry, Lexie's mere presence could light up the gloomiest of wards.

#9: Izzie Stevens

If nothing else, this surgical resident never failed to bring the drama. Depending on the situation, Izzie Stevens is either the kindest person in the world or an immature brat who is perfectly fine interfering with someone else's marriage; nevertheless, some of "Grey's Anatomy's" best moments involve the model who posed for Bethany Whisper. Constantly getting emotionally attached to the patients, Izzie is not above disregarding ethical conduct in order to save someone's life. Izzie's rash and selfish decisions make her a troubling but entertaining surgeon.

#8: Callie Torres

A lot can change over the course of ten years. Starting out as a resident before gradually working up to Head of Orthopedic surgery, Callie Torres' easy-going nature helped cement the doctor as one of the hospital's most likable personalities. Introduced as a potential love interest for George O'Malley, Callie grew more interesting with each passing season, especially, once "Grey's Anatomy" began to explore the doctor's sexuality and Arizona Robbins came into the picture. Multiple marriages, a pregnancy, and a really messy custody battle: Callie's life was one never-ending roller-coaster ride.

#7: Mark Sloan

What would Seattle Grace Hospital be without McSteamy? Arriving in Seattle to try and amend two broken relationships, Mark Sloan's gorgeous outer shell hides a complex persona burdened by commitment issues and self-loathing. Among the cast's most charming characters, the plastic surgeon was never caught lacking for a witty remark or a piercing gaze, but Mark consistently found new and exciting ways to self-destruct. Hardly the nicest doctor in the business, Sloan matured into far more than just the hospital's heartthrob as the series progressed.

#6: Alex Karev

Debuting in the very first episode, this intern left quite a nasty initial impression; thankfully, those early days proved to be nothing more than a phase. Honest to a fault and occasionally sexist, Alex's frat boy attitude masked a difficult childhood that saw him having to take care of a drug-addicted father and a schizophrenic mother. Despite coming across as crude, Alex always prioritizes a patient's health above anything else, including his own career. Acting as Izzie's rock while the surgeon battled cancer, Alex went from being, essentially, an asshole to one of the show's most reliable characters.

#5: Miranda Bailey

Everyone could use a boss like Seattle Grace Hospital's Chief of Surgery. Whether terrifying students or compassionately interacting with patients, Miranda Bailey's "tough love" educational style saw interns label the surgeon as "The Nazi;" however, Mandy is definitely the teaching hospital's best mentor. Unabashedly ambitious and refusing to coddle those who do not deserve it, Miranda's steadfast professionalism and confidence make the doctor impossible not to love. If "Grey's Anatomy" was a documentary about a real hospital, Bailey is the person you want standing next to the operating table.

#4: April Kepner

There is nothing more satisfying than watching someone overcome their insecurities. Prone to panicking under pressure, April Kepner's career has been marred by numerous mistakes, but the surgeon's tenacity gradually won over the medical board and, coincidentally, audiences. Raised on a farm and deeply religious, April's wide-eyed demeanor paints a portrait of a resident who is prone to breaking at the lightest touch, but there is nobody stronger in a crisis. Be it soldiers or the homeless, April is forever seeking to help those most in need.

#3: Derek Shepherd

Where would McSteamy be without McDreamy? Besides having Patrick Dempsey's face, Derek Shepherd earned a reputation as a superstar in the medical field. The neurosurgeon's mad skills led to a couple of "Grey Anatomy's" most thrilling O.R. scenes, but Derek hardly needed a surgical mask and a scalpel to create magic. Fond of brooding and preferring to live in a trailer, somehow, Derek succeeded in being both conventionally charming and eccentric. Can anyone blame Meredith for falling head over heels for this incredible guy?

#2: Meredith Grey

Discovering life lessons during even the most disheartening of situations, there is a reason this medical drama is called "Grey's Anatomy." Debuting as a surgical intern with a pessimistic attitude and a big reputation, Meredith's journey has been captivating to watch unfold. Born to a famous general surgeon, Meredith showed enormous strength in rising above her mother's relentless criticisms and, ultimately, developed into a brilliant surgeon who could stand toe-to-toe with anyone. Whether going through a passionate romance with Derek or removing a bomb from a man's chest, Meredith is "Grey's Anatomy's" heart and soul.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
George O'Malley

Owen Hunt

Arizona Robbins

#1: Cristina Yang

Grey's name might be in the title, but even Meredith relied on one particular person. Driven to succeed and extremely competitive, Cristina makes surgery seem like the most delightful activity in the world. The coldest of all the interns, Cristina would step over anyone on route to an operating room; however, in the right situation, the surgeon is more than capable of cutting loose and having some fun. Striking the perfect balance between career-driven and personable, Cristina is a role model for all ages and injected life into "Grey's Anatomy."