Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Apex Legends

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Want to be the last squad standing in Apex Legends? We've got you covered. Today we're sharing our top 10 tricks, tips, and strategies for the latest and biggest battle royale, Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends.

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Top 10 Strategies and Tips for Apex Legends

Wanna come out as the last squad standing? We got you covered. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re giving you our Top 10 Strategies & Tips for Apex Legends!

Respawn’s new battle royale game has come crashing in with fast-paced action and traditional shooter mechanics. However, there is a lot to learn. Here are some tips and tricks for you to use as you enter the fray.

#10: If You’re New, Learn by Dropping Into Hot Heat

The fastest way to “git gud” is to take on lots of fights right away. For your first few hours, treat the game like an arena shooter and not like a battle royale. Just drop into high population areas and get fighting. You won't win many games, but you'll get a lot more experience shooting and looting. Its best to hone your shooting skills and combat strategies now rather than later. Sure, you can camp your way to late game, but not to victory. Fighting is unavoidable in the final few circles, and by taking the time to develop your combat prowess early, you’ll likely be one of the last remaining squads much more frequently.

#9: Play a Few Rounds as Every Legend

No class is truly going to “speak to you” from the get go. In order to understand a class, you’re going to have to sit down and spend some time with each class. Not only will this help you realize what character you’re best with, but this will widen your horizons in the event that your preferred character is already taken. Not only that, but knowing how to play each class will make you much better at fighting AGAINST each class. If you know what the enemy wants to do with their abilities, you will be able to counter them every time.

#8: Separate From Jumpmaster Right Before Landing

It may seem intimidating, but trust us, this is crucial. While it may be important to land as a team, that doesn’t necessarily mean for you to land in the same precise spot. Doing this creates two problems; you’ll either raid the same building and cause one of your squadmates to remain unarmed, or you’ll be in the open longer than you should while running towards a nearby building. Your best option is to land in a sizeable area and individually claim specific spots. This will increase everyone’s chances in getting something to defend themselves, even if it is just a handful of grenades.

#7: Don’t Be Picky About Your First Weapon

Please, don’t be that guy! You may not get your preferred weapons or loadout upon landing, but that’s not important. Your main focus after landing should be in finding a weapon. Yes, a pistol might not feel great but people land without armour, so that 'weak' pistol will still bring someone down in just a few shots. Grab whatever you can and wait to find your favorite gear later on. Its best to have something to defend yourself with rather than spend the first few minutes of the game looking for only a Peacekeeper. In that case, you may has well paint a target on your back.

#6: Ultimate Accelerants Go to Lifeline Early Game

So far, Lifeline has proven to be a must-pick for every squad and for good reason. In addition to having a decent healing ability, Lifeline can also spawn care packages filled with high-tiered loot. With that in mind, it’s important to notify your team’s Lifeline of any Ultimate Accelerants you find. These packs will increase your Ultimate percentage for a few seconds. Just a couple of these can allow Lifeline to call in a supply drop early in the match. Spam it while you can because you won’t have time to get a supply drop in the late game!

#5: Listen for Chirps

As you traverse the map and head for the next circle, you may hear some chirps coming from inside buildings. This means you are close to Loot Ticks. These little robots look exactly like the ones that open your Apex Packs. Unlike the mechanized lootboxes, Loot Ticks spawn randomly, but mostly in high-loot areas. Smash them open with a melee attack and you’ll be rewarded with high tier gear such as gun modifiers and armor. So, try to keep an ear out for any strange noises and let your squad know if there’s one close by...or be selfish and reap the rewards!

#4: Ping ALL the Things!

EVERYONE should be doing this, even if you DO have a mic! “Apex Legends” has one of the most useful communication systems we’ve seen in a game - pinging. It’s nothing remotely new to games, but it can prove to be a crucial tool thanks to the various things pinging can do. You can suggest areas to explore, tell your teammates where you’ve found good loot, give the location of where you spotted enemy players, ask for health and ammunition… It really is a useful tool and gives mic-less players a clear and concise way to communicate with their team.

#3: Keep Shield Cells as Your Primary Health Item

Shield cells can save your life! No joke, they really can. Normally, we’d recommend keeping a healthy supply of syringes and medkits, but there is a difference between using both. Whereas syringes take five seconds to heal twenty-five HP, shield cells take a mere three seconds to recover a hundred shield (or one bar of shields). Therefore, shield cells are effective when you’re pinned mid-combat. When things are getting too heated, jump for cover and pop open a shield cell. If you already have it selected in that slot, you won't need to open up the wheel mid battle and fumble around for it.

#2: Crosshair Hit Indicators

In “Apex Legends”, Respawn has included a subtle feature that tells you what type of shield your foes have equipped. Notice those colored numbers that appear when you shoot someone? That tells you what tier armor they have. This is vital to your survival as you and your squad will have to prioritize who to take down first. Taking on enemy players showing purple hits may not be your best option. If you see they have a similar weapon to you but higher level armour than you, pull back and reposition to get an advantage rather than trying to take them on in a straight fight.

#1: When to Go for the Kill or Leave Enemies Downed

Some people will tell you not to go for the kill on downed enemies. And depending on the situation, it might be better to leave enemies knocked down and crawling as opposed to finishing them off. If they have a strong knockdown shield, it might cost you too much time and too many bullets to finish them off. In this case, you may want to throw a thermite grenade. Although, keep in mind that downed players can still ping and use voice coms, so always assume they are reporting your position to their active teammates. Also, remember that legendary knockdown shields allow players to revive themselves! So if you see the yellow, you need to take them out ASAP!