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Top 10 Virtual Anime YouTubers

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Jarett Burke
Anime-inspired characters streaming popular video games? Yes please! For this list, we’re looking at the most popular personalities in the recent influx of anime-inspired VTubers - bloggers who create content featuring animated versions of themselves. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Virtual YouTubers.

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Script written by Jarett Burke

Top 10 Virtual YouTubers

Anime-inspired characters streaming popular video games? Yes please! Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Virtual YouTubers.

For this list, we’re looking at the most popular personalities in the recent influx of anime-inspired VTubers - bloggers who create content featuring animated versions of themselves.

#10: Azuma Lim

“Azuma Lim Channel -アズマ リム-”
Azuma Lim’s bold character design, what with her light purple hair and kick-ass fashion sense, matches her energetic personality. Her loud, high-pitched voice is sure to catch your attention … whether in a good way or a bad way being largely up to you. The content on her channel ranges from topical discussions and answers to fan questions, to video game playthroughs, songs, and her attempts to tackle English. Whether those float your boat or not, there’s no doubt denying that her animation is on point!

#9: Fuji Aoi

“Aoi ch.”
VTubers are a relatively recent phenomenon, but already by the end of 2018 Jufi Aoi had picked up over 170,000 subscribers. Sure, that might not sound like a lot compared to say, PewDiePie’s 76 million, but it’s still pretty impresive. The bulk Aoi Fuji’s fans are obviously music lovers as well, seeing as Aoi’s channel is largely dedicated to performing cover songs. Put this channel on in the background and let Aoi’s pop tunes get your toes a-tapping and head a-bobbing. Even for those who have no idea what she’s saying, it’s still pretty catchy!

#8: Tokino Sora

“SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル”
So, Miss Sora is a bit of a triple-threat… Not only does she stream games - with an affinity for rhythm games - but she sings and dances as well! Like Fuji Aoi, Sora has a pretty great voice and will definitely get you in a dancing mood. Music really is the universal language! Her character design is adorable too, with her big blue eyes, red ribbons and gold hair ornaments making her stand out and bringing new levels of cuteness to the VTube scene.

#7: Noja Loli Ojisan

Even at first glance, there are a few things that distinguish Noja Loli Ojisan from the pack. One is her fox ears and tail. The other is her voice, provided by creator Nekomasu, who launched the character in a video titled “Old man decides to become a Virtual Youtuber Fox Girl”. The unique contrast seems to be working well, attracting over 250,000 subscribers in the channel’s first year. Since its inception, the channel has expanded to include other characters and even roundtable chats. And if you love the character that much, there’s even a doll.

#6: Moemi & Yomeni

“Moemi & Yomeni Channel”
This dynamic duo are part of a larger family of Vtubers that includes the likes of Eilene and Natsumi Moe. They often feature streams of popular games like “PUBG,” “Fortnite” and “Minecraft”, and their fully 3D models are a big hit with fans. It’s quite a stylish channel, with tons of sharp edits, loud music, graphic overlays and cats … lots of cats. So, yeah, it’s everything we love about Japanese entertainment all in one nice little channel. Also, it’s subbed, so English speakers can also follow along.

#5: Nekomiya Hinata

“ひなたチャンネル (Hinata Channel)”
Hinata is another VTuber who focuses mainly on streaming popular games, as do many of the Virtual YouTubers on this list. Her genre of choice is first-person shooters, and least favourite is horror, especially those that include ghosts. She’s got a unique look, what with her long, pink ponytails reaching down to her knees and the fact that she has cat ears on her head. It’s a formula that seems to be a recipe for success, with her channel topping 400,000 subscribers in its first ten months.

#4: Dennou Shojo Siro

“Siro Channel”
Streaming video games and dancing seem to be popular activities for the VTubers on this list, and Shiro is a great example of both. She only joined YouTube in Mid-2017 and by the end of 2018 already had well over 500,000 subscribers, a testament to her game streams and dance moves. She streams lots of different types of games, with videos on her channel including popular titles such as “Minecraft,” “Limbo” and “Battlefield 5.” Her pale hair, playful attitude, and infectious high-pitched laugh have earned her the appropriate nickname “White Dolphin”.

#3: Mirai Akari

“Mirai Akari Project”
After just a single year on YouTube, Mirai Akari had amassed over 350,000 and a whopping 23 million views. But, even more impressively, since October of 2018, her subscriber count more than doubled in under three months. Like other VTubers, she mostly streams games, but her expressive, mischievous personality has attracted subscribers in droves. Her character was originally introduced as an amnesic time-traveler seeking human connection through YouTube. 2018 seems like her lucky year, and if she keeps these numbers up she’ll see a million subs in no time.

#2: Luna Kaguya

“Luna Kaguya Official”
Want to hear some more impressive numbers for VTubers? Well, how about the fact that Luna Kaguya averaged about a million views per video in her first MONTH? Those are some serious numbers for a virtual character. Unlike a lot of other Virtual YouTubers on this list, you won’t find her dancing, however, as she prefers instead to take a more comedic tone in her channel that’s perfectly suited to YouTube. Her fast, exuberant manner of talking has become a signature style, earning her the nicknames “Neck Choked Hamtaro” in Japan and “Cocaine-Chan” in the West.

#1: Kizuna Ai

“A.I. Games” & “A.I. Channel”
Miss Kizuna is the unrivalled Queen of Virtual YouTubers, having amassed a combined 3.4 million subs for her two YouTube channels “A.I. Games” and “A.I. Channel.” They include discussions of trending topics and Let’s Play videos, although her gaming skills are often hilariously awful. Her occasional profanities and rants are all part of the charm that makes her more relatable. A lot of her fans think her character model sets the standard on YouTube and represents a major step in technology. Most importantly though, she’s just an all-around blast to watch and listen to.


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