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Everything Coming To Apex Legends (March Updates)

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Apex Legends' source code, especially after the latest patch, is just a treasure trove of information about unannounced features. So check out our picks for the best new features that Apex fans can expect. Some of these are just Apex Legends rumours, but they all have pretty good evidence to back them up.

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Everything Coming to Apex Legends

Welcome to MojoPlays, and this is our video on Everything Coming to Apex Legends! Garnering a mass of over fifty million players, the future's looking brighter than ever for Respawn’s battle royale game. So, what can we expect from “Apex Legends” for the rest of the year?

New Weapons

It wasn’t long after launch when “Apex Legends” received its first new weapon - an energy rifle called the “Havoc”. At the time of writing, dataminers have found a second weapon that will making its debut soon, codenamed “L-STAR EMG”. The name should sound familiar to “Titanfall” fans as the franchise features a gun with the same name. While the Havoc and L-Star are nice additions to the “Apex Legends” arsenal, it’d be interesting to see what other weapons will make their way into the game. Dataminers at RealApexLeaks also discovered code pretaining to a flamethrower! Sounds hot.

New Legends

If the roster has you feeling less than impressed or if you're growing stale of the current roster, fear not. Respawn has mentioned that “Apex Legends” will be given more playable characters in the future. While we haven't been given any details on who the first Legend is, dataminers have found ten names within the game's code: Octane, Wattson, Crypto, Husaria, Jericho, Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie, and Skunner. Could all ten be a part of the first Battle Pass, or is Respawn just getting ahead of the game and putting in code early? Of them all, we're interested in what Octane may be about, which leads us into our next entry.

The Return of Jack Cooper

Out of the aforementioned characters, Octane is the rumored Legend that we find interesting. Code has been found for Octane's abilities, Stim Pack, Wallrunning, and Double-Jump, and these abilities may be hinting at the return of Jack Cooper, the protagonist of “Titanfall 2”. This rumor seems plausible as Respawn CEO Vince Zampella has tweeted that more “Titanfall” content would be coming soon. Not only would Jack Cooper’s inclusion satisfy hardcore fans, but it would also help reintroduce “Titanfall” to newer players and help promote the franchise’s new game that’s supposedly coming out later this year.

Additional Maps and Night Mode

The first map for “Apex Legends” is great, but one map can only keep players busy for so long. Thankfully, Respawn plans to include more maps for selection. As for how many are coming and when they will release, that remains a mystery. What excites us most about this is due to the fact that Respawn puts a lot of thought into their level design. The various locations currently available have given us many thrilling moments thanks to their diverse structures. Also More data from RealApexLeaks suggests the addition of a much requested feature, night mode.

Survival Mode

In addition to the slew of new Legends coming soon, dataminers discovered files that allude to a new game mode known as “Survival mode”. As to what this mode entails, nobody really knows. We haven’t seen anything outside of “moving to the next circle and trying to outlast a hundred other players”. Furthermore, lines about NPCs with the ability to fight, be part of a group and even perform finishes also survaced.

Solos & Duos

For as enjoyable as “Apex Legends” is, its facing one crucial component to keep some players. At the time of writing, the game only supports one mode that requires players to be in teams of three. Other battle royale games offer matches with teams of four, duos, and solos. Thankfully, Respawn realizes this and is already toiling away at an update that will include Solo and Duo modes. This news came after a dataminer found codes for modesin the PC version, labeled as “2-man squad” and “SOLO_MODE”. Respawn has been extremely quiet since “Apex” launched, but hopefully we’ll get some official announcements soon!

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